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6 Worlds Dangerous Aeroplane Crashes Ever-Mysterious crashes

Updated on August 13, 2014

Ever since the Aeroplanes came into existence,we have seen many of the dangerous Plane crashes in the history of the world.Many plane crashes take place everyday but none of them attract the attention of the people.But,there are some mysterious and most dangerous plane crashes which are remembered throughout the life.Here,i have decided to write a list of 6 most dangerous plane crashes ever took place in the history of the world.This list is based on the number of fatalities,year and number of survivors.

In this list,i have also included the places where the respective incidents took place along with the images.The fatality and survivor details are appropriate.This list starts from 6th and counts down to first.Once after reading this list,please comment your opinion about this List.

6) American Airlines Flight 191

This is one of the Biggest plane crash in the world.It should travel from O'hare International Airport of Chicago to Los Angeles International Airport,Los Angeles.Due to loss of control after engine detachment,the hydraulic fluid lines have damaged the left wing by which the plane crash took place.This is one of the massive plain crashes in the history of American airlines as it killed nearly 273 people out of which 258 are passengers and 13 people are staff.The remaining two people who are on the road also died .

DATE: May 25,1979

Fatalities: 275

Survivors: 5 (Non Fatalities)

5) Iran Air Flight 655

It is an Iran Civil air passenger which is scheduled to leave for Dubai from Tehran,capital of Iran.This plane was shot down by the United States Navy guided missile cruiser USS Vincennes.
It is an Airbus A300 and was destroyed by Missiles of USS Vincennes.This ranked as the 19th deadliest plane disasters in the world.All 290 who are on board have died.

This incident took place on 3 July 1988 and no person who traveled in this plane had survived as the total number of survivors is 0.

DATE: 3rd July 1988

Survivors: 0

Fatalities: 290

An image of USS Vincennes
An image of USS Vincennes

4) Saudia Flight 163 Disaster

Saudia 163 ia scheduled passenger flight of Saudi which is scheduled to travel from Riyadh International airport to Jeddah International Airport.It caught fire few minutes after the takeoff.This is one of the biggest and deadliest plane disasters in the history of Saudi Arabia.

It is the second deadliest single plane disaster in the world.No passenger had a chance to escape from this incident.All the passengers and staff who are on the board have Died.Totally,287 passengers and 14 staff members have died in this grave tragedy.

Date: August 20,1980

Survivors: 0

Deaths :301

3) Turkish Airlines flight 981

This is the Biggest plane disaster in terms of deaths for a single plane was McDonell Douglas DC-10 which is scheduled to travel from Israel to Heathrow International Airport,London.This plane has crashed near to the outskirts of Paris,France.

This incident took place on March 3,1974 and all 346 people who are on the board have died.The reason was Cargo door failure which made destruction of control systems and hence the pilot lost his control over the plane.

Date: March 3,1974



2) Japan Airlines Flight 123

japan Airlines flight 123 was a scheduled domestic flight of japan from Tokyo international airport to Osaka International Airport.It was a Boeing 747 which is the biggest passenger plane in the world.This incident took place due to in-flight structural failure which lead to explosive decompression.This flight finally crashed into the Ridges of Mount Takamagahara which is approximately 100 kilometers away from Tokyo.

All 15 crew members and 505 out of 509 passengers have died out of this grave tragedy which makes up a total of 520 Fatalities along with 4 Survivors.This is the biggest loss in terms of passengers for the Japan Airlines.

Date:August 12,1985

Fatalities: 520

Survivors: 04

1) Tenerife Airport Disaster

Tenerife Airport crash was the biggest aviation crash ever in the world.It's a fatal collision between the two Boeing 747 on the runway of Tenerife North Airport,Spain.As the Boeing 747 is the biggest Aeroplane in terms of passengers,it paved way for the biggest aviation disaster in terms of number of fatalities.Nearly 543 people were killed in this disaster.

It was tragic incident which paved way for this incident.There was a bomb explosion at the Gran Canaria international airport due to which all the planes have turned back to Tenerife international airport for their landing.The air traffic controllers have forced to land the planes on the Taxi way.No sooner officers have opened the Gran canaria.But,to complicate the matters A deep layer of Fog covered the Airport.Accidentally,both the 747's have got ready to take off from the same taxi way.As there was dense layer of Fog,no pilot could see the other plane by which this biggest plane tragedy happened.

Date: March 27,1977

Deaths: 582

Survivors: 61


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      4 years ago

      AFAICT you've corveed all the bases with this answer!


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