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43 Lies of history

Updated on April 28, 2011

1. BIN LADEN was not the first U.S. attack in their own country. The "merit" found at Pancho Villa, who in 1916 crossed the Rio Grande and attacked the city of Columbus, New Mexico, killing seven people. The invasion lasted less than ten hours. 

2. Columbus's boat THREE WERE ONLY TWO. Pinta and the Nina. For the third ship that participated in the discovery of America was a ship, other larger boat. Her name was Maria Galante, but Columbus renamed it Santa Maria. 

3. THE WITCHES OF SALEM were not burned at the stake. 
But nobody thinks that the pardoned. In fact they were hanged, which was the penalty and Calvinist Protestant communities often held in cases of witchcraft. 

4. Napoleon was so short. In fact, average 1.68 cm., An acceptable height for his time, and even exceeded by 4cm to the Duke of Wellington, his great enemy. 

5. In Casablanca, Bogart never utters the phrase: "Play it again, Sam." In fact, the exact phrase is: "Play it Sam, Play As Time Goes By" and recites Ingrid Bergman.To finish ruin the myth, the actor who played Sam (Dooley Wilson) just sang, and knew not to touch the piano. The accompaniment was included in the study. 
6. Vikings not wearing a helmet with horns. It was an invention of the Swedish painter Gustav Malstrom in the illustrations he made in 1820 for the epic Frithiof 's Saga. The purpose of these horns was unrealistic to portray the fierce warriors of the North and almost demonic beings. 

7. THE HUNDRED YEARS WAR actually lasted 116, from 1337 to 1453, the year in which the kings of England and France (countries in conflict) ended hostilities. 
8. The Boston Strangler, Albert de Salvo, not strangle their victims. At least, not at all. Only the murderer of the first mode, in contrast to the other twelve strokes of the killed or stabbed. 
9. GEORGE WASHINGTON was not the first U.S. president At the outbreak of the American Revolution in 1714, a commission of notables chose Peyton Randolph, so provision for that office. After his resignation, eight served as President until 1789, finally approved the U.S. Constitution and held its first elections for the position, in which Washington was finally chosen. 
10. WALT DISNEY not draw and never design any of its famous characters. For many years, said Mickey Mouse was created by him, but now we know that was the exclusive work of cartoonist Ub Wickers who left Disney to share authorship to return a favor. 

11. THE OCTOBER REVOLUTION WAS IN NOVEMBER. Actually (and according to the present Gregorian calendar), began on November 7, when Lenin in Petrograd revolted against the government of Kerensky. What happens is that Russia is regal even by the so-called Julian calendar (obsolete in the Western world since 1582). According to which the date corresponded to 25 October. 
12. HERNAN CORTES NEVER burn his ships. According to the account of Bernal Diaz del Castillo, the chronicler who accompanied the expedition for the conquest of Mexico, which went aground and was drilled to open waterways. In addition, Cortes left an intact, to go to Cuba to seek food and sent more troops. 

13. THE HARLEM HLOBETROTTERS Harlem Harlem were Globetrottersno but Chicago. City where the team was founded in 1926, but they got New York Globetrotters to appear more cosmopolitan. Finally, in 1932 adopted Harlem as an appellation of origin. 

14. Sherlock Holmes never said "Elementary my dear Watson." In the novels of Conan Doyle's famous detective if you pronounce the word "elementary", but never accompanied by the crutch. The phrase, as we know, was written for the screenplay for a film starring Basil Rathbone in 1939. 

15. THE GUILLOTINE is not a French invention, and its creator was not Dr. Ignace Guillotin. The revolutionary all he did was to propose it as an official method of execution. The Romans knew and used the guillotine, and some historians believe was invented by the consul Titus Manlius, who, paradoxically, just running with it. 

16. VAN GOGH not cut off his ear, just a bit of the left lobe. 

17. MARIA ANTOINETTE never uttered the infamous phrase: "If you do not have bread, let them eat cake" when a counselor told the hardships the people of Paris passed. The historian Antonia Fraser has found that it is a hoax: Who said this barbarity was a courtesan, Madame de Montespan. So I picked up Jean-Jacques Rousseau in his Confessions, written in 1768, just two years before Marie Antoinette arrived in France 

18. THE PROGRESS OF WOMEN WAS FORMED BY MEN! Indeed, the rise in bread prices in 1789 provoked a popular uprising in Paris. 6,000 women armed with knives and sickles marched in protest to the palace of Versailles, led by Theroigne of Mericourt. Although women do not actually get to the hundred, and the rest were men disguised in women's clothes. 

19. IN THE BASTILLE HAD NO POLITICAL PRISONERS. To end the French Revolution, it must be said that the legendary Parisian prison inmate was not any dissent. There were only seven captives. All aristocrats (including the Marquis of Sate), imprisoned for so-called "crimes of Name": no pay debts, to kill a rival in a duel .... 

20. BRUCE LEE WAS NOT THE KING OF KARATE. In fact, he never practiced this form of martial arts. Theirs was a different fighting style known as Jun Fan gung fu. Teaching Jeet Kune Do begins with a technical base. This basic technique is what Bruce taught for over 30 years to their students, something he called Jun Fan Gung Fu. 

21. JOAN OF ARC WAS NOT FRENCH. The truth is that the saint and heroine was born in Bar, a town in the duchy of Lorraine, who by then was independent. 

22. RIGHT HAND CIRCULAR HAS NOT ALWAYS BEEN NORMAL. In fact, in the Roman Empire was driving on the left, a practice that remained in Europe until the French Revolution. The new rules establish the rule of do it right, and Napoleon imposed on the rest of Europe, except in England, Sweden and the countries that could not conquer 

23. JOHN FORD WAS NOT TUERTO. The patch is occasionally put him in 1934 to recover from cataract surgery. Since then, accustomed to wear in public as eccentric, but used to change eye. 

24. NEVER WAS KING ARTHUR. In fact, it was a Roman general named Lucius Artorius Casto, appointed to defend Bert Prefect of the barbarians. 

25. VIRGIN NEVER WAS 11,000. On a tombstone of a colonial church is carved the legend of 11,000 virgins slain by the Huns of Attila in 449. Pocenla Jardiel already questioned one of his works that the real figure was as high virgin, and he was right, because today we know that only girls were eleven tormented to death by the barbarians. 

26. MARCO POLO NOT INTRODUCED THE PASTA IN EUROPE. It was the Arabs, during the invasion of Sicily in 669 (600 years before the birth of the famous traveler). THE Idri Muslim historian Al-Arab reported that installed on the island itriyah ate, dried noodles. 

27. THE GENERAL CUSTER never said that to: "The only good Indian is a dead Indian." The real author of such appalling statement was General Philip O.Sheridan. 

28. ROBIN HOOD WAS NOT A bands generated, or stole from the rich to give to the poor. It was actually a man named Robert Hood, who rebelled against King Richard II (and not against John "Lackland") for not paying taxes 

29. Catherine of Russia did not die having sex with a horse. The queen died of a heart attack, but the black legend arose over the discovery of his private collection of erotic pieces, in which no missing scenes of bestiality. 

30. PIRATES DO NOT BURY YOUR TREASURES. Or they did too well, none that have never appeared. It was normal to squander the spoils in their looting in taverns, brothels and gambling houses on the island of Tortuga. 

31. Adam and Eve never ate an apple. We know that just a myth, but even so, the Genesis does not mention that the result was, only read: "... but the fruit of the tree that is in the midst of the garden God said, Ye shall not eat of it." The myth of the apple is probably due to the Renaissance painters. 

32. MARLON BRANDO not reject the Oscar he won for The Godfather (1972). But sent instead to pick a false india (actually it was a Mexican in disguise), who made a plea for the rights of indigenous peoples. 

33. THE WHITE HORSE OF SANTIAGO, ultimately, was not white! on the roof of the Cathedral of Compostela is represented the image of the saint on the back of a copy of brown skin with black spots. 

34. THERE ARE NO elephant graveyard. The emergence of a large number of skeletons of elephants in one place meant that in a mythical place where the elephants were going to die voluntarily. The mystery was clarified the biologist Rupert Sheldrake, who explained that what is really happening is that elderly or sick individuals from the same herd were to live near water sources, and died there.

35. "IF THE MOUNTAIN WILL NOT MOHAMMED, MOHAMMED WILL GO TO THE MOUNTAIN" This proverb does not belong to the Islamic holy text. It is part of a parable invented by the British philosopher Francis Bacon. 

36. CUT Hair was not natural habit of the red. The copy of the French, who demanded his mercenaries present the scalp of each Indian killed in order to collect the reward. 

37. THEY WERE THE THREE KINGS. The Gospel according to Matthew only mentions the visit of magi from the east, but does not specify their number, and even said that they were kings. 

38. "AND YET IT MOVES" There is no proof that Galileo actually muttered that phrase to be forced to recant his scientific theories in 1633, after being tried by the Inquisition. Currently, believe that history was invented by the writer and editor Giuseppe Baretti Torino in a fantasy book called Italian Library (1757) 39ión, almost all varieties of Italian pasta. Told in his biography on actor George Raft, specialized in gangster roles he and Capone (big fan of yours) once invited to dinner. And I was surprised with a menu of Chinese food! 

41. Mutiny on the Bounty was not a revolt against the tyranny of Captain Bligh. The reason was less noble: the officer Fletcher Christian, of aristocratic origin, antagonized the crew against the captain because he could not bear this constantly reclaim money he had borrowed. 

42. JULIO CESAR is not born by cesarean section. Historians believe that it was not, because his mother died when he had turned 30 at a time when women did not usually survive this operation. What is certain is that such intervention takes its name from a law passed by Caesar so that babies were taken from the wombs of their mothers who died from the seventh month of pregnancy. 

43. SONUN TIBERIO orgies MYTH. Suetonius relates that the emperor took up residence in Capri to escape the corruption of the Roman nobility.


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      heavenbound5511 6 years ago from Under the shadow of the Almighty God!

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