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5 Reason Why College ISN'T for Everyone

Updated on February 3, 2014

5. A Lot of Reading and Writing is Involved...A LOT!!

While obviously everyone's college experience is going to be different, it's safe to say that college is reading and writing intensive, especially in the undergraduate years.

That's not to say that everyone's incapable, but not everyone is willing to put hours into reading textbooks and writing long essays. Odds are, in every class, there will be a lot of reading material and writing assignments. Along with this is the fact that the teaching is more often than not lecture based, which is spent listening to a professor talk for usually around an hour. For those who are tactile, or hands-on, type learners may have difficulty in this type of setting. Or simply if you despise reading what you find to be boring material, or writing intensively, your college experience is going to be a rough time.

This is not to say that it can not be done, however. Even if you hate reading and writing, or if you have different learning styles, or let's say a learning disability, your college should provide services such as tutoring to help you learn the material. My point is that if you are planning to go to college, prepare yourself. Also, if you think that you rather not go through the effort of forcing yourself to read and write, then look into other options. Technical and trade schools are often more hands-on, and focused on the career path you choose if you so desire to further your education.

4. You HAVE to be Self-Motivated

Do you often find yourself swamped with things you have to do, but you tend to never get around to them? Let's say having trouble getting your place clean, falling behind at work, or rarely ever got around to doing homework in school? In college, this doesn't fly very well; odds are if you fall behind in your studies, you'll keep falling behind more and more.

Another thing about college is that this is the time that most kids leave home for the first time. This is a very exciting and liberating time in most their lives, but this also means that they gain a hell of a lot more responsibility. You'll have to learn how to sacrifice pleasurable activities, like surfing the web or playing video games, to make time for studying. And if you thought you had a lot of homework in high school, just wait til you get to college! It is recommended that for every hour you spend in a college class that around two to three hours should be spent studying the material!

Self-motivation, prioritizing, and time-management are all necessary skills for leading a successful and productive life, but it's rough to enter college without any prior use of these skills. My advice would be to practice taking on more responsibility at home, and practice refining these skills.

For those who aren't self-motivated and think that college takes little effort, this I am intending to be a small reality check. Better to read it in an article than dropping out of college later from failing classes.


3. It's Expensive and Time Consuming

Unfortunately, this is a problem that effect even those who desire to go to college. Often people either can't go to college because of financial issues or other reasons like supporting a family. Thankfully, there are options of financial aide, either from the college, government or other sources that will help you pay or may even pay in full. There are downfalls however, like loans that can takes years upon years to payoff, and you end up paying much more than you were lent. More information can be given to you from counselors at the financial aide offices at your college of choice.

Often colleges, usually the larger ones, will offer free babysitting services for its students. This can be very useful for parents wishing to go to school. Find out what your chosen college may offer in childcare services if you are in need of it.

Always remember that college is not the only way to further your education or career: be sure to "shop around" and find what institution best suits your financial and personal needs, be it a college, trade school, internship, ect.

2. A Degree Doesn't Guarantee a Job

It's a sad fact: most college graduates don't land a job for a long time after graduation, and often they're faced with the problem of having to payoff student loans. I am mentioning this because we are often told that a college degree is the only way of ever hoping to start a successful, well-paying job, when increasingly those with degrees are having just as much trouble trying to find a job as those without a college education. Though having a degree most certainly can help your professional career in many situations, a degree is not a fix all.

1. You Are Unique!

This is perhaps the quintessential point of my article: every single person is different. We all have different needs and desires about what we wish to do in our careers and our lives. College is not the choice for everyone, and I encourage you to think critically about the reasons why or why not you would choose to go to college. Furthermore, to consider realistically whether or not getting a degree would be necessary, beneficial, or something that would be best suited to your interests.

I was inspired to write this because I had several friends who dropped out of college during their first Freshman semester: that was thousands of dollars in transportation, textbooks, and tuition down the drain! Perhaps if they had planned ahead better, or knew more about what their college experience would be like or call for, they wouldn't have wasted their time. Or maybe wouldn't have dropped out.

Overall, you are the one who knows what is best for you. Take time to consider ALL of your options of furthering your education if you choose to do so to find the path that best suits you.


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