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5 Points to judge yourself if you want to be a doctor.

Updated on July 27, 2015


Medical field is an evolving field. You need to keep yourself updated each and every moment in order to give your best performance. Its not easy to step into medical field if you don’t know the ABCDs of the field. It is rightly said that you end up earning a lot being a doctor, however, the pressure of performance, liabilities and malpractices are higher than any other professon.

Today I am going to give you five basic points to think about if you really want to land up into medical field. There are number of criterias that you should consider before stepping unto. Health care is one of the most booming sector in United states, however, not everybody shares an interest to become a Doctor or a Nurse or a Physical Therapist. The medical profession is time consuming and cost-effective. Therefore, people normally prefer easy fields such as marketing, management and engineering. I am not saying that engineering is easy I am just saying that those field are pretty affordable and are easy to grasp.

Love for people

Following are the criterias that you should consider before being a medical professional.

1) Love for people: We all know that a healthcare professional is in close relationship with the patient and knows everything about their health inside out. Sometimes you have to be a lot more flexible based upon their moods and emotions. For. e.g a patient with low back pain might have emotional setbacks and behave strange every time you see them. Being a medical professional you are not allowed to judge the book from its cover. Just because the patient is quiet and behaves strange doesn’t mean he is good or bad. Sometimes there are certain areas of patient’s life that are holding them back and making them aggressive. So number one rule is you gotta love people. You should be friendly but professional, caring but should know your limits.


2) Interest: Medical profession has close proximity with anatomy, physiology, biology, ergonomics and medications. Medical profession cannot be taken by a person who doesn’t have any interest in learning about the human parts and structure. Interest is a very important thing when it comes to medical profession.


3) Time: Lets accept it, if you want to be a doctor you just can’t do that in a year or two. It requires at least 4-7 years to get your degree and after that you sit for your board exams. Internship is extra. As it is very time consuming, I would say medical profession is best suited for individuals who are in the age between 21-35 years old. If you consider doing it after being 35 (age) and you have family to take care off, consider it be very difficult. Medical profession requires devotion of time, money and loads of sacrifice.


4) Cost: I should have put the cost factor in my first point, however, I didn’t wanted to discourage my readers. But I will be honest, Medical profession is expensive. It is not only time consuming but it is very expensive. The books, lab and college fees are killing students now a days. Yes, you can always take loans but I have seen few of my friend who are physicians in NY and they told me that they had 15-20 years of loan payments after they graduate. So for e.g if you go to school at the age of 25 and you graduate at 30 (which is minimum degree, you will always need specialization) then your loan payments kicks in and by the time you are 45-47 yo you will be done with your payments. So then what about your personal life, house mortgage, kids, car insurance etc. THINK about it.


5) Devotion: This is most important factor for people considering to go into medical field. Medical profession is tough and you just can’t pass by googling stuff. You need to read thoroughly, memorize loads of anatomical aspects and remember zillions of things. Its not easy and if you have family with you, trust me it will be a chaos. Medical profession requires 100% devotion to what you learn and what you gonna be. If you wanna become a doctor or a physical therapist you need to grasp things at a quicker and better levels. Having said this its not easy if you start school at your later age.


Therefore, if you are considering to go into medical profession I recommended that you go through the above points. There are various other fields out there to make money. However, if your heart says that you love working with people and you are ready to take the challenge, I say go for it! you won’t regret.

© 2014 Sweeta

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