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5 ways to predict snow

Updated on November 23, 2010

Easy ways that you can predict snow from home

It's that time of the year again.  It's winter and for many of us that means SNOW!!  Some people love snow days, some people don't. Whichever opinion you have about snow, everyone wants to be able to tell when its coming so that they can prepare. There are 5 basic tricks that almost everyone can use. Read on to find out what they are.

Watch the skies

1.   It is important to be very attentive to what is happening with the weather a few days before you are expecting snow. If you notice that the air is colder and the clouds look like rain clouds (normal clouds but ones that are grey) but are hanging lower in the sky than usual, than you can usually expect snow within the next few days. If you notice that the sky is grey and there are low clouds than there are pretty good chances that when you wake it will be snowing.

Watch animals

2. Animals seem to very good at predicting the weather. For an easy way in to the sciences of weather, just watch them. The birds tend to huddle together on power-lines and tree branches. They also fly lower because of the low clouds. Animals often become very still and quiet right before a snowfall so listen for...silence. If it sounds unusually quiet (dogs not barking, chipmunks quiet, birds not singing) then bundle up.

Watch the weather channel

3. Its the easiest and most used method. Watch the news or the weather network. You can watch it on tv or find it online. Remember even if the weather man does sometimes get there info wrong they usually are a very reliable resource.

Watch for a halo around the moon

4. Have you ever seen a halo around the moon or even sometimes around the sun? Have you ever noticed that it often snows or at leastgets colder after it appears? What happens is that clouds that contain ice crystals (possibly snow clouds) form a layer. The ice crystals form light prisms that can be seen sometimes as a white or sometimes a coloured halo around the sun or the moon.

Feel the change in wind direction

5. This is final method that can be used to predict the snow. If you have already noticed that the clouds are low or that it is getting chillier pay attention to which direction the winds are blowing. If you noice a change in the direcion of the wind you can usually expect a change in weather. If the wind is blowing from the south or the east it often means that the weather going to get worse. So if you combine what i said earlier about the low clouds and stuff with wind that is blowing from the south or the east you can be almost sure that you are going to need to find that snow shovel.


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    • profile image

      Geert Wilder 

      19 months ago

      I'm from Massachusetts USA. After living through many winters with much snowfall It's that white hazy sky with whispy clouds that lets me know snow is coming. It can be 50 Fahrenheit here and the next day will be below 0 and a blizzard. The key is to look to she sky and clouds.

    • profile image

      Daniel Likes Snow Days 

      6 years ago

      OMG I am so exited, an Antarctic Polar Blast has sent snow clouds on their way to New Zealand now, people are saying it could snow for 3 days!

    • profile image

      Brenda Durham 

      7 years ago

      Very interesting!

      Maybe everyone else knew these signs, but I didn't.



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