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4M Weather Station Kit Review

Updated on December 12, 2013

I have had an interest in the weather for quite a few years now so I guess it was natural that my kids would want to learn about it as well. I have a professional home weather station that I use to collect my own weather data but I thought it would make more sense to get something more appropriate for the kids to learn with. This is why I bought the 4M Weather Station Kit.

The kit is a very basic weather station that has to be assembled before it can be used. The assembly was pretty straightforward and the kids had little problem with it. As a weather station itself it is of limited use but it is a good teaching tool.

The main problems with the kit as a weather station is that it does not collect accurate data, or in the case of the anemometer any data. The thermometer works fine but it does not have a radiation shield so the sun seriously affects the temperature. The anemometer does not actually measure the wind speed which is a little bit odd, apparently you just look at how fast the cups are spinning and estimate the speed. There is no barometer of course nor is their a psycrometer so the station can't measure humidity.

While the station does not provide much useful information on actual weather conditions it is useful as a way for the kids to learn how different weather instruments work and what they do. This is why I would recommend the station for people with young kids who are interested in learning about the weather. Once the kids know this it probably makes sense for the kids to move onto a proper weather station to collect weather data.

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