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5 Free Business Administration Master's Degrees in Europe

Updated on May 28, 2017

Getting an MSc in Business Administration is becoming increasingly important if you want to succeed in today's world. Not only can it help you advance your career, it can also help you develop strong leadership skills. This can provide you with the confidence and expertise needed to start your own business.

Most people are genuinely interested in pursuing an MSc in Business Administration so as to grow their network and enjoy greater job security. However, sometimes the cost associated with it can be a huge headache. The average tuition for most Business Administration master's programmes can be quite high.

For folks who are a little short of funds but are still interested in pursuing an MSc in Business Administration, tuition-free universities in European countries like Germany and Norway currently offer these programs in English with no tuition fees to international students. International students can study for free and also get the opportunity to travel around Europe, learn a new language, and make some lifelong friends. It's amazing that this free education is extended even to non-EU students.

1) European University Viadrina--International Business Administration (MSc)

The Master's programme has a modular structure allowing for alternative ways of designing your individual study schedule. Depending on your personal academic interests, you can choose not only a field of specialization ("track") but also interdisciplinary support classes in Cultural Sciences and Law.

Because of the excellent language education, the global diversity of students and staff as well as the extensive international partner university network, IBA is one of the most international study programmes available. The study programme has been accredited by the FIBAA for its high standard of education and received the Seal of Excellence from the DAAD and the Erasmus Programme.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

2) University of Cologne--Double Master's Programme in Business Administration

The double Master's programme in Business Administration gives students the opportunity to pursue two Master's degrees from two top-ranking universities in only two years. Students spend their first year at the University of Cologne and their second year at one of the partner universities. This gives them a unique advantage, as they specialise in two subject areas and enjoy the benefits of an international environment, allowing them to improve their intercultural understanding as well as their language skills.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

3) Munich University of Applied Sciences--Master of Science (Business Administration)

The new Master's degree course of study "Business Entrepreneurship and Digital Technology Management" within the current and well-established Master of Science programme in Business Administration is a profile-shaping programme for applicants with a focus on technology-based entrepreneurship - with the key area of digitisation.

This course of study provides economical knowledge in core areas like finance, marketing, or law, but also in the field of development-oriented management (the contribution of digitisation to business development). It deepens the student's knowledge in the context of entrepreneurship related to the generation and implementation of new ideas. Students will be encouraged and challenged to take on responsibility during their Master's degree studies to act independently and in a goal-oriented manner.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

4) University of Stavanger--Master or Science in Business Administration

Do you wish to work in banking, finance or insurance? Or is perhaps the transport, consultancy, telecommunications or energy sector more tempting? The MSc in Business Administration is one of the most multifaceted programmes internationally, leading to extensive career opportunities within the private and public sectors.

You will learn how to tackle questions such as: How to target the desired audience? Whom to collaborate with and how do I set up a successful organisation? Depending on your specialisation you will furthermore get an insight into how innovation processes work in the economy and how they are perceived by society.

The Business School at the University of Stavanger (UiS) has close contact with the Norwegian business sector, which in the Stavanger region also has extensive international relations. The UiS Business School plays an active role in research both internationally and regionally. Our students are very active and cooperate with a number of companies and organisations in the Stavanger business community.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

5) Norwegian School of Economics--MSc in Business Administration and Economics

The Master's in Economics will give you the skills to analyse markets and industries and the economic challenges facing private business, public institutions and the development in countries and regions. It will provide you with important perspectives for understanding an increasingly globalised economy.

The programme offers a thorough and comprehensive education in economic theory and econometrics, which will provide you with the skills to address core economic questions such as: What are the effects of the financial crisis? Why are some mergers not profitable? Is taxing wealth a good idea? How fast should oil resources be exploited?

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.


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