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5 Free Master’s in Architecture in Europe

Updated on April 24, 2017

Architecture is the oldest form of art, but much more than that, architecture is a reflection of its society. Tracing the architecture of a city or a time period will tell you a great deal about its people. Architecture houses families, events, and special memories. It affects and is affected by its surroundings. Architecture is perhaps the most important and valuable of the arts.

Tuition-free European countries like Germany and Norway offer international students the opportunity to earn a master's degree in an architecture discipline, in English, irrespective of their country of origin, for free. International students can study for free and also get the opportunity to travel around Europe, learn a new language, and make some lifelong friends. It's amazing that this free education is extended even to non-EU students.

5) University of Applied Sciences Neubrandenburg---MEng in Landscape Architecture and Green Space Management

Our postgraduate degree course "Landscape Architecture and Green Space Management" (MEng) is a one-year (two semester) study programme at the second cycle level (Master's degree). If you have an undergraduate degree in Landscape Architecture or a related discipline, an interest in learning about German and international landscape architecture and green space management in Germany using the English language, would like to meet German and international students, and can satisfy our entrance requirements, then this is the course for you.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

4) HafenCity University Hamburg---MSc in Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning

The Master of Science Degree Programme "Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning" (REAP) is an international and interdisciplinary study programme at the HafenCity University of Hamburg. It aims to enable participants to promote sustainable urban development in different geographical and cultural settings.

The main emphasis of the Master's programme REAP lies on technology for the provision of urban and building services, yet it also investigates the socio-economic context in which these services are provided and managed.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

3) Norwegian University of Science and Technology---Master of Science in Sustainable Architecture

The MSc in Sustainable Architecture at NTNU aims to educate and train building professionals in the use and development of competitive methods and solutions for lowering GHG emissions of the built environment in a life-cycle perspective. Throughout the two-year duration of the MSc programme, a holistic approach is emphasized which encompasses the many architectural expressions and possibilities within a zero emission built environment.

Participants in the international MSc programme for Sustainable Architecture will learn to identify and apply the correct measures and resources to design high-quality, cost effective architecture that contributes towards achieving a zero emission built environment.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

2) The Oslo School of Architecture and Design---Master of Architecture

Master of Architecture is a professional degree that encompasses a curriculum of the widest range of relevant subjects demanded and requested in the profession. The curriculum includes eleven full-time terms including six obligatory basic semesters, four eligible terms on the master's level and one last term, the eleventh, for designing and writing of the Master’s Thesis.

The master’s programme is designed and developed for students in urban design, space, and architecture. Students who are fascinated by the built environments of cities and environments or concerned about caring for historic buildings and building traditions will find this programme appealing. To attend the studies at AHO, you should be critical and constructive, creative and innovative. You should be intent on attaining complex and relevant knowledge in addition to embracing the importance of cultural context and social conditions.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

1) University of Tromso The Arctic University of Norway---Landscape Architecture - master

Education in landscape architecture is project and design based. It provides an understanding of the spatial relationship between city, landscapes, and territories, and focus on the relationship between the landscape's history, present, and future. The education is based on research and the students experimenting with the relationship between the architectural and landscapes.

The master’s programme is designed and developed for those interested in the connection between development patterns and landscape, how we manage natural resources, design the environment in different scales, and how the climate changes affect the design of our environment and conversely.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.


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