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7 Reasons Why Middle Eastern Manufacturers Are Adopting Cloud Technologies

Updated on February 10, 2018

7 Reasons why Middle Eastern manufacturers are adopting cloud technologies

One of the most important innovations of the global Internet in recent years is the cloud technologies which include many services including cloud storage, cloud data transfer, sharing and working remotely between more than one party on a single document or file, Based on cloud technologies.

There are seven reasons why manufacturing companies in the Middle East are adopting cloud technologies:

1. Digital transformation:
As manufacturers begin to develop their digital strategies, these companies often find that cloud solutions are essential for many components of digital transformation such as predictive analytics, Internet connections, and sensor tracking. Large-scale storage, flexible business structures, and rapid implementation of cloud solutions go hand in hand with digital transformation strategies.

2. Clarity of supply chains:
Manufacturers are realizing that they have to look beyond their walls to compete in the global economy today. Cloud solutions can help create a smart supply network and connect seamlessly with production companies, suppliers, partners, and contractors. Thus making the procurement process easier to manage.

3. Acquisition and liquidation of investments:
Many markets and industries are becoming integrated with each other, leading to the need for rapid response and new business models. Manufacturers can not embark on a two-year implementation process to integrate with existing enterprise planning resources; cloud solutions require weeks rather than years to implement, and support for rapid changes in the business world.

4. Upgrading the user experience:
The workforce of the millennium youth has become an important factor forcing manufacturers to move on to the software models available as SaaS. Because cloud solutions are continually updated by their suppliers, they tend to provide modern user interfaces that are easy to use.

5. Security Levels:
Many financial managers are aware of their limited ability to manage IT security problems. These managers prefer to allow experts to focus their considerable resources on security issues to carry out this heavy responsibility. It makes sense for manufacturers to focus on their core competencies and to deliver complex security and protection issues to organizations that provide best security practices for data protection.

6. Limited cash flow:
After the global financial crisis, many manufacturing companies suffered financial hardship and were forced to deal with several infrastructure projects that were delayed until liquidity was available. This is evidence that cash reserves can be depleted, making service subscriptions, cloud solutions and lower total cost of ownership attractive to manufacturing companies willing to move ahead with upgrades without large capital commitments.

7. Skills gap:
Today, manufacturers are struggling to employ and retain the skills and competencies required in IT. Therefore, it is logical to allow cloud service providers to manage devices, servers, backups and updates, which saves the IT team's time and effort internally and enables it to focus on more important projects.

Based on these seven reasons, experts and cloud advocates in general, companies in the Middle East, North Africa, and the rest of the world will only have to adopt cloud technologies to reduce costs, enjoy better security, and gain access to good, professional management at the lowest possible cost. And to benefit from the limited skills and possibilities.


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