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5 Essential Tools That Every Teacher Should Have

Updated on April 10, 2017

As they say, teaching is a career like no other. It's a noble profession that only those who have a loving heart and a will to sacrifice for the good of their learners can thrive in.

For a teacher to be effective in executing heir mandate, they must have the right tools and aptitude. In this write up, we highlight the essential tools that a teacher must have.

5 Essential Tools that a Good teacher Should Always Have.

1. Chalkboard mark ups

Making notes, illustrating concepts and diagrammatically and enumerating steps to solving certain sets of questions will demand that a teacher should have chalk board mark ups at any time they attend a class.

2. Audio visual resources

3. Lesson planners

Planning is the baby step to succeeding. Enumerating the steps you'll follow as you deliver in class helps you cover content in time, take care of all learners and prepare your teaching materials in time.

4. Reference materials

It doesn't matter how long a teacher has been teaching in class but it always helps to have a point of reference while teaching. It gives your students confidence, helps you be organized and definitely allows you to correct anomalies in your notes with regard to current syllabus.

5. Case history and learners records.

Knowing the past of your learners and recording the progress in school is essential in handling them in class, in counselling sessions and such. It also helps a teacher to note deviation in a learners behavior behavior in time and application of corrective measures.

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In Summary;

In school, a teacher is a learner's second parent. This means that a good teacher should always be well equipped to handle learners and mold them into dependable citizens of tomorrow.

Of the many equipment that a teacher should have, the 5 above are a must have.


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