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7 Best Weapons to Use Against a Zombie

Updated on April 5, 2012

Choosing the Right Weapon

When dealing with a zombie apocalypse, you need to make sure you have the right weapon. If not, you are probably going to become a zombie yourself and get killed by the guy who does have the right weapon. A lot of people are confused or just don't know what weapon to choose. They see what works in the movies, but we know that movies aren't real. So today, we are going to explore a few different options when it comes to which weapons to use to slay a zombie. Let's get started

1. Revolver

Using a revolver not only looks totally awesome, but it is pretty effective. You will walk around looking like Dirty Harry and people will respect you as such. Don't forget that you don't have to only have one. Carry as many as you can, or plan to use.

Reasons Why Its Rad

The revolver, since it is a sidearm, is highly mobile. You can easily carry a revolver with you and not have to consistently carry it. This frees up your hands to navigate over any obstacles you may face at any given moment. Not only is it portable, it packs a pretty decent punch. I guarantee that a zombie isn't going to last a solid shot to the face from a revolver. I don't think anything next to an elephant or a whale that could. Then again I don't go around testing my theory. Another awesome thing about the revolver, you can carry something else with it. You might just want to be cool and quick draw every foe that comes your way, or be practical and take him out with a friend!

Reasons Why It Sucks

While the revolver is portable and has pretty good firepower, it lacks in reload speed and range. You aren't going to hit a zombie in the head from 500 meters with a revolver and you definitely aren't going to be able to reload in time to stop a horde from overrunning your camp. That's why the revolver needs a friend;he gets the first punch, but never finishes first. Keep that in mind when assembling your armory of death and destruction.

2. Baseball Bat

A baseball bat is a classic. Not only can you steal one out of pretty much anyone's garage but you can instantly use it to dominate. Rolling around with this little slugger makes you a valuable and intimidating player. Anyone can pull a trigger, but you come out of nowhere and hit a home run with a zombies head. That's respect

Reasons Why Its Rad

A baseball bat is used in every movie, TV show, or game at some point. The reason being is because it has earned that right. Not only is is super portable, but it never runs out of ammo. You can continue to bash heads in until the bat breaks in half. Then you have a makeshift spear that can cause even more potential damage! It is one of those weapons that you get better at the more you use it. It is the perfect candidate for close quarter combat. Not to mention that you will never kill a friend by accident.

Reasons Why it Sucks

A baseball bat, as we all know, can only be broken a certain amount of times before it is reduced to rubble. It also is only a close quarter combat weapon and has virtually no effect in a long range fight, unless you decide to throw it, giving you about a 2% kill rate and losing your weapon! Since it is not ranged, it won't be as valuable as a revolver or some other weapons, but the cool part is, if it is no longer of use you can just ditch it and not have to worry about losing an important part of your armory.

3. The Crossbow

The crossbow has been a pretty popular instrument of death lately. You have seen it used on The Walking Dead and a lot people have commented that they agree they would use the same weapon. Not only does it have pretty awesome features, you can roll around in the jungle looking like Rambo or something. I think it is a pretty scary looking weapon too. I honestly could say I would be more scared of a crossbow to my face then a gun any day!

Reasons Why Its Rad

The crossbow is rad for one simple awesome reason, it is quiet. You can take out a zombie without the zombie next to him even knowing. You are like a zombie killing ninja. Another cool thing about this is that you can reuse your ammo. Once you shoot a zombie in the face, you can pry out the bolt and use it to kill his brother. I think that is pretty awesome. The crossbow can also be used to hunt wild animals, obtaining food, without zombies in the area knowing that you are there.

Reasons Why It Sucks

Well for starters, let's hope you don't miss. Good luck trying to search the forest floor for a lost bolt that missed your target. Another thing that sucks is that you probably don't have that much ammo, and even if you did, carrying it would be so heavy that it would make you slower and that would create a bigger chance of you getting chased down by flesh eating zombies. There is only one thing you can do here, never miss.

4. Sniper Rifle

The sniper rifle is the ultimate long-ranged killing machine. You can pick off zombies for miles and look like a pro while you are at it. This is a great defensive weapon and is an instant classic when considering a full blown zombie invasion. At least one of the members of your group has to have one of these.

Reasons Why Its Rad

A sniper rifle has the most firepower because it will instantly kill a zombie that is shot in the head and it can kill before your zombie even gets close to you. You can post up in a tree and just start taking off heads with ease. Another good quality of the sniper rifle is that it is relatively quiet. Not as elusive as the crossbow, but not as annoying as the revolver. It can also save the life of a friend from a distance! They will thank you later.

Reasons Why It Sucks

Well it is pretty simple, while the baseball bat was a close range weapon only, a sniper rifle is only a long ranged weapon. If you decide to take it out and just use it shotgun style be my guest, but the traditional 'sniper's rifle' is a long range only weapon. This a weapon you should only keep back at camp, not one that you bring out to combat. A sniper rifle also sucks because it has a slow firing rate. If you have a horde of 30-40 zombies invading your safe-haven, a sniper rifle just isn't going to cut it.

5. The Machete

The machete is like the serial killer classic. No wonder it found its way on the list for the best weapons to kill a zombie. It is pretty simple, hack and slash your way to victory. Get the high score and make sure nobody ever beats it. Not trackin? Sorry. The machete is way cool.

Reasons Why Its Rad

I don't think I need to explain this one in too much detail. It is a machete! You can cut zombies to pieces. Just like the baseball bat, it never runs out of ammo. Another good feature about this weapon is unlike the baseball bat, this one will never break on you. You can also use this machete, stained in blood, to provide for your camp. You can cut lumber, rope, whatever you need to sustain life. It is the ultimate life-bringer!

Reasons Why It Sucks

Well, this is another short-ranged weapon only. It is pretty rad when it comes to close quarter combat, but when it is a ranged game this thing will do you know good. I would say that versus the baseball bats 2% kill rate if you threw it, the machete would be at least 3-4% just because it has a blade on it. Another thing that sucks about this weapon is that there is a high risk of self injury. If you fall on this bad boy the wrong way, you are now dead. So you have to be a total killing machine with mad skills to wield this weapon.

6. The Double Barrel Shotgun

Another instant classic is the double barrel shotgun. It gives you supreme firepower and a simple to hand weapon. You can hunt your zombies looking like Elmer Fudd! But let's be foreal, someone is going to pick this weapon just because it looks cool. If you are the one who wants to look like he/she is a veteran, pick this thing up!

Reasons Why Its Rad

The double barrel shotgun has the most firepower at close range than any other weapon on this list. You probably have enough power to shoot through a few zombies in a crowd. This saves ammo and kills more zombies. It is also a pretty awesome melee weapon if used properly. A good thing about the double barrel shotgun is that it conserves ammo and is pretty common so you can sift through peoples houses and probably find extra ammo for your campaign.

Reasons Why It Sucks

Well we all know the double barrel shotgun only carries 2 rounds at a time. This, like the revolver, cuts down on reload time and that can be the difference between life and death. If you get pretty proficient with reloading that thing then go ahead, it probably isn't a good starter weapon though. Another thing that sucks is that the double barrel is so loud! Every zombie will be on their way to you after one shot from that thing. That isn't the type of attention you want!

7. The Machine Gun

The machine gun is probably the weapon that is going to save your life. This is a guaranteed weapon to add to your armory. If you are caught with out some type of fully automatic machine gun, you are a fool. This is the weapon that will make or break your survival in a clutch situation.

Reasons Why Its Rad

The machine gun has the largest rate of fire out of every weapon on this list. With that being said, this means that in the event that you are being attacked by a horde of 30-40 zombies you can easily take them all out with one of these. Not only will it take out a whole bunch of zombies, but it covers a wide area so you can do more damage to a larger crowd. This weapon is the life saver.

Reasons Why It Sucks

The machine gun will probably be the first weapon that you will run out of ammo for. Not every homeowner has a machine gun just stowed away under their bed. Another reason why this gun sucks is that it loud and it is loud for a long period of time. If a stupid zombie heard something loud and didn't know where it came from you are fine. If it consistently hearing a loud sound coming from one direction, it is going to spot you. I promise there won't only be one!

What Do You Think is The Best Weapon?

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    • profile image

      SLOW 2 years ago

      i personally have a crossbow and you better be seriously used to pulling back the bow. Most crossbows have a drawback weight of 150 pounds. it also takes FOREVER to load a crossbow in a zombie situation. You would most likely die if this was your main weapon or your only weapon

    • profile image

      300 3 years ago

      Zombies? Anyone watch 300? I'll take 300 Spartans vs any zombie movie and watch the bloodshed begin.

    • profile image

      erad 4 years ago

      A crossbow is not practical. Anyone who thinks you can simply pull a bolt from the thing its in has never tried. Also if you think you can fashion your own bolts from wood id like to be there when it blows up in your face

    • profile image

      Anon 5 years ago

      The crossbow is also really slow to reload