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5 ways to translate Spanish words into English

Updated on September 10, 2009

5 ways to translate Spanish words into English

If you are interested in learning the Spanish language you may run into a point of great difficulty. This difficulty can be wanting to translate Spanish words into English--very common. Do not worry. You will get through it because you are reading the right article for this problem. I will now teach you 5 ways to translate Spanish words into English.

Use a Spanish to English dictionary. Spanish English dictionaries are easy to find. You can find them at book stores and your local library. They are relatively cheap and handy to keep on you while trying to translate Spanish words. Pick one up and you will get closer to your goal!

Ask a Spanish person. Do you have a Spanish friend? Do you know a friend who has a Spanish friend? If you have located someone that can speak Spanish, bring them the word(s) that you are having trouble with. I am sure that the person you picked would be happy to help you translate the word(s).

Take spanish lessons. Why not take it a step further than just learning how to translate a word or two? Why not learn the entire Spanish language? Figure out where you can get lessons around your area. Check for courses at your local school or ask that spanish friend of yours for some discount lessons. This should eliminate any future queries about Spanish words.

Learn spanish off software. Instead of learning spanish from a tutor, learn off of your very own computer. You can buy spanish language learning software in many book stores or borrow it from your library. The software is perfect if you excel at self discipline.

Travel to a country with Spanish as its native language. Take a trip to Chile, Spain, or Mexico. The people there are professional Spanish speakers! Ask them questions. I am sure they would be willing to help you out. If you stay in the country long enough, you will eventually learn the language and be able to translate Spanish words.

These were 5 ways to translate Spanish words into English. The idea is to take your time. Do not rush the learning process. It may sabotage your overall goal. In no time you should be able to, not only translate Spanish words, but also speak the language! When you finally learn this new skill, share the wealth. Go out and start teaching others this great language!


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