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How to protect yourself from the negative energy people

Updated on April 28, 2015

Negative people


Always one of the hardest challenges that you will encounter in life is dealing with others. There are just some people you can’t get along well. This is the exact reason why you have to protect your energy from negative people. So, how exactly can you do that? Let me tell you how.

First and foremost, don’t consider the thought of avoiding these people. It’s no use for there will come a time that you’ll encounter the same kind of people. What you really need to do is to know and understand that sometimes, negativity affects you. That won’t be the case if you are aware and you know exactly what to do to protect yourself.

Healing comes after you know the problem itself. When you know that you are being surrounded by others’ negative energy that is the time that you can take the steps on how you can protect yourself. So, here is what you have to do.

· Recognize that you have negative energy.

· Know what or who the cause is.

· Address the cause by talking out or by simply thinking positive things.

· Always remember to think only of positive thoughts.

· Things may become bad, but know that there is a good side to everything.

There are six steps to protect yourself from the energy of negative people around you

1. you need to make a separation between being supportive to someone you love and you want to help him in a certain situation or specific circumstance and being interactive with that one and to feel the same feelings that he is passing through.

Unfortunately interaction with his problems attracts the events to you, so being supportive is different from the thing that he is passing through.

2.Try to keep your positiveness and you have to learn that the positive energy is contagious , so if you a positive person you will spread your positive energy around you everywhere even the negative people will be affected , so try to be positive all the time to protect yourself .

3. If you know someone and he/she is negative and all the time trying to call you to talk with you only about a particular problem or an event he/she had heard about it, it's better to end the call with any excuse, and if you did that time after time, that person would get the message and he will stop doing that ,and it happens that he will find another person to share the negative energy by complaining to him/her or that may change him to talk more positively or to talk about happy and enjoyable things .

4. pay attention to the positive person that he may ask you to do him a work or to invite you to have lunch with him and when you respond to that he will talk about the negative topics, in that case you have to tell him that you are not ready to hear him and you don't want to hear anything about disasters, wars, bad thing happened to someone and all that negative stuff, subsequently he will get your message

5. You should break up with every negative person and you don't have to deal with him especially if he wasn't one of your relatives, because dealing with such persons like that for a long time will make you feel depression, anxiety, sorrow and infect you with diseases.
6. If that person was one of your relatives try to reduce dealing or meeting separately with him to complain to you, try to avoid that anyway.

Stop Taking on Other People's Negative Energy!

Protect Yourself from the Energy of Negative People

© 2015 Jomana H


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