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5 Bizarre Facts About Hitler

Updated on August 5, 2011

First let me clarify that everything about Hitler was freaky, not just these five facts. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m saying he was otherwise normal. But these particular facts are far less known in terms of common knowledge, and that’s why I’m sharing them with you today. My current novel is set during WWII Germany and I have spent more time researching the subject than I’d care to admit. It became an obsession at one point. One which finally ebbed a bit, thank God. In the process I learned a number of bizarre things about Hitler the man – here are the five that I just can’t get my head around.

  • Hitler had only one testicle. This one is interesting, considering most would say Hitler had fairly large gonads. Guess it was all just a show to make up for what he was actually missing. I had a difficult time figuring out how he only came to have 1 and it seems he may have been injured during WWI and had to have it removed. Seems they amputated his conscience along with it.

  • Hitler dated, and got down with, his niece. Yes, it’s true. Geli was the daughter of Hitler’s half-sister. She was 23 at the time she committed suicide. Oh, wait. That might have been murder. But since the evidence pointed to Hitler, well, no charges were brought.

More About Hitler

  • Hitler was one kinky Fuhrer. It is highly suspected that Hitler had unusual desires in the bedroom. Specifically, being tinkled on. While this may sound like a joke, it’s been cited as probable by well-regarded historians. Believe it or not!

  • Hitler’s first love was a girl he thought to be Jewish. This could explain it all, couldn’t it? When Hitler was 16 years old he fell for a girl named Stefanie Isak. He was obsessed. As you can imagine, it didn’t work out. Adolph used to fantasize about throwing himself off a bridge in despair – and killing her too. How romantic.

  • Hitler invented the concept of the plastic girl. Again, not a joke. Hitler wanted his soldiers to be able to have their needs met without getting involved with foreign women. So... he ordered plastic femmes be created for them.


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