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5 Ways to Educate your Child at Home

Updated on September 21, 2014

Parents can be teachers too!

Whether you feel qualified or not, you can be the best hope your child has for getting a quality education. Everything you do plays an important role in developing a confident, successful schooling experience no matter where they receive their schooling. In fact, you can have the most influence on whether or not your child values a good education and wants to succeed in life. Most often it's not where or how they are educated but who is educating them. Here are a variety of tools and options you have available to you as a parent, which will allow you to be more involved and be an active part of educating your child.

Teach a Class

You may not have your bachelors in childhood education but you most likely have some skills or knowledge that could benefit your child. Offer to start an after-school program at your child's school or start a co-op with other students from your child's class. If you choose to home school your child co-ops can be a great way to participate in your child's learning. When your child sees you getting excited about learning they will too!


Volunteer at Your Child's School

Teachers will notice when a parent has an interest in their child's education. Consistently volunteering in your child's classes, even for a few hours once a week, will remind both your child and their teacher that you are a vital part of their success. As a parent, you will take pride in knowing what your child is accomplishing and how they behave in class. You will also have better communication with their teacher if they know you are not an absent parent.

A Worthy Investment

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Read With Your Child

If you struggle to find time to teach and be involved in your child's classes, reading with your child may be a good way to assess how they are doing academically. Reading out loud to each other allows the parent and child to enjoy together learning something new as well as will improve their skills as a reader. When you read to your child they will be able to ask questions and learn new meanings of words not used in every day life. This is also a great way to ensure your own family's values are being nurtured and correct ways of thinking that may be contrary to your own beliefs. Set aside a day and time once a week to read together and you will not regret it!

Invest Financially in Their Education

The most important thing you can invest in your child's education is of course your own time. For some of us, time is very valuable due to busy schedules and lack of energy at the end of the day. However, investing quality time assisting your child each day with homework, teaching in a class, or reading together is not always possible. In addition to quality time, you can also invest financially in better educating your child. Buying educational games and fun interactive tools to use at home will give your child a fun way to learn and create at home. Invest in educational books and online teaching programs. Take time to find out what interests your child and search out ways to encourage them to pursue those interests. If you cannot financially afford such luxuries there are many programs and scholarships available to assist in purchasing of these items.

Provide a Stable Environment at Home

We all know how much stress can affect our ability to think clearly. The same goes for your child's ability to learn well. If your child does not have a stable home environment their education may suffer. As much as possible, keep their evenings stress-free. Chances are they will experience enough frustrations in their day and will benefit greatly from having a good meal and plenty of rest each night. If your mornings are rushed and stressed or your child does not have time to eat a good breakfast this can affect the rest of their day. Be as encouraging and positive about school and homework as possible. Take time to listen and understand when they are struggling. Most likely, they are trying their best and need to know you are there for them.


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