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Top 6 Viruses that always been our worst Enemies

Updated on June 29, 2020
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Ebola virus was first reported in Congo. It was located in the Ebola river found in Democratic Republic of Congo. Ebola virus is categorized as a CDC Biosafety Level 4 virus which makes it one of the deadliest and dangerous pathogens on earth.

Ebola is mainly spread through the close contact with body fluids such as blood and from the tissues of the infected people or animal. The First breakout of Ebola in humans took place back in 1976 in Sudan and Congo. It is said that the known strains of Ebola vary on a big scale when it comes to their deadliness. However, there is one strain known as Ebola Reston and it does cause any sickness or harm. Nevertheless, another strain Bundibugyo causes 50 percent of the fatalities. According to WHO, Bundibugyo strain was up to 71 percent of the Ebola strain precent in Sudan. Largest and most complicated outbreak of disease took place in 2014 in West Africa.

The River from where Ebola Virus Emerged

Ebola River
Ebola River


Dengue virus leads to dengue fever, which is a painful and fatal mosquito-borne disease. Dengue fever is caused by the four closely associated dengue viruses. The viruses which are the cause of West Nile infection and yellow fever are very much related to the viruses that lead to Dengue fever.

Dengue is fatal enough to be the leading cause of death in tropics and subtropics. The symptoms of dengue fever include high fever, headache, and in the worst cases haemorrhage. There is no vaccine available for this virus and it can easily be transmitted from a bite of an infected mosquito. However, one major positive fact here is that Dengue fever is treatable.

Dengue Mosquito " Aedes "

Cause of Dengue Fever
Cause of Dengue Fever


Over many centuries rabies has been all around the world. Dating back to 2300BC, people went crazy and many deaths occurred after being bitten by rabid dogs. Although Rabies virus is fatal for humans, however, now it can be prevented wholly by the treatment of vaccines. Rabies is not very common in U.S now, but in other countries it still occurs with the same rate as it did hundreds of years ago – through the bites of rabid dogs. The virus can attack the CNS (central nervous system) if it is left untreated after exposure, eventually it leads to death.

The symptoms of rabies include irritability, aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations, and violent behaviour.

Cause of Rabies

Rabid Dogs
Rabid Dogs


The coronavirus is a great disaster for China right now. Coronavirus is a respiratory virus that was firstly discovered in China in 2019. This strain of coronavirus is not similar to the one that normally moves round humans and causes mild cold. Patients with 2019 coronavirus are diagnosed and cared for differently than the others with common coronavirus.

Hard work is being done by the Public health officials to identify the source of this virus new deadly virus. Coronavirus is a family of large number of viruses, causing illness in humans and circulating among cats, and bats and other animals as well. No vaccine has been developed for the prevention of coronavirus infection. The best way for prevention against this virus is to avoid the exposure of coronavirus by

  • Washing your hands properly.
  • Use sanitizers.
  • Don’t touch your face with unwashed hands.
  • Stay away from the infected individuals.
  • If you are sick, stay home and rest.
  • Cover you face while sneezing or coughing.

Suspected cause of Chinese Coronavirus Breakout

Bat Soup
Bat Soup


Back in 15th century smallpox virus was introduced in to Western Africa by the Portuguese occupation. Later in 16th century smallpox was introduced into the Caribbean and central and south America by the European colonization and African slave.

Small pox or Variola is an extremely transmissible and infectious disease which can cause several diseases such as cowpox, monkeypox, orf, and molluscum contagiosum. There is no cure for small pox. However, the last known case occurred was in U.S,1949. Small pox has been completely eradicated due to worldwide vaccination program. Now there is no sign of naturally occurring smallpox transmission anywhere on the globe. It has been eradicated by the immunization program from all over the world. However, there are two research labs where smallpox virus is still present for study purpose.


Influenza or flu virus is a contagious viral infection that targets the respiratory system which includes your nose, throat and lungs. Influenza viruses that infects the humans is classified into three main groups:

  • Influenza A Virus
  • Influenza B Virus
  • Influenza C Virus

Out of these 3 groups, Influenza A type virus is more prevalent and serious. It causes widespread outbreaks and disease.

Out of all the worldwide pandemics Influenza has been the most prevailing virus. The worst outbreak of influenza was of the Spanish flu in 1918. It infected 20 to 40 percent people all over the world. 50 million of the world's population died in just 2 years. Although vaccines exist for influenza but each year there is a new strain of this virus which is stronger than the last one. There are over thousands of strains, out of which most are harmless. Each year only 40 percent of the strains are covered by the vaccines available in U.S.


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