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Your Guide to Apply for EPIK Spring 2017

Updated on January 2, 2017

Your Guide to Apply for EPIK 2017

here are some of the benefits of teaching English as a second language in South Korea:-

  1. You will be able to explore a new and a completely different culture without paying for a flight ticket but will be reimbursed after your first month of teaching.
  2. The basic salary ranges between 2.00- 2.5 Million Won per month, besides the bonus.
  3. Full Health insurance in correspondence with the Korean Labor Law.
  4. Bonuses for the completion of your Contract.
  5. Paid vacation and accommodation.

So, don’t waste another second and start preparing your documents to teach English in Korea for Spring 2017 term. The enrollment will begin in August 2016.

You can search the available job opportunities in Korea schools here.

However, it doesn’t matter if you get the job offer or not, you will still have to prepare the following documents in advance.

Apostille FBI Criminal Record Check

You should request, receive and apostille an FBI Background Check as easy as:-

  • Contact one of the FBI Approved Channeler in your state to expedite the issuance process.
  • Request a digital copy of your Background Check- It costs $40.00 — $50.00 per request, processing time is 2 business days.
  • you may contact an Apostille service agency to get your apostille. Don’t pay more than $50.00 per apostille. Don’t get scammed for overpriced apostille services.

If you need more information about obtaining apostille stamp on CBC here is a full guide how to get your FBI background check apostilled step by step.

Apostille Certified Copy of College Degree

  • Contact your college registrar for a certified copy of your University degree.
  • The degree must be signed and stamped by your University’s registrar.
  • Submit your College degree for Apostille.

Some Secretary of State Offices will offer a faster service if you visit them in person, if you can not and in hurry, you may check out expedited apostille service to choose your options.

here is a good guide to submitting and requesting your University Diploma to your Secretary of State office.

3 copies of university transcripts in sealed envelopes

Make sure to keep the envelopes closed / sealed

2 Reference Letter

Contact your previous employers or universities professors for a letter of recommendation as a proof of good conduct.

Some useful resources:





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