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Updated on March 28, 2016

It is quite obvious that people’s personality is determined, most times by the type of people they mingle with and have in their friend zone. Those friends one have is as a result of what he is gaining from the said friends of his, who are not worth making friends. Human psychology have proven with trusted evidences that friends who mingle will definitely have similarities in their behaviour and attitudes. As such, there are people one should avoid in order not to create a bad image for himself

Those friends to be avoided include:

  1. Drug addict: This fellow abuses drugs and the worth. It is obvious that drug has great influence and power on those who are addicted to it. Therefore, such makes an addicted fellow care less or nothing about life. And such can take one’s life. As a college student, on no account should you make intimate friendship with this kind of fellow, because one day, if time is not taken, you will be addicted to his character. In the other hand, he may not be able to influence you if you are highly cultured or morally informed. But the problem is that your life is at stake, as he could harm you under that influence of drugs, which most times leads to death, therefore you have every cause to avoid him
  2. Money squanderers: It is undebatable that anyone who is trained with this kind of lifestyle hardly stay without money, especially youths. They spend a lot, even when the need be not. Moreover, these type of persons, when they discover that they lack money, the inner man that let them spend would also let them know that it is unlike them. In other words, such persons have to do something in order to have money, because they need to spend. As a result, these persons have no option than to go stealing, and gradually they will graduate from stealing to robbing. They can influence you as a friend, letting you know that you should be like them. And when people see you with them, they will assume you do what they do, even though you are innocent. Avoid them.
  3. Class-bunker: A class bunker hate being in the class, even when an important lesson is going on. If you are his friend, especially one of intimacy, you will automatically become a class bunker too. Because, when you refuse to go out with him, you become an enemy. Consequently, you will seize from benefiting from him, if you depend on him for certain help. What you need do is to avoid such person as early as possible, before it’s too late.
  4. Womanizer/ ‘manizer’: As the name suggests, this person may be a lady or man that cannot do without a man or a woman, as the case may be. They change lovers as cloths, as though they must taste and test every opposite sex that comes their way. They will make you be like them, no doubts. Even though you got no interest in what they do, one day, the forces of lust in them will lure you to do it and you will discover that you have changed. Though, upon discovery, you will understand that it is too late, due to acquiring transmitted diseases, or the like. Therefore, avoid such persons.
  5. Self- elevated fellow(s): This type of person will not admit that he or she is lower than anyone. And the characteristics of such person is obvious and cannot be hidden. The problem they face is, almost everyone hate them and avoid them too, because, being pompous or too proud kick people off the track in anything they do. They miss favour, connections, help coming their ways, as a result of who they are. It is so because, no one would like to help someone who is pompous. They are disrespectful, and does not appreciate anything good. If you mingle with such person, you will definitely see yourself be like him, and such will make people avoid you. Instead of being avoided, it’s better to avoid that which is ought to be avoided.

The above persons will not help contribute to positivity and that is why they should be avoided in order to make the society a better place to be. In the other hand, if you are such person that exhibits such attributes listed above, do not feel different or hated. Just have it that you are not the worst. Anything can be corrected, just get to know the areas where you don’t get it in contributing to the reformation of the society towards good, and change it. It may not even be listed above, but you know where you flaw.

This should be strictly taken as a message for the betterment of the society and not to make certain persons feel bad. It should be treated as such! Our society will be good if everything is put in place.


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