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9 Free Master’s in Mechanical/Mechatronics and Automotive Engineering in Germany

Updated on November 17, 2017

There is no better place to get a master's in mechanical/mechatronics and automotive engineering than Germany. It is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world and has reputable engineering firms like Daimler, Volkswagen, and BMW. Germany's reputable mechanical engineering sector is one of the reasons for it having the largest economy in the European Union.

Automotive engineering is one of the most technologically interesting and compelling specialties available. Experts in automotive engineering are poised to develop innovations that will change society and address global problems. Automotive engineering is concerned with the life-cycle support (including design, manufacture, performance and durability testing) of vehicles: from road and off-road vehicles to race cars, vans and trucks.

Currently, almost all the states in Germany do not charge tuition fees even to non-EU students. International students can therefore take advantage of this opportunity to earn a free master's degree in mechanical/mechatronics and automotive engineering, in English, from one of its tuition-free universities. International students get to study for free and also have the opportunity to travel around Europe during the semester breaks.

9) FH Aachen - University of Applied Sciences---Master of Science in Mechatronics

Students acquire widely ranged interdisciplinary knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals and applications of mechatronics. Our instruction methods include problem-based approaches and integrated teamwork. Our modern, well-equipped labs play a major role in ensuring that students are later able to apply their knowledge to problems arising within the fields of their chosen careers. Advanced students plan projects together, work towards a common goal and then present the results in a written report as well as to the class.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

8) Luebeck University of Applied Sciences---Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Our "International Master Mechanical Engineering" programme, based on a prior Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, provides you with a wide range of career opportunities. Students graduate from this course with the internationally acknowledged degree Master of Science (MSc).

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

7) Leibniz Universität Hannover---Master of Science in Mechatronics

MSc in Mechatronics is a two-year Master's degree course. The first year of the course is taught at St Petersburg State Polytechnical University in Russia and the second year at Leibniz Universität Hannover in Germany. The language of teaching is English. The first year of the course concentrates on information engineering and mathematics. The second year concentrates on mechanical and electrical engineering, with the final semester devoted to the completion of a Master's degree project and thesis.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

6) Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences---Master of Mechanical Engineering/Mechatronics

The structure of the Master's course reflects our opinion that no one is more able than you to decide what is missing from your profile. That's why the programme does not include any obligatory modules, only elective modules. From the present "menu" of both English- and German-taught modules, applicants individually choose 60 ECTS. The Master's thesis (30 ECTS) completes the Master's programme.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

5) Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences---Mechanical Engineering, MSc

Are you interested in developing, producing or marketing sophisticated technological products, all while greatly improving your job prospects on the global market? Then our Master's programme Mechanical Engineering is for you.
This Master's course of study gives you a second degree which greatly improves your career opportunities compared to only having a Bachelor's degree. You will be taught in-depth knowledge and methods for engineers in different positions, ranging from product development to production and distribution as well as customer service.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

4) University of Siegen---Msc in Mechatronics

The International Postgraduate Studies in Mechatronics are offered as interdisciplinary courses by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in cooperation with the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The synergy between these disciplines imparts the scientific basics and methods for the specific demands required for the development of integrated technical systems. Continuation of studies in a doctoral programme leading to the degree "Dr-Ing" is also possible.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

3) FH Aachen - University of Applied Sciences---Master of Science in International Automotive Engineering

The Department of Aerospace Engineering at FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences (AcUAS) offers a three-semester (basic programme, 90 ECTS) and a four-semester (double degree programme, 120 ECTS) Master's Programme in International Automotive Engineering. The programme focuses on "Powertrain Application" and "Vehicle Simulation".

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

2) RWTH Aachen University---Master of Science in Automotive Engineering

Students are taught the technological fundamentals and in-depth knowledge of the conception and the development of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. They also have the option to learn about motorcycles and off-highway vehicles. This comprises technical vehicle design with regard to legal and user requirements, aiming to improve safety, efficiency, and driving experience.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

1) Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt---Master of Automotive Production Engineering (MAPE)

The programme aims at providing graduates with the skills required to successfully plan, develop and control production systems in the field of the automotive industry. They are familiar with current manufacturing and engineering technologies and able to expand their professional knowledge.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.


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