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5 Tips How to Improve Your Typing Skills

Updated on March 12, 2012

Some time ago I wrote a short hub about the creation of QWERTY keyboard. QWERTY is the most popular keyboard in the world because it can easily fit to any language that uses Latin alphabet. There was a short discussion in the comments and two other types of keyboard were mentioned that were new to me. I am planning to do a little research about that keyboard types, but at  the moment, I will introduce you five short tips, how to improve your typing skills.

The most amazing thing is that these tips are suitable for everybody. It is not important what type of keyboard you use. These tips are for those, who want to improve their typing skills. In fact I am learning to type at the moment, and my speed is quite low, so my goal is to reach the speed at least of  35-45 words per minute. This would be great achievement for me. In fact I do have similar speed, but the problem is that I need to look at the keyboard when I type. So, the goal is to have a good speed without looking to the letters. Below you will find my tips for speed typing. I do follow these tips at the moment. I hope, that I will reach my goal soon.

1. Find a good software

If you are planning to improve your typing skills, there is one thing that should be remembered. Typing without any system is not as effective as well planned lessons. There are a lot of software and online sites that suggest lessons for speed typing. Find the best typing website or software for you. I have one site that I like. There are a lot of lessons that are available for free and can be taken even without registration. I am speaking about Typingweb. There are a lot of other products that can be found online, so feel free  to choose the best one. The learning process is very individual, so it is very important to feel comfortable.

2. Practice every day

It is very important to take some practice every day. Spend certain amount of time every day for taking your typing lessons, and soon you will see the results. I would recommend 10 minutes per day. This very reasonable amount of time, because your typing lessons will not distract you from important work. Also you will not be tired after the lessons. Of course, if you have a lot of free time, you can spend practicing as long as you want it and find it comfortable. The main thing to remember is that it is very important to practice EVERY day.

3. Keep your tempo

Typing should not be chaotic. There always should be a rhythm depending on personal typing speed. At first this rhythm can be very slow, but it is very important to keep the fluent typing. The certain rhythm can be kept by using a metronome or some software that generates the rhythm. The main problem is that the single rhythm is boring. I would suggest finding some songs that have a strict rhythm. If the music's tempo fits your personal speed, do not hesitate listening to it.   

4. Check your improvement

It is very important to follow your improvement. Do a test before starting the typing lessons. While taking a test, do not look at the keys. It is very important to estimate your own level, because the goals can be set after that. Learning without a goal is worthless. During all the process several test should be taken to check the improvement. This also helps to motivate yourself.

5. Have fun

Having fun is the main component of any learning process. If you are bored with something you are doing or learning, the good results will never be achieved. Try to look at the learning process from different angles. Think about unusual methods or techniques. Compete with somebody. The more fun you have from the learning process, the better results can be achieved.

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  • Silwen profile image

    Silwen 5 years ago from Europe

    Pinterestblog, I completely agree with you. The practice always helps to reach the best results.

  • Silwen profile image

    Silwen 5 years ago from Europe

    I checked the website you have linked to. It is quite interesting tool. But to be honest, I did not like it much. I like Typing Web more. But I will leave this link in the comments. Maybe someone will find it interesting.

  • profile image

    ivan 5 years ago

  • wordscribe43 profile image

    Elsie Nelson 7 years ago from Pacific Northwest, USA

    Competing with someone is a great idea. I was lucky to have lessons when I was in middle school, so it seems learning the proper way at a young age helps a lot. Kind of like learning a language, I think. Great information and tips!