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5 Tips on How to Learn Effectively

Updated on January 7, 2017

Learning is a lifetime process - as long as we are alive, we are learning

Learning can be a fun way to study and discover new things in this world, but the art of gaining knowledge from it depends on how you learn. Many people, especially students and researchers are asking on how we can acquire the knowledge we need to learn - in the most effective way. Is it through reading? Playing? Watching videos? Here are five tips to consider on how to learn effectively:

1. Quiet, Peaceful Environment

"Keep Silent" is the sign we always see inside the libraries. Libraries are designed to be a quiet place because peaceful places are more suitable for learning. Our mind can easily focus on learning when it is not distracted by outside factors, such as noise, music, and other sounds. Moreover, being in a silent place can bring your mind away from stress, which increases your level of awareness on the learning material. Finding for yourself a quiet place before studying is a good step to clear your mind and concentrate more on the learning process itself.

2. Enhance your memory

Reading can give us the information we need, and it is primarily the first step for learning. Yes, your brain has encountered fresh bits of knowledge, but the question is, for how long will that knowledge stay in your mind? Therefore, it is important to enhance your memory.

There are many creative, clever, funny, and artistic ways to enhance your memory. You can remember things easily by creating a song out of it, or playing a tune inside your head while trying to recall it. Isn't it amazing that little kids used to memorize the 26 letters of the alphabet easily because of A-B-C song? You can also try creating mnemonics or acronyms for bunch of words so you can easily remember them, such as ROY-G-BIV for the seven colors of the rainbow, and Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge for the five notes on the lines of the treble clef for your music classes.

3. Learn in a different way

Reading is not the only way to learn. Writing is not the only way to help you learn. With the advancement of modern technologies, there are many ways to help yourself learn in a cool, more exiting way. If you are trying to read a novel, you can try listening to some dramatic book readings if there are any. Listening to audio recordings will make you feel more involved in the story than plainly using your imagination. You can also learn by watching videos, since the audio-visual elements can help you illustrate things rather than trying to visualize it and writing it for yourself. If you are tech-savvy, you can also download some educational apps to aid in your learning, such as dictionaries, spelling quizzes, general trivia, and many more.

4. Increase your Sugar Intake by Eating Sweets

This may sound mythical, but eating sweets can actually help you learn more effectively. Every human body needs energy to stay on focus and perform well, and while you are on the process of learning, your brain uses glucose for energy. When the glucose is gone, the tendency is you'll be out of focus and you will be easily distracted. So don't forget to grab some fruits, cakes, chocolates and candies before studying. Remember the fictional anime character from Death Note, the super-detective L Lawliet, who used to eat blocks of sugar while playing detective, and he is incredibly good.

5. Don't forget to take down notes

It is highly recommended that you keep a journal. Writing a journal can help you learn in two major ways: First, it helps you organize your thoughts, and second, it helps you improve your writing skills. After reading and acquiring knowledge from many sources, the ideas can become blurry inside the head, therefore, forming them into words and sentences will help you transform them into one big, organized idea. Depending on your memory alone is also risky, so try taking down notes for future references.

These are the five tips for effective learning, but remember that these are just tips, the answer to whether is it really effective or not, is: it depends. One learning technique might be effective to some, but not to others. Some people claimed they gain more knowledge through listening rather than silent reading, while others claimed it is more effective to put everything through writing than reading. The learning process could actually depend on the person - in what way do you feel more comfortable?

How do you like to learn?

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