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5 Sayings That Make Sense To Me

Updated on November 23, 2012

Some things to remember in life...

There are simply quotes and sayings that make you exclaim "Hey, that's right!"

I have encountered these 5 sayings I'm writing this lens about on social networking sites. I don't know who said each of these quotes, no one seems to know and people who share them seem to have no idea. These 5 are always bunched together as they make the rounds of the Internet.

I found a site saying that these are Scottish wisdom, Well, hooray to the Scots then if it's true. However, one of the sayings on the list is purportedly said by Frida (I'm guessing Frida Kahlo, the painter).

Well, I may not find out who said these witty sayings and quotes but the point of this lens is to proclaim that they do make sense to me. =)

Books On Quotes And Sayings

"Money Cannot Buy Happiness But It's More Comfortable To Cry In A Mercedes Than On A Bicycle."

I've heard people say it many times - money can't buy you happiness. If you think about it, yes, happiness cannot be bought and wealthy people are not necessarily always happy. Some say that despite all their money and resources, they feel like they are still lacking something, that they are not truly happy. So small comfort to us poor folks that the rich can be miserable too sometimes.

But still, the fact remains that having a little money can buy you some life comfort and when you're comfortable, you can be happy because there are things you can be thankful for. This is not saying that having no money makes one thoroughly miserable and completely hopeless. Happiness can come from different sources for different people with different situations.

"Forgive Your Enemy But Remember The Bastard's Name"

It's a noble thing to forgive people who have wronged you. It's not easy letting go of things done against you especially if it's something really hurtful or damaging. But though forgiving is a noble thing, allowing yourself to fall victim again is just plain stupidity.

Sure let it go, release yourself from the anger, frustration and hatred by completely and willingly forgiving the person that did you wrong. But never, ever, forget the experience. Learn your lesson from it and be wiser the next time. Putting your trust in the same person who conned you before is really being foolish and only subjecting yourself willingly to other's cruelty.

"Hands Reaching Out In Sky" by SOMMAI
"Hands Reaching Out In Sky" by SOMMAI

"Help Someone When They Are In Trouble And They Will Remember You When They're In Trouble Again"

This does make sense to me because it has happened to me. I think it happens to everyone at least once in their lifetime. Do you have an acquaintance or so-called friend who remembers you only when they need something?

Well, I know this girl from college and one day, some 4 years ago, she called me up asking if I can recommend her to the company I was working in. I did make the recommendation and I heard she got a job in the company's HR department. However, she didn't even drop a note of thanks or anything. A few months later, I quit my job to start working online. Then a cousin of mine, fresh from college was looking for a place to train and I told him maybe I can contact someone I know who is working in the HR department of the previous company I worked with. The problem is, this girl I helped to land a job did not even return my emails or SMS.

Then some months ago, I received an email from her asking if she can borrow some money because she was short on funds and she really needed to pay for her car and she's late on payments. I just told her I didn't have any money to lend her. Never heard from since.

"Young Soldier Aiming With Gun" by imagerymajestic
"Young Soldier Aiming With Gun" by imagerymajestic

"Many People Are Alive Only Because It's Illegal To Shoot Them"

Well, isn't it true? When someone's s really pissing you off, don't you just want to blow their brains out or strangle them or maybe bury them alive? =)

But of course you would just content yourself imagining their demise and departure from this earth because really, it's a sin to kill and illegal to boot.

"Chocolates" by Suat Eman
"Chocolates" by Suat Eman

"Alcohol Does Not Solve Any Problems, But Then Neither Does Milk"

Well, getting yourself drunk won't solve your problems, that's for sure. But attempting to drown your problems with milk won't be of any help either.

So, what I do, I turn to chocolates =)

Chocolates don't drive trouble away either but at least, you don't get any hangovers.

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    • HarrietC LM profile image

      HarrietC LM 5 years ago

      @LynetteBell: Yep, that sounds soooo right =) Thanks for sharing that.

    • LynetteBell profile image

      LynetteBell 5 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand

      âmoney is not everything but it ranks right up there with oxygenâ ~ Zig Ziglar