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5 Real life Superhuman Superhumans Science Can't Explain who Stan Lee discovered

Updated on February 25, 2015
starlightreflex profile image

Starlight is an evil genius whose neither evil nor dominating the world. But he's a good Dad who supports his family working from home.

The inventor of Superhumans did a good job of finding the two or three real-life superhumans out there who really have a genetic gift.
The inventor of Superhumans did a good job of finding the two or three real-life superhumans out there who really have a genetic gift.

What makes a super human?

With 7 billion people, odds are we have a few true superhumans out there. I've always wondered if I could be a superhuman, by fate or accident, it seemed only to be fantasy until I came across some truly exceptional human beings. Naturally, when Stan Lee made a TV show purporting to do the same thing, I watched with amazement and skepticism. Using my science training I came up with a definition to sort the wheat from the chaff:


  • Ability is held by one or just a few who share the same or analogous powers, living or dead.
  • Mechanism or genesis of the power must be virtually inexplicable.
  • Must not be predictable in a given population. A point on one end of a normally distributed human talent curve doesn't qualify.
  • However, an ability such as speed or strength that jumps off the curve becoming an anomaly may qualify.

Superhuman means you are off the curve, an anomaly, set apart from the curve. Better yet, you've set new parameters where you stand apart. I include what could best be described as super powers, an ability not possessed by any other living or even historical human.

Caged Indoors?

UVB Tropical White Ultraviolet BlueSky Lamp Model 1
UVB Tropical White Ultraviolet BlueSky Lamp Model 1
UVB, Vitamin D, and Super Human Health

Numero Uno - Dean the Running Machine

  1. Dean is a true superhuman. This man runs and does not grow weary. He "became superhuman" when he learned, at around 30 years old, he felt he wanted to run like never before. Something changed, and his genes or his mind allowed for something new. He had just lost his job and was at a bar drinking down a pint with his brothers. He got this new feeling and said "f--- it all" I feel like running. He ran and ran, mile after mile. Just like Forrest gump in the movie, he just kept running, except that it happened all at once and he ran for miles and was never tired. He actually felt better at the very time when most people "hit the wall". I witnessed him running more than a marathon in a day and not being at all tired. Stan Lee's "Superhumans" TV show chronicled this and even had him examined in a sports science lab in a university. His lactic acid levels dropped after a dozen minutes of intensive exercise. They rose at first, then dropped below his "at rest" state! This guy is limited only by wear and friction in how much he can run. Truly one of the best gifts of superhuman genetics I have ever seen. His name is Dean Karnazes.

Superhumans 2, 3, and 4.

  • 2. The man with twitchy muscles. This guy took a frying pan, and rolled it up like it was a piece of cardboard. Humans cannot have enough strength to do that the traditional way, but he didn't do it that way. What makes him superhuman is his ability to generate strength by pulsing a muscle. It's like when you are pushing a cart over a bump and you get stuck, so you use momentum to get over the bump. Then you glide, and use momentum for the next bump. This guy does it bending metal. When he bent the frying pan it made loud sounds and was hot afterwards. He can bend hammers and horseshoes as well. Another true superhuman. His name is Dennis Rogers.

Update: 7.19.2014 - I researched this topic some more, read about tricks of the trade, and actually rolled up a frying pan myself using his technique! I amazed myself along with my wife and kids. But this may knock him off the list. I'll let you know.

  • 3. Next, we have Scott Flansburg, who has re-appropriated large areas of his brain to do something amazing. He uses his "muscle coordination" brain material to calculate math problems faster than any human with any calculator or keyboard in hand. He lacks nothing of normal coordination, he's making better use of his brain structure than anyone not wanting to be a great athlete, but instead a wizard among "mathemagicians".

I watched him answer log roots in awe, calculating imperceptibly as they were being read off to him. Each time another digit is read aloud, he narrows his answer another digit immediately whenever rounding allows. Sometimes he had the digit ready in his mind before the final syllable of the input number was spoken, showing no effort (or impatience!). This way he proved to be faster than a roomful of graduate math students could key the numbers.

  • 4. Ron White also re-appropriated the massive coordination part of his brain with success. He uses the particular area of muscle memory for the comparatively easier task of remembering information such as names, faces, etc. His unique way of doing it doesn't rely on mnemonic methods common among memory champions. He somehow uses a bit from the underutilized area that helps us run from sabre-toothed tigers to augment more contemporary skills that help you become a U.S. President. As far as we can tell his brain is big enough to do fine in the coordination department, which lent out some space for some kick-ass memory-magic.

Dean can run forever without growing weary
Dean can run forever without growing weary
Dennis can bend metal like the Hulk
Dennis can bend metal like the Hulk
Scott makes calculators look like abacuses(abaci?) He owns math and calculation and makes it dance.
Scott makes calculators look like abacuses(abaci?) He owns math and calculation and makes it dance.
Ron can blow your mind with his memory
Ron can blow your mind with his memory
Bob could have cleaned up the old west single-handedly  one quick draw at a time. Or two at a time, either way he's got it.
Bob could have cleaned up the old west single-handedly one quick draw at a time. Or two at a time, either way he's got it.
This guy wouldn't have a chance against Bob. Especially being made of wax, but you know what I'm trying to, nevermind. Moving on...
This guy wouldn't have a chance against Bob. Especially being made of wax, but you know what I'm trying to, nevermind. Moving on... | Source

Bob Munden - Eagle-eyed Lightning-fast Matrix Visioned Quickdraw Sharpshooter.

5. Quick-draw and eagle-eye Bob Munden. He's last on the list, but perhaps the most amazing to me. My reaction time is the fastest on record as timed by my aptly-named Physics Instructor "Mr. Wise" in his 25 years of measuring students (at 0.11 seconds). I can't duplicate it at will, the best I managed today (years later!) is 0.13 sec. Also, I've shot pistols. Pistols seem are heavy, small, and not very accurate in my hands. I'd rather defend myself with a sword or baseball bat at close range, in all honesty. Let me tell you, this guy is amazing. Here's why:

He has a superhuman reaction time that almost seems impossible at 0.02 seconds. He also apparently lives the Matrix everyday, where his lightening-fast brain sees bullets move at, in his own words, "walking speed". Sounds implausible enough, and qualifies as superhuman already, but there's more. What he can do with his pistol shots to demonstrate his ability is of the kind requiring you to suspend disbelief in fictional shows. He can shoot bullets from a holster-draw with accuracy at short-range in split-second timing. I'd need a couple seconds (and tries) to do the same shots with a basketball. Watch him on video (below) and be blown away!!!

More Superhumans Out There?

Why 5? Well, as was mentioned before I refuse to include phonies, charlatans, people who are the best at a common skill, and people who sacrifice common abilities to achieve other abilities. I watched every minute of each episode of any show that presents "superhumans" and in all that research only these 5 have "the skills to pay the bills". The rest who are runners-up are summarized in the articles linked below. Enjoy!

© 2012 Doug Ocean


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  • profile image

    PROJECT 392-23 

    6 years ago

    You people hav no clue hvat it means to be super human.

    I was not born after 9 months but after 2 years. My brain had 12 months extra to develop. I can do great thisng with my mind:)

    ThG-Lab-3091 test subject 231. Area 52

  • starlightreflex profile imageAUTHOR

    Doug Ocean 

    6 years ago from Ohio USA

    Document it on video and send it to me. If I authenticate it, I'll commission a university study.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    i think im superhuman ive encounter terrible terrible accidents where ive had dozens of lacerations and they all healed in a matter of hours survived a massive electrical shock ....such the same with my health i beat the stomach virus in two and a half hours had three life threatening diseases and healed upon my own thought i also foresee things such as locations people and things before actual contact/even knowing thus things/people/places exist im just looking for people like me people who can help me understand im only 20 years old

  • vocalcoach profile image

    Audrey Hunt 

    8 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

    These people are truly amazing. I haven't heard of this TV show but it's one I'd love to watch. I can't even imagine being able to do what these 5 men have done. No women on the list? :)

  • profile image


    8 years ago from Fuck of HUBPAGES

    I watch this show " Stan Lee's Superhuman". It is a great show.Nice hub. Keep sharing.


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