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5 ACT Online Prep Tips For Studying Smart And Acing Your Exam

Updated on August 25, 2018
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Winnie is an expert test taker and advisor at GED Study Guide in Test Prep Toolkit.

Make Your ACT Test Prep Smart And Engaging- It's All In The Attitude!

What is the best ACT online prep resource? There are basically hundreds to choose from, but you have to keep to one that is credible and updated. It can be overwhelming to take the ACT without preparing for it. You may think that you don’t need to study for such test because you’ve taken the pertinent subjects in school already. Then again, you must consider that the ACT is much different from the tests that you encounter in high school. Here are some tips to guide you in preparing for the ACT.

  • Be a smart test prepper for the ACT test. That means you should study smart for your coming academic undertaking. Note that there is a big difference between studying smart and studying hard. You don’t actually need to wrack your brains when preparing for the ACT. Be a smart test-taker by understanding the content and approach of the test and concentrate your efforts on the topics that you don’t know. Your study schedule should be flexible as well and get on with your test prep when your senses are active and conducive for studying.
  • Practice your test-taking skills. Practice can make perfect in the ACT. That is, it is possible to get a perfect score in any of the topics of the test, or in all of its sections. The best way to achieve this is by taking practice exams. You can access practical and effective ACT practice exams from a trusted and updated ACT online prep and study guide website such as Test Prep Toolkit. Do an “open book” practice exam wherein you can refer to your study guide whenever you need help. You also need to fully understand why you got some questions wrong. Thoroughly read the explanations indicated on your score report. Be honest when taking ACT practice tests, too. Impose the designated time limit for each section as you tackle them.
  • Carry on with your test prep using a good quality study guide. Other than ACT prep books, you can go through with your test prep using a good quality online study guide. With the help of such resource, you can decipher and improve your weak areas, learn effectual test-taking strategies and orient yourself with the real ACT test by getting familiar with sample questions. It ought to hone your problem-solving skills.
  • Read and thoroughly understand the whole question. Steer clear of rushing to answer the test items without carefully understanding them. Meticulously read the question before selecting an answer choice. Whenever you can, read the question twice before choosing your answer. You might fall into a trap if you read the questions and indicate your preferred answers too fast. Consider that you might miss some pertinent information if you carelessly read the question. Be wary of over-reading the questions , too. Keep in mind that the ACT is a straightforward test. It is likely that you can answer the test items using only your common sense.
  • Steer clear of jumping into conclusions. You have to carefully analyze some questions in the ACT. You might come across wrong answers that seem right at a haphazard read. There are cases wherein the test-makers would feature misleading answers first or it may appear that there is more than one correct answer! These are the traps that you should avoid. You thus have to be wary of answering the questions based on your assumptions, but rather choose the best answer according to the facts.

Take time to thoroughly study and prepare for the ACT. Using your books complemented with your chosen ACT online prep resource, learn to study smart and keep a positive and confident attitude. On top of your test prep efforts, it’s the most important thing that matters when taking and acing the ACT.


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