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5 Best Dorm Room Gadgets for College Students

Updated on August 23, 2017
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New college student gift ideas
New college student gift ideas

Whether you're a current college student, or an alumni, was college a good experience in your life?

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College Dorm Room Checklist

It's been many moons since I personally mapped out a college dorm room checklist. The exhilaration of moving away from the comforts of home and for the most part, being on your own should be a positive life experience. Times sure have changed since my generation attended college, the items and gadgets that use to be good enough for a struggling post high school student isn't considered sufficient today.

College can be a dizzying experience for most people, especially if it's their freshman year. Most are prepared enough to make sure their dorm room checklist is thoroughly completed before heading off to college, and some will inevitably lag behind. The limited amount of items one can ultimately bring with them makes it a mission of efficiency and minimalism.

For the smoothest four year duration, it's crucial to possess the necessities and gadgets that will support your comfort, and peace of mind. These integral items can make the difference in how an individual will adapt to a whirlwind life of classes while fitting in eating and sleeping. The idea is to remove all the distraction that students can encounter when attempting to focus on their studies. Here are five must-have items for the typical college dorm room.

College dorm room supplies list
College dorm room supplies list | Source

Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

The laser projection virtual keyboard is an ideal gadget for any college student that needs more dorm and desk space. The latest in consumer laser technology displays a standard "QWERTY" keyboard that can be used on most, if not all flat surfaces. This breakthrough device utilizes wireless Bluetooth to be easily paired with laptops, tablets, and even most smartphones.

The sleek and compact design fits nearly everywhere, small enough to comfortably fit on a key-chain. A great gadget for college students that prefer not to be encumbered by other bulky keyboard projectors. Powered by a rechargeable li-ion battery, and includes a USB for charging. A full charge on this nifty dorm room gizmo will last up to two hours. The best support accessory for students that will be doing a lot of typing. Be prepared for many onlookers that will question you about this cool gadget.

Bose Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

Whether a budding college student or a seasoned one, odds are you'll be forced into a relatively small living space with a roommate. If one is really unfortunate, they may be surrounded by the noise level associated with a rowdy campus or roaring fraternity. This is the latest noise canceling technology from the forerunner in sound innovations, Bose.

These advanced headphones are capable of reducing noise over a wide array of varying frequencies. An ergonomically designed, ultra comfortable fit around the ears to enhance the audio of movies and music. An ideal college dorm room essential for any person dealing with a considerable amount of noise pollution. Also, a terrific item to bring on a plane includes an airline adapter that will drown out the numerous noises related to flying. Uses AAA batteries that last upwards of 35-40 hours of power. Also, comes in handy when a roommate is constantly snoring.

College student dorm room necessities
College student dorm room necessities | Source

College Dorm Room Mini Fridge

What's a college dorm room without an iconic mini-fridge to keep sodas and TV dinners cold? This super compact fridge makes an invaluable addition to make the average college student's living quarters feel just a little more like home. Its dimensions are 19 in. width, 17.5 depth with 1.8 cubic feet of storage space, and is quite sturdy and also has an integrated scratch resistant top. The work top can be used for storing other items, helping to maximize more dorm room space.

For the majority of students that are striving to save on living expenses, this space savvy fridge is also energy efficient, being energy star compliant. The internal shelves are removable and customize-able, including having the option of switching the door hinge, for a left-handed or right-handed ease of use. Its mobility can not be overstated, weighing in at just under 20 pounds. A space friendly gadget that is perfect for any dorm room setup. Be weary of roommates that deem it unnecessary to bring their own, you may find items inexplicably go missing.

College Dorm Room Microwave

Another important college dorm room essential is the convenient and functional microwave. Definitely a dorm room appliance you will find yourself appreciating when you need to heat up a quick meal. Juggling a full schedule of classes while trying to fit in studying, sleeping, and eating can make one's head spin. A small, efficient microwave squared away on a desk or mini-fridge saves the average student precious time.

Running to the cafeteria for a hot meal, or taking a walk to borrow another person's microwave, why not have your own? However, it is pretty small, therefore will only fit one individual plate at a time. Includes ten power settings, one touch 30 seconds feature, popcorn cooking option, and comes with 750 watts of heating power. To save a little extra money, offer to share it with your roommate, that will eventually save in electricity, and dorm room space. The perfect gift for any college student sharing a dorm room.

Dorm room ideas diy
Dorm room ideas diy | Source

Dorm Room Closet Organizers

These cascaded hangers are a godsend for a fashionable college student that has a laughable amount of clothing storage space. Unlike plastic models, these are made of out of high-quality chrome steel. A no-brainer when it comes to maximizing a dorm room's limited amount of closet space. In a typical closet, this gadget will help hang six times the clothes one could originally, without it.

Can be simply dropped and cascaded with ease, and undone to conveniently rearrange hanging attire. Along with the six count of clothes hooks, there are two extra slots for scarves, ties, and belts. Before filling up your closets with these premium steel hangers, make sure the closet bar they will hang on is strong enough for the accumulated weight. From personal experience, it becomes a huge mess if the bar gives. The perfect dorm room gadget for a college student with a lot of clothing.

Tips Before Going off to College

The college experience varies for every student, but it's up to the individual student to make the proper preparation and arrangements. The are a few things every person going off to college should take care of before taking the plunge.

  • Make early contact with your roommate. Taking the time to communicate with your roommate will aid in establishing an early relationship and possibly a friendship with them. Also, figuring out what both parties are planning to bring will help save time, space, and money.
  • Iron out a solid budget that can be reasonably adhered to, many prospective college students routinely end up with financial roadblocks.
  • Come early to learn the surrounding community and specific areas of interest near and around campus. As to not be overwhelmed on your first day.
  • Tell your friends and family how much you'll miss them. Many first-time college goers will be afflicted with some degree of being homesick.
  • Make sure your mother teaches you some easy dishes to make in a dorm room, cause you will miss her cooking after weeks of instant noodles and pizza.

If there are any other essential dorm room items or gadgets missing in this article, please feel free to include your suggestions in the comments section. If you've found this article useful, share it with a friend or your social network!


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