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5 Tips for a Teacher to Deal With Difficult Teens

Updated on October 4, 2019
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By profession, he is an IGCSE English Language Teacher, a teachers' trainer, and a creative writer.


The managing of a classroom is not really easy, especially if there are some difficult teens. In the modern era, it is clearly apparent that science and technology have progressed to a greater level and our life becomes easier and comfortable than the past. But interestingly the concern to deal with difficult teens rises high. Today, most of the parents are concerned about this issue. Even novice teachers face difficulties to deal with difficult teens.

Yes, dealing with difficult teens is really difficult. As a teacher, you must not shout at them. I have found that many teachers make the classroom situation worst while shouting at difficult teens. Shouting at them and punishing them is not the solution! In fact, punishment and shouting will never rectify them. You are a teacher, your aim is to ensure a better learning environment in the classroom. Your responsibility is to nurture them so that they will love to learn. Without delaying more time, let’s discuss the 5 effective tips to deal with difficult teens.

1. Control The Classroom But Don’t Lose Your Temper

You know what? In every classroom, there are some teenagers who love to push your button so that you will react in a negative way. Hold on your temper. Be tactful to tackle the situation. It’s very common that sometimes you will find that your students are disobeying, teasing others, and not listening to you. Believe me, if you lose your temper and start yelling towards them, the difficult teens will get a chance to make your classroom worst. They will always try to create some sort of scenarios. Yes, it is psychologically true that they enjoy such a situation.

Now the question arises what to do in such a situation. Obviously, never ever start shouting and never lose your temper. Just simply try to change the situation introducing something new and alluring topic. You may rush to the board and write an interesting topic on board. You will find that the classroom is a little calm now. This is, in fact, the greatest moment that you can take control easily. Make the difficult teens busy in your classroom.

2. Ensure Clear Boundaries

Every teenager loves to enjoy freedom. Give them the freedom what actually they need. However, be friendly with them. But not a friend! Try to keep a balanced distance. Ensure the boundaries during your conversation. If you are very friendly with teenagers, the difficult teens will take advantage of more freedom and they will try to spoil the classroom. For example, you may encounter a miserable question. Once in a classroom, a teacher was asked whether his new married wife had sat on his lap on the previous night. That is why you must ensure clear boundaries with every teen that they will never think to ask any unfavourable questions. In fact, clear boundaries will never allow difficult teens to make a fuss in the classroom. Again obviously, some of the difficult teens will try to break the boundaries.

3. Focus On The Leader

When you are dealing with the difficult teens, focus on the team leader. Plan well how to deal with the leaders. Be positive with them always. Be assertive. Listen to them properly. Appreciate them. Encourage their ideas. Above all, make them busy. You know what? When they find that you care for them and you always listen to them, they will never disturb your class. Counsel them from time to time. Show them that you trust them but within the boundary line. The difficult teen will be completely changed in your class if you follow these tips.

4. Maintain Humor And Show Empathy

When you find that the difficult teen starts making situation worst, give a smile at the teen and say in the classroom that here s/he goes again. Change the topic instantly with another topic and grab the attention of the classroom towards you. Use your wit. Maintain humour in the classroom. Difficult teens will not get a chance to make difficulties for you. The important part that you must know that never let your hope down. Never be upset. You can overcome such difficulties easily without being frustrated and broken. Share some jokes during a short interval of your lesson. But remember, never use any jokes which may hurt the difficult teens.

5. Give Them Chance To Help Them

The difficult teens in the classroom are in the view that no teachers listen to them. Assure them that you are a very positive listener to them. If you find any teenagers in your classroom seem to be upset, ask them the reasons in a very polite way. Actually, every teenager likes a teacher who communicates well with them with caring outlook. Help them to get rid of the stress they are going through. Give them positive tips on how they can also come out of such difficulties.

Bottom Line

Teenagers are in fact unique and very innovative. They are more curious and multitalented than a teacher himself. As a teacher, if you fulfil your responsibilities properly, you can make a teenager’s future secured. So, try to change the difficult teen into a positive and learned teen for the greater interest of your profession.

© 2019 Md Akbar Ali


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