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5 Amazingly Unique Inventions

Updated on October 19, 2012

I was browsing the Internet for useful inventions. I found a lot of interesting ones that I wouldn't have ever thought of inventing. All of these inventions I found were on Amazon, so I provided a link to these great creations so you could look at more information on them.

I have owned an Eye-Fi SD card for about a year now and it has transformed the way I transfer photos to my computer. Normally, I had to find the correct camera cord in my drawer of tangled cords. After this is done, I had to plug it into the tiny hole on my camera. Then, OH NO, the Kodak software popped up and froze my entire computer. Once a brief quarrel between my hardware and software ensued, the pictures started to import. The Eye-Fi SD card has fixed this headache.

This SD card is connected to the Wi-Fi connections around wherever you go. Once you take a picture, then turn on your computer, and it is in a folder (you specify which folder) in less than a minute. The only downside to this is that the batter life on the camera is shortened slightly.

The Gyro Bowl has been in infomercials a lot lately. It is simply a bowl that doesn't spill. It does this by balancing the objects inside in a gyroscope-like mechanism.

I thought it would be a good gift for my 2-year-old cousin, so I got it for him for his birthday. He may be pretty smart for his age, but he figured out how to spill the food in 1 minute flat. His mother wasn't too happy to have Rice Krispies all over the floor, especially if they were spilled by an "unspillable" bowl.

3.) Rubik's Cube Bank

I do not actually own this invention, but it seems amazing. The premise is simple- twist up the cube and put money in. I guess the trick is getting it out- in order for the money to be released, you must solve the cube.

I could see giving this to a person for their birthday. Put some money inside, mix it up, and laugh as they try to free the money. This would also be a great present to "re-gift."

4.) Radiometer

My old science teacher used to have one of these. This little scientific beauty shows how black absorbs more heat than light. Allow me to explain.

There are black diamonds and white diamonds (not actually diamonds, but diamond-shaped) stuck on metal sticks inside a light bulb When placed in light, the black ones absorb more heat than the white ones, which sets them spinning. It's mesmerizing to watch the diamonds spin around faster and faster.

Finally, we arrive at the modern fish tank. I'm a sucker for modern design and art, and this is just it. This fish tank looks like a condo or apartment, but for fish. I love the minimalism of the design; it's almost like an Apple product- so crisp and perfect.

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