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5 things To do during school life:

Updated on March 29, 2016
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If you go to school, and you are short of a few months from graduating, then I request you to read through this post to see which of the following things you have accomplished so far, and which of what is left.

This post, '5 things you should do in School Life' aims at general awareness about the fun aspects of school life that most people have missed. Especially #1

1. Bunk a Class:

I think everyone of us has done that. You and I, we’ve both bunked at least one class if not more. And for those who haven’t as yet, well, I have to break the unfortunate truth to you: you have no school memories.

2. Learn a New Language:

Be it French, Spanish or Italian, you should learn a new language. Why? Because. It’s always better to leave the safe havens of school life armed with a new language. You never know when you’ll need it.

3. Visit the Principal’s Office for Detention:

Hahha...I know I give bad advice, but between you and me, I think we’ll agree with this one. That’s pretty much the charm of school life; to stand in front of the Principal’s Office waiting for your verdict as the teacher so eloquently explains your misdemeanour. The verdict usually is detention, which should be fine. For those of you who don’t know what people do during detentions – you sit in a room and contemplate your actions.

4. Get up on Stage at Least Once:

You might be shit scared of getting up in front of whole school to sing or speak, so just once, you need to let go of that fear and just do it. And if you can’t overcome that fear, well, just run across the stage during the assembly. People might think you’re crazy but at least you did the needful.

5. Take Cheats for a Test:

Another awful advice, and but C’mon, just do it once, even if have no intention of using them. Carry them into the room, and revel in the knowledge that you have illegitimate substance hidden inside your socks. And yeah, a fair warning, try not to get caught for your own sake. Otherwise, you are in major trouble.

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