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5 Insights of a College Fresh Graduate

Updated on November 14, 2011

Things that come in to mind when you are already done with schooling.

Alright. So I graduated from college last October 15 - it's going to be a month from when it happened, in a few days already. Now, you might be wondering what I am doing now. Right? For one thing, I am not attending any classes anymore. We finished our thesis, and all those paperwork. I have definitely gone past school life. But then, I am not working yet. I have tried applying for jobs, but then it slowly dawned on me if I should work already. So to cut my point short, right now I'm a "BUM." And as one who is pretty much staying at home all day, thinking of whatever becomes a common incident. And because of that, I would like to share the best 5 insights that I have, meaning there's a lot of them, with being a fresh-graduate-now-a-bum:

1. Don't rush in to getting to your first job. This might appear contradicting, but I have started applying for jobs before I have even graduated. I probably started late in September. However, as I moved forth the process of job hunting, I realized that with the many jobs out there, if I thought I had to hurry, I might end up regretting my decision. I really thought I would be one of those people who say they already started working right after graduation. And yes, I have looked up to them because they have become pretty successful in their field. But look at me now, I am not working yet. But I am not worried. I think it will make me more careful in to getting to a job that I really want.

2. Value the essence of being a Fresh Graduate. If you have experienced looking at Job Ads at or some other job advertising website, you would see that experience really matters. This would make it tempting to grab any job as a "first job" just so you could gain the experience needed to qualify for most openings you see. However, this is some temptation that you should resist. When looking for a first job, it is wiser to look for a company that you could potentially see a lasting career in. The case should not be that you are simply looking for a company you could pass time in and learn from. Remember, there are good companies out there that do hire fresh graduates. Then, probably, the next opening would be for someone with around 5 years of experience already. What if you took a job at a company you could not stand to stay in? A track record of not staying in a company very long might not reflect positively on some companies, making your chance to get hired a lot slimmer.

3. This is as good as a vacation. I'm the type of person who could really turn into a workaholic. I think that once I start working already, it would be hard for me to find free time as well as time to hang out with my friends. And of course, it would also be hard to have moments for good quality rest. So yeah, I think this period of being a lazy bum is just what I need right now. I am actually thinking of taking the rest of 2011 off, then I'll just work on January 2012, right after our family takes an out of town trip. Hopefully, though, I get a good job offer by January.

4. See the long-term goals. There are two things that always come in play when people pursue careers. These would be whether they would want to follow their wants, or their needs. Of course, there are people who are easily able to merge both, and live by the saying "Do what you love, and you'll never have to work a day in your life." But for most people, this would be hard to follow. Need would probably pertain to pursuing a career that would give you a high income - probably going up the corporate ladder. Want would refer to your passion, this would obviously be the more fun activities that you are comfortable with, or even freelance jobs.

5. Be open to how the future goes. Knowing that what I have expected to happen to me after graduation did not come out as planned. I am starting to think that maybe it could be a sign that I should think about how I want my career to progress a lot more. Or maybe i am just really being made to rest. I do not really know. One thing that I can be sure of is that if I just maintain a positive outlook in all of this, something really good will come up. I should not stop keeping myself hopeful and ambitious.

So here are 5 insights that I have. I would love to hear your thoughts on them, and if you have any advice. Also, it would be nice if you are able to share your own insights from when you graduated, or even if you are on your way to graduating. Hopefully, this has been helpful.


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