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How to Remove Blocks That Are Holding You Back From Your True Purpose

Updated on December 15, 2017
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Waheed is an entrepreneur, author, freelance writer, and content marketing specialist with more than 5 years of professional experience.


No matter what your destination in the life’s trip is, there will always be two types of persons you will find on your way, those who think The Sky is the Limit and the others that go more To Infinity and beyond! Who do you want to surround yourself with? What you do not even imagine is that the answer has a huge influence on your way to act looking forward to achieving still that impossible dream you gave up a long time ago by frustration. In every person's life there comes a time when you feel that you can't do anything and there is something inside you that is holding you back.

Some negativity inside you is telling you that you can't do that thing, it is going to be difficult, or you're going to lose it. This is normal every human being face this situation in some part of their life. The thing which matters is how you deal with these emotions and energies.

Cause You Are a Sky Full of Stars

There was a time when someone closer to me used to wander the turbid waters of doubts. They were, literally, in everything he decided to do. From he woke up in the morning until the time of sleep. But we all knew there was this mystical vibe surrounding him, an incredible energy that, even at his darkest moments -where the doubt just turned him into a monster- always were sparkling in colors that others did not radiate.


In the beginning, we thought it was just part of his common rebel way of being, as he was a cellist, and those instrumentalists usually had that insubordinate behaviour reputation in the history of music. Nevertheless, the future revealed that he was just coal to be converted into a valuable diamond. Fortunately, this friend of mine ran with this new master, a human being with a unique and particular vision of what life’s trip should be, a world citizen good-eyed for discovering future music talents.

And finally, an admirable gentleman with a lot of experience in life subjects, as he was round eight teen years riding that roller coaster. So he decided to start guiding this poor little buddy and make him realize that doubts were just garbage and that he has everything to conquer the world. He taught him that he, as every one of us, has a purpose.

Now is this era, this guy turned into one of the most influent cellists in the whole planet, and that was just because of the awareness of the power in focusing his thoughts on the positive side facing no matter which situation, as horrible it would seem. Because now he had no doubt, it's all up for us to help us get to the finish line and win the big prize: a gold cup of own fulfilment.

Get into the Character, Assume Your Role

So that's it. Believe me or not, we all have a target in life. Once I did read in a book that we should see the physic life as a parenthesis (you, me, and all us) and consider us infinite. Is not about philosophizing that much of why are we breathing, but for what are we playing some roles in the meantime of our infinities.

It is just as simple as it sounds. Is like acting in a reality show cast where you are the main actor: start doing your role! Cause, on the other hand, everybody else is taken. We are all like yin and yang, we all have a duality. This invisible copy of us that cannot apart is twenty-four hours a day and three hundred sixty-five laps of the earth by our sides. This mate can be both the most helpful and friendly spirit as the worst enemy we give to ourselves, from ourselves.

So Let’s Put a Title to This Show, How About Limitless?

And so you do not like Limitless? That should be a good start. Because you cannot let others choose the main title of the show you that you are starring. So you can call it as you want, however, just be sure that limits stay away as an option, neither as a title nor a subheading. Get out of the mold and focus all your energy on finding a purpose for your spectacle. Knowing which your purpose is, let you be the director scene and writer of your live streaming program. It let you establish real priorities regarding the actions you will do and say no to the stuff that pulls you out of the things you desire.

Once you find your purpose, or if you already think you have one, just focus on taking the time to enjoy the de ride. Eat, love just has fun. Otherwise, it will be boring. It is very probably that you will have a different intuition sense that will help you run the yearnings stairways to heaven, so let the good times roll.

Most of the times, in life we think that if we face failure then it is because of some physical thing only, which is outside in the environment. But we need to understand that there are some hidden energies inside our mind and body which are leading our life. One of these and worst energy is negativity. It blocks our mind, and we can't think properly with a clear mind. If we want to do something amazing in our life, we need to find a way to block all such energies which are not allowing us to achieve the real purpose of our life.

I am deeply dedicated to working with people who are committed to creating a purpose driven life. If you are ready to take your life to another level"
I am deeply dedicated to working with people who are committed to creating a purpose driven life. If you are ready to take your life to another level" | Source

The purpose of life, in my opinion, is a cycle: it never starts, and it will never get totally done. For me, it has to be with what do you do and how you feel about it. You have to be asking yourself: What constantly? How? And last, but not less important, for what or for whom?

© 2017 Waheed Hassan


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