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10 Things you need to know when you go to college or University

Updated on June 3, 2013


  • You will admire those friends who can get up early every day, if you do not believe it, practice it and you will find a lot of people admire you.

  • Nothing is impossible. Once you have selected a target, do not think too much, carry out your duty practically and keep on fighting.

  • You all should strive to achieve brilliant career in the future with your friends.

  • Do not speak harsh words, a random word or words will causes your image greatly affected.


  • Do not be afraid of shame, the pursuit of shame is a successful attempt. If there is someone laughs at you, you can already exclude them from your future opponents list.

  • ¬†At the same time, you have to applaud every singer who get up stage and sing for you.

  • Take the opportunity to speak in public to train yourself.

  • Speak in class at least once and do not be afraid of embarrassment.


  • Do not judge yourself and people and jump to conclusion instantly. What you see or hear may be one-sided.

  • When people inform you about something, thanks them. But, if they do not inform you, do not blame them because these are your job to find it out yourself.

  • Learn to say thank you, but you do not say it perfunctorily because it is a sign of recognition and rewards for those who help you.

  • Learn to say sorry. However, sorry is not an excuse, it is a sign of guilt.

  • Never look down on students from poor families, they can get same results as you in poor condition which have shown that they are much better than you. You should help them as much as you can.

  • When you respect the student cadres, tell yourself that it is because they are your fellow students and not because they are your superiors. All of you are just students.

  • We do live hard. You have to endure various external pressures and also have to overcome your own perplexities. While you are struggling hard, if someone gives you an understanding look, you will feel the warmth inside your heart. Perhaps a mere glance is enough to make you moved and inspired. So, we have to learn to appreciate.

  • Do not show your generosity in front of the girls, even you are trully rich. You have to know, the woman who spotted your money, they would betray you one day because of money.

  • For a person who love you, whether you accept or not, you should thank him or her because this is a sign of respect.


  • Once you have become a senior, you need to build up a mature image. When freshman see you, let them feel like you are their seniors and you are very mature.

  • No matter you are girl or boy, you should not pay too much attention to looks. It will cost you sooner or later.

  • University or college is a new environment. All of your past is a blank page for them and this is your best time to re-shape your own image and get rid of your previous shortcomings to form a fresh image.

  • Keep cool. When something big happens, whoever can find a solution calmly and quickly will be the shrewdest one among others.

  • Every problem has many solutions to solve it, do not reject the method that you are not familiar with.

friends are always sweet
friends are always sweet


  • If you have been went to the cafeteria or study hall alone, do not worry about it, go everywhere alone is normal in college or university. Your friend is concerned that you do not have your personal space of freedom. So, you do not have to think that you do not have any friends.

  • No matter what rank of student cadres you are, even you are a student council, you also need to respect the other students. You all are just students and you all should be friends.

  • If you are always pondering who you hate, and who you like, then you are badly mistaken. You have to think how to make people accept you, but not you accept what kind of person.

  • You can treat those strangers like a piece of white paper, or treat them like your friends. In short, do not treat them like enemies, even if you hear bad rumor about him (her).

  • Insist to say good things about a person and you do not have to worry that the things you said does not reach the ears of that person. If someone says something bad about someone, you just have to smile.

  • Do not let people know everything about your past.

  • Respect people who dislike you.


  • During holiday, you should stay at home and spend more time with your parents as well as helping them to do some chores as the time of staying by their side each day is running out, or try to mix into the community to take up more experiences about life¬†because you need to know how to live.

  • Call back home once in a while, even though you already have a girl or boy friend, you also cannot forget your parents.


  • Remember, no matter how hard it is, you should not give up as the route is choose by yourself and you should never cry. You can only drop your tears at the moment of victory or graduation.

  • Defend your dignity to your greatest extent. Society is a place to destroy human dignity. No one will keep it for you except yourself. The place you stay is university or college. So, you have plenty of spaces to withstand failures and combat.

  • Whenever you encounter any difficulties, do not panic and learn to keep calm all the time. Do not ask for help from others. In the past, you have your family to help you, but now you need to face the challenges all by yourselves. You have to search for hope in despair and life will end with splendidness.

  • Do not complain about the unfairness in reality. What you think that is unfair may be fair for others. It depends on you to alter the unsatisfactory environment and fight for justice and reasonable facts.

  • You can lose to anyone, but you cannot lose to yourselves!

  • Regret is a greatest loss that is more serious than any loss and it is the biggest mistake than any mistake. So, do not regret of doing anything!

  • You need to learn scheming, but remember, always remember that there is only a way to succeed in society, that is your capability.

  • Life is vicissitudinous. So, do not feel uncomfortable and unhappy at something new and not familiar with.

  • Society is full of competition included universities. You need to win out by using your own strength and capability.

  • The endurance of study and work will award you a unique charm and personal strength.

  • Do not imagine yoursleves as the darling of the job fair. You should understand that more than 70% of the students can get into the University.

  • No matter how confuse you are about the future, do not forget to set a goal. Your past or present situation is not important, only the achievements of the future is the most important one. Unless you have an ideal future in your mind, or else you cannot achieve anything.


  • Reading is most likely a permanent and healthy habit for human especially college student and university student.

  • When you are distracted by some bothersome problems or feel bored and idle, go to the library and read some books. The book will give you peace which is rarely found in reality. You should do more reading to find an answer to your confusion in life. At the same time, you will have more things to be pursuited and your life will be enriched.


  • Health is your wealth, especially when you are away from home.

  • Take good care of your health and keep yourselves in top shape to survive in college or university.

  • Spend some time to exercise every day.


  • College or university students will definitely lead a hectic life.

  • If you do not learn to smile or laugh in predicament or dilemma, you will not be able to survive and get through it.

  • Besides, smile will always keep you young.

  • Learn to smile or laugh will gradually liven yourself up.

  • And lastly, graduate with a smile!


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