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4 Helpful Ways To Survive The Last Half Of The Spring Semester

Updated on March 17, 2015

You're back from spring break. Hopefully you got all the fireball shots by the pool out of the way because it is about to crunch time. The days until the end of the semester are getting smaller, if you been slacking for most of the year than you could be in 90’s sitcom trouble, too bad this probably can’t be solved in a half hour with wholehearted life lesson, hugs and cheesy theme music.

Prep For Finals Now

No, I haven't been hitting the pipe (tried skateboarding and hit my head on the halfpipe, but I don't think that counts.) Yeah, I am aware by shamrocks and half naked leprechaun on my calendar that it’s only March and finals aren't for another 2 months, but preparing now will make your life some much easier during finals week.

If you have a final paper due that week, start it now. By starting your final paper today it will allow to take your time, concentrate on each individual section, which in the end can aid you to make clearer points, convey what you want to say, keep it grammatically correct and could improve the final grade.

Make a plan to divide the work evenly by either page number or sections till finals week arrives, this i promise will put a huge smile, a lot less wrinkles and tears on your face.

For the exams that week, start making a study sheet now highlighting the material that you know will be on the test. I know this idea goes against most college student’s nature of doing everything at the last minute, but the pain of slowly building and retaining the information now will outweighs the pain from ulcers, headaches, and crying in your books and saying you are going to fail and will become a garbage man living in the dumpsters for which you collect garbage from. (Don’t act like I’m exaggerating, we’ve all thought this.)

Schedule Up and Make a List

You think making a detailed schedule is just something adults do to know when they have meetings or when have the big project due, no, as a college student you should be making a list of everything you need to do and when it needs to be done. It’ll help you make sure you your projects are being completed, every assignment is being taken, and all your bases are covered, because for a lot of us we have thought that we’re all good and everything is done than oh snaffle, you forgot that paper you have to hand in with your final that starts in 6 hours and a kiddy pool of red bull is going to help you concentrate long enough to get it done and you feel like it’s just better to drown in that red bull kiddy pool.

Make a schedule the night before for the upcoming day. Schedule in all your classes, allow time to study, eat and set aside some time to do something you want whether its working out or just relax. If you schedule everything correctly, you find some time to do something that will keep you from going crazy

Eat and Sleep Like a Normal Person

If you are a person that loves to pull all nighters, only drink coffee and only eat from a vending than i don't like you and you probably rooted for Ivan Drago (If you don't know who Ivan Drago is than I definitely don't like you and you need to google and add it to the schedule).

If you followed my previous advice of making a detailed schedule than you hopefully made time to have proper meals and a good amount of rest.

An unhealthy diet and an improper amount sleep is a bad mix and it will leave you feeling tired and sluggish, which will result in a poor quality work which in end will result in failure and a lifetime of fry flipping.

Make sure you find time to have a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, of protein and healthy carbohydrates, while packing some snacks. Find the time to get no less than 7 hours of sleep every night.

Take Some Days Off

Finally the piles of snow have melted and the layers of clothing are starting to shed like your dog’s fur. If you’ve been a good little academic and braved the walk to class in the elements straight out of Frozen song than maybe this is the time to treat yourself.

I remember first warm day of the semester, my friends and I used to go to a river a few miles from campus and spend the entire afternoon swimming and grilling, it was bliss and big stress relief from the cold weather and cabin fever. Go for a drive with the windows down, do some physical outdoor activities, go find the cool seniors with the off campus house.

This is only something you should do if you have on or ahead your school work. If you plan it right, a day off shouldn't leave you struggling.


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