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70 Reasons Why Lee Grady's Reforms are Losing Ground

Updated on November 9, 2014

Rebuttal to Grady Reform from Apostle Eric vonAnderseck

There are many these days stepping forward, claiming to possess the insight and authority to rebuke the church. Lee Grady is just one in a growing number of concerned Christians voicing their frustration by nailing his list of complaints to the door of the church.

Anyone who has taken a good hard look at the church has probably done the same. Leadership has completely failed to shepherd Jesus' sheep responsibly. The command that Jesus gave to His apostles is "feed My sheep." The sheep are being fed alright, they are being fed to the wolves.

Lee Grady, assistant editor of Charisma magazine, nailed his letter to the door of the charismatic church (collective) in October of 2011. He gave his readers permission to populate his 15 point of reform on the internet. I intend to take his point-by-point bulletin and reveal where he is missing God and is acting as an independent agent rather than a sanctified vessel of God's true spiritual government.

Is Lee Grady able to bring reform? No. Is Grady feeding the sheep to the wolves? I believe he is. In addition to providing a point-by-point rebuttal, I intend to provide 70 reasons why Grady's reforms are losing ground. Come back and visit my blog here often to get the latest and up to date ways in which you can defend yourself and your faith against each new failed reform attempts made by the current Christian culture.

Church Reform is a controversial topic that I think needs to be discussed. You are welcome to cast your vote and leave a comment in the guest book.

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Lee Grady's 15 Points of Reform

Why You Can't Fix the Present With Past Mistakes

Here it is: Lee Grady's 15 Points of Reform. Rather than take the church back to the truth, Grady is trying to fix the problems of the present by continuing the mistakes of the past.

To read the insightful and detailed 6,000 word rebuttal by Teacher Maria vonAnderseck, click the image to the right.

1. Let's reform our theology. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. He is God and He is holy. He is not an "it." He is not a blob, a force, or an innate power. We must stop manipulating Him, commanding Him and throwing Him around.

2. Let's return to the Bible. The Word of God is the foundation for the Christian experience. Any dramatic experience, no matter how spiritual it seems, must be tested by the Word and the Holy Spirit's discernment. Visions, dreams, prophecies and encounters with angels must be in line with Scripture. If we don't test them we could end up spreading deception.

3. It's time for personal responsibility. We charismatics must stop blaming everything on demons. People are usually the problem.

4. Stop playing games. Spiritual warfare is a reality, but we are not going to win the world to Jesus just by shouting at demonic principalities. We must pray, preach and persevere to see ultimate victory.

5. Stop the foolishness. People who hit, slap or push others during prayer should be asked to sit down until they learn gentleness is a fruit of the Holy Spirit.

6. End all spiritual extortion now. Christian television ministries must cease and desist from all manipulative fundraising tactics. We must stop giving platforms to ministers who make outlandish claims of supernatural financial returns, especially when Scripture is twisted, deadlines are imposed and the poor are exploited.

7. No more Lone Rangers. Those who claim to be ministers of God-whether they are traveling evangelists, local pastors or heads of ministries-must be accountable to other leaders. Any who refuse to submit their lives to godly discipline should be corrected.

8. Expose the creeps. Churches should start doing background checks on traveling ministers. Preachers who have been hiding criminal records, lying about their past marriages, preying on women or refusing to pay child support should be exposed as charlatans and shunned if they do not repent.

9. Stop faking the anointing. God is God, and He does not need our "help" to manifest Himself. That means we don't sprinkle glitter on ourselves to suggest God's glory is with us, hide fake jewels on the floor to prove we are anointed or pull chicken feathers out of our sleeves to pretend angels are in the room. This is lying to the Holy Spirit.

10. Let's return to purity. We've had enough scandals. The charismatic church must develop a system for the restoration of fallen ministers. Those who fall morally can be restored, but they must be willing to submit to a process of healing rather than rushing immediately back into the pulpit.

11. We need humility. Ministers who demand celebrity treatment, require lavish salaries, insist on titles or exhibit aloofness from others are guilty of spiritual pride.

12. No more big shots. Apostles are the bondslaves of Christ, and should be the most impeccable models of humility. True apostles do not wield top-down, hierarchical authority over the church. They serve the church from the bottom up as true servants.

13. Never promote gifts at the expense of character. Those who operate in prophecy, healing and miracles must also exhibit the fruit of the Spirit. And while we continue to encourage the gift of tongues, let's make sure we don't treat it like some kind of badge of superiority. The world needs to see our love, not our glossolalia.

14. Hold the prophets accountable. Those who refuse to take responsibility for inaccurate statements should not be given platforms. And "prophets" who live immoral lives don't deserve a public voice.

15. Let's make the main thing the main thing. The purpose of the Holy Spirit's anointing is to empower us to reach others. We are at a crossroads today: Either we continue off-course, entertained by our charismatic sideshows, or we throw ourselves into evangelism, church planting, missions, discipleship, and compassionate ministry that helps the poor and fights injustice. Churches that embrace this New Reformation will focus on God's priorities.

#1 - Grady Offering to Fix Old Problems With the Same Tired Solutions That Failed - Lee Grady Reforms in Question

Build your faith upon the true foundation of Jesus Christ
Build your faith upon the true foundation of Jesus Christ

by Apostle Eric vonAnderseck

The problem is that Grady is not offering change that will transition the church back to the basics. What he is offering is to fix old problems with the same tired solutions that failed 10 and 20 and 30 years ago.

I addressed this problem in my thesis "God's Intelligent Design for Christ-Centered Spiritual Transformation; Bridging Psychological and Clerical Theories for Spiritual Healing; Assessing Exigent Faith Symptoms and Behaviors; and Presenting Ontological Process of Cognitive Faith and Choice Education".

Researching Failed Theories and Failed Faith Models

In chapter 4 "First Generation Knowledge Vs. Further Generations of Knowledge" I state: While researching and testing failed theories and failed faith models my research data consistently revealed a lack of balance between theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed for systemic outcome. Data also uncovered critical gaps between leadership perspective and learner perspective. Faith practitioner has a perspective that follows prediction and engagement protocols, while faith participant has a learner perspective that is geared towards outcome.

Faith Practitioners Remove Themselves From the Outcome

Faith practitioners do not purposefully remove themselves from the outcome, they merely assigned that to the providence of God or assigned responsibility to faith participant. The gap translates into the lack of ability to recognize program failure. When there is a design flaw in doctrine and discipline the outcome will not match predictions and believers will face spiritual problems.

Through program engagement faith practitioners promised spiritual emancipation, yet provided no spiritual reconstruction. A promise of freedom from sin does not benefit the soul as the soul then lacks the knowledge, tools, and inspiration to rebuild daily with the virtues of Christ. Repeated failure produces "burnout" for both faith practitioner and learner:

Testimony from a Christian that is typical of most believers today:

Read what one Christian had to say about their experience with the current Christian culture. How close is this experience to yours: "When I decided to change my life I started a quest for God and looked towards him for new life in Jesus. The first thing I looked at was the changes that I would need to be making and how I would learn new habits for Godly character. I was taught to lean on the Holy Spirit.

I was committed to attend church, and take part in all the other activities, including intercessory prayer. Although I was committed to church services, following after every seminar and conference, it was without lasting results. I was in the continual motion of changing my habits, hoping for better results, but these things only kept me busy and did not provide the expected and promised results. I was looking for something more, not only changes on the surface (shell), but for a living relationship with God, that would give me a complete perspective and understanding of the will of God and His purpose for my life.

What I am saying is that although I was able to make adjustments and change my life, my nature did not change. Old things had the tendency to creep back when least expected. I found this 'life change' to involve projecting an image of oneself to others, and though I want to believe that I did change, the burden of this yoke was too much to bear. I had to admit to myself that although I had good intentions and even being sincere in my efforts, I was just the same person.

I was a defeated Christian. The enthusiasm and passion and zeal I'd begun my journey with, subside into a mere empty void and I was more lost than ever. I was subjected to many challenges, but the fact that I changed my habits had no influence on these outside forces which only reminded me that I was not living the overcoming life that was promised to me. I knew something was missing but did not know what. Tired of living this endless cycle of changing the one set of habits for another eventually forced me to leave church and admit failure. Again I was in search of God.

Leadership Offers an Endless Array of New Programs

My research shows that despite leadership experience with the phenomena of "burnout," they felt obligated to continue to offer an endless array of new programs yearly to try to move forward with their spiritual goals regardless of failure.

Gap Analysis Reports (GAR) consistently reveal the gaps between actual performance and desired performance in matters of faith. Christian Industry (CI) Analysts reveal that leadership has not learned how to join the pattern of truth to the experience of Christ.

Pastors Say They Don't Know How to Fix the Problem

Pastors are again discussing Exigent Faith symptoms and behaviors, but without proper cause and effect mapping analysis tools. One such example is cited in an article published in the Christianity Today International/Leadership Journal:

"As pastors we're doing what we've been told, but we're preaching a very narrow gospel. We've been throwing a lot of seed, but it's not taking root, it's not producing fruit. We are not seeing people's lives transformed. There is a growing sense of failure among the church leaders I talk with, and we are looking for something more meaningful."

"In my tradition conversion was very important, but because lives were rarely transformed, we also had revivals where people could rededicate themselves to Christ-and they did frequently. But as a pastor watching this, it became clear that I really didn't have anything to help these folks. All I could say was "mean it this time" or something silly like that."

Both Zander and Willard point to the perplexing and troubling questions the church still faces. How can Christians experience the life and virtues of Christ within their own life and experience the power of the Holy Spirit altering their very nature? Why don't Christians look more like Christ? The article explores these questions in a seemingly new light without putting any real answers on the table. Program Recall simply addresses the same question in the light of present distress and new tactics and strategies. There is really nothing new about the questions or about Exigent Faith symptoms and behaviors, or about the attempt to simplify the process by "getting back to basics." Willard admits that spiritual transformation has been "lost for a while" and Zander points to the need to trust Jesus and overcome unbelief.

Recycling and Turning Over Old Soil

Questions about proper discipleship were again recycled. Right and wrong methods were again explored. The soil of church history was again turned over. The ability to turn the soil is not equal to the ability to plant the seed and nurture growth.

What these faith practitioners brought forth did indeed have the sound of the promise of rain, but the same Exigent Faith symptoms and behaviors were still embedded in their theories, being clearly evidenced by the presence of Themistic Law, the philosophy of Satan's 13 princes, and the lack of pattern recognition critical in understanding the design of Christ for faith. We can further see leadership inability to discern the signature values of the elements of grace and faith, and their continued conflict with the paradoxes that new approaches produce.

Leadership use of the Sliding Scale and inability to distinguish between changed behavior and Christ-Centered Spiritual Transformation is troubling. Also troubling is the inability of leadership to distinguish between the conviction of the conscience and the conviction of faith. It's time to get back to the basics of Christianity.

#2 - Grady Fails to Return the Church to the Simple Basics - Lee Grady's Map for Reform Lacks the Compas of Truth

by Apostle Eric vonAnderseck

The Basics of the Faith is that knowledge whereby believers are equipped to live the life of Christ. This is why the foundation of your faith is made up of the 12 Elements of the Gospel: grace, faith, righteousness, justification, sanctification, holiness, peace, rest, charity, truth, regeneration, and the renewing of the mind. Remove these basics from faith and you are lost. Testimonies from Christians tell us of this lost condition:

"The teaching I received about my behavior and God's will for my behavior was conflictive. They would say God accepts you the way you are ('Just as I am') but then say we will accept you if you don't drink, or if you don't smoke. They wouldn't say this verbally but you could tell by the way they talked. Some looked down upon you if you go to movies, you had better stop doing that, and even some by the way you dress, or wear makeup etc. The implication was that you could have a closer walk with God by eliminating these things from your life. It was like now you're "Christian", now get these things out of your life, these things that are not acceptable to God."

This was clearly not a change of nature but only your life style, it was good to eliminate these things (smoking and drinking) because of scientific evidence that proved these things to be a detriment to your health in some cases. I never actually felt closer to God by any of these changes, there was still something missing."

Change in Behavior, But NO Change in Nature!

Faith participants are able to engage themselves deeply with spiritual programs and tools that promise to help facilitate change. Some behavior changes are beneficial, they are life altering. However, faith participants were disappointed and disillusioned when the behavior change did not translate into a much needed and expected change in nature. Faith participants could talk about the impact of Half-Life upon their faith, but not understand the dynamics of Half-Life. They could change one short term pattern for another in hopes of progressing into a more rewarding and lasting change of behavior, but could not identify the pattern for IDCCST that removes the paradoxes and produces long-term change in nature.

#3 - Grady is a Lone Ranger - The Eyes of the Church Are Stewards of God's Grace

by Maria vonAnderseck

Grady's 7th point:

7. No more Lone Rangers. Those who claim to be ministers of God-whether they are traveling evangelists, local pastors or heads of ministries-must be accountable to other leaders. Any who refuse to submit their lives to godly discipline should be corrected.

Teacher Maria says: What this is, is a pseudo government. We have seen these experiments going on for the past 20 years with the emergence of accountability groups, fathering/mentoring groups, coalitions, and ecumenical movements. Everyone is trying government on for size to see how the robes fit on them.

It's time for each of you to take the robes off and stop pretending. Stop playing government and accept the government God already set in place to lay the foundation of truth in your heart. There is no other way. What you are looking for is group council. You're looking for a fail safe against things going wrong. But you have had these governments by council; There are hundreds of models out there. Each of them falling in love with a set of accountability procedures and falling in love with their new role, but despite their best efforts, they could not achieve agreement on one doctrine of Christs.

This is what the Bible says:

2 CORINTHIANS 13:11 good comfort, be of ONE MIND, live in peace;

PHILIPPIANS 1:27 in one spirit, with ONE MIND striving together for

PHILIPPIANS 2:2 same love, being of one accord, of ONE MIND.

1 PETER 3:8 be ye all of ONE MIND, having compassion one

Being of one mind does not mean that you have 30,000,000 people all coming into agreement about the need for accountability. The one mind has to do with all 30,000,000 (all who call themselves by the name of Christ) coming into the same doctrine. Only then can they all be of one mind in Christ.

Every minister today who is not joined to the stewardship of God's choosing is a Lone Ranger. God's calls it "Open Stewardship"; And He announced the end of Open Stewardship at the turn of the century, when he was opening the door for apostolic stewardship.

HYPOCRISY -- Here again Grady demonstrates hypocrisy. He condemns the Lone Rangers when he is a Lone Ranger. "The Lord initiates His care in the stewardship of His government to oversee the growth of His children. Where government is lacking, so is the fullness of Christ in the worship of the saints." ~ EVA

#4 - Grady Finds Inspiration in the Attic - Find Out if Lee Grady Can Live Up To His Claim to Reform Theology

Can Lee Grady Find Inspiration in the Attic?
Can Lee Grady Find Inspiration in the Attic?

by Maria vonAnderseck

Grady says: Let's reform our theology. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. He is God and He is holy. He is not an "it." He is not a blob, a force, or an innate power. We must stop manipulating Him, commanding Him and throwing Him around. (Item #1 on his wish list of reform)


Every believer is aware that Christian theology is in need of reform, but where is Grady finding his inspiration for reform? From God? No! Grady finds his inspiration in his attic! A July 16, 2006 article, Grady says of the current Christian culture, "We're running on empty. We think we are sophisticated, but like the Laodiceans we are actually quite poor, blind and naked. We need to return to our first love but we don't know where to begin the journey."

Know this....What you believe today as mainstream Christianity did not arrive at your door step in a basket, the stream of knowledge was dug out by the previous generation of Christian authors and charismatic personalities. Grady's faith is caught in the current of that stream. He describes the spiritual state of that stream as "empty", and the reason for this emptiness, he states, is that he has lost his first love of Jesus. The prognosis for him returning to his first love is not good. As Grady states, he does not have a clue where to begin the journey back to the cross.

But wait........Grady finally has a moment of inspiration where he hears distant voices calling to him from a box of books discarded long ago to a corner of his attic. He wrote, "These sounds from the past reminded me of some other distant voices I have been listening to recently. They are the voices of dead Christians-writers of classic books and songs that we are close to forgetting today.

Their names are probably somewhat familiar to you: Jonathan Edwards. John Wesley, Charles Finney, Catherine Booth, Andrew Murray, Owen Roberts, Charles Spurgeon, Fanny Crosby, Watchman Nee, A.W. Tozer. William Seymour, Corrie ten Boom, Leonard Ravenhill, Fuchsia Pickett.

All of them could be labeled revivalists. All challenged the Christians of their generation to embrace repentance and humility. They understood a realm of spiritual maturity and a depth of character that few of us today even aspire to obtain."

Apostle Eric vonAnderseck says: These "voices of dead Christians" were sentenced to imprisonment in the attic because their promise of reform was a dream that did not come true. These Christian authors found themselves in the same "empty" place as Grady and they too, upon deep soul searching, came to the same conclusion as Grady, that they were not where they needed to be spiritually and they challenged themselves.

The Challenge

According to Grady, the call is for repentance and humility. To the casual observer of Christianity, this might seem like a good thing to do, to get to a place of repentance and brokenness before the Lord.

To those enlightened to the true message of the cross of Jesus Christ and those living the true Christian faith of the New (Second) Covenant (not searching for it), this message of repentance and humility speaks of a defiled conscience.

That may seem like a contradiction to you. How can repentance and humility not be what God wants? Repentance is what God wants for the sinner to come into covenant with Him, but repentance is not what He wants from you if you call yourself after the name of Christ and claim to be in covenant with Him.

The Bible says that our experience of Christ needs no repentance. "For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation NOT to be REPENTED of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death." (2 Corinthians 7:10)

The problem is the defiled conscience. When true apostles were not teaching the true doctrine of Christ, the things of Moses were mixed with the things of Jesus Christ and as a result, believers were in remembrance of sin instead of living the righteousness of Christ. The Bible says: "But in those sacrifices (Moses) there is a REMEMBRANCE again made OF SINS every year." (Hebrews 10:3)

Believers were taught "sin consciousness". They were continually brought back to the place of repentance, hoping to release themselves from the constant state of guilt they experienced. They learned to gauge their faith by finding how to stay in a state of repentance not knowing that once your repentance is sealed by the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the job of the Holy Spirit changes, from that of conviction of offense towards God to confirmation of Jesus Christ.

Grady, a product of the teaching of the former generation, advocates that we return to the beliefs of the former generation-the endless search of the magical moment of repentance because his repentance is not yet sealed.

The believer who is challenging himself with repentance and humility is not living the purged conscience, his soul is empty of the virtue of Christ, and so is going backwards, trying to find true faith by going back to the state of a lost sinner, coming to Christ.

This is what the Bible tells us NOT to do: "Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; NOT laying again the foundation of REPENTANCE from dead works, and of faith toward God. (Hebrews 6:1)

In Conclusion

Grady has not reformed his own theology. How can he reform the theology of the church? Grady is in the same condition as those of the previous generation, how can he use them as role models for faith?

#5 - Grady Reform Targets the Symptoms Rather Than Root Cause of Exigent Faith - Grady Reform Demonstrates Naïve Thinking

by Maria vonAnderseck

What is Exigent Faith: Exigent Faith is faith that is broken and in need of reform. Symptoms of Exigent Faith are: Believers are frustrated with their spiritual growth, they are confused about God's involvement in their faith, they suffer from doubt and double mindedness; Believers complain that they are failing to connect the people to God in a meaningful way, they feel exploited and don't know how to make the exploitation stop.

When something goes wrong, call the experts! That is the rule of thumb in the world. No one would dream of calling a tinkerer. We all know what a tinkerer is. It is someone who wants to fix it himself and tries to learn about the thing that is broken by reverse technology, guessing and surmising as he goes along. The tinkerer usually has parts laying out on the garage floor for months in a haphazard way, all the while boasting that he is making progress. It is ill advisable to call a tinkerer when things go wrong.

When something breaks it makes sense to call someone who knows how it is supposed to work. If the pipes in your house spring a leak, for example, you call someone who can get to the root of the problem rather than tell you what you already know-"You have a leaky pipe. . ."

The same is true for faith. Apostles are the knowledge experts. They can explain what strategies need to be applied when investigating the problems of Exigent Faith. Why is the church in need of reform? Why doesn't our theology work? Why are Christians the laughingstock of the world? What went wrong? Where is the power for real faith? What direction do we take?

Apostles Know How to Foster Critical Thinking to Lead You to the Root Cause of Exigent Faith

What is Critical Thinking: Critical thinking is not guesswork or stating the obvious as we see Grady doing in his list of reforms for the church where he attacks the symptoms rather than expounds on the root problems. A critical thinker has a deep understanding of the nature of how things really work and in their examination, call upon their knowledge of the criteria that makes it work. The experience of a critical thinker allows them to make connections on several levels. Critical thinking is the opposite of is the opposite of naïve and ritual thinking.

Naïve Thinking: Misconceptions are born of knowledge that is not joined to experience or experience that is not joined to knowledge.

Ritual Thinking: When people merely go through the motions of repeating what they have heard.

Sadly, Christian Education accredited naïve and ritual understanding and produced generations of attrition of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is hard to get to the root cause of the failure of things when you lack experience with how a things works.

When asking questions about how the nature of Christ is born in the inner man, the failure to successfully understand the criteria translates into inability to achieve and sustain the work of Christ. Because of the complexity of the problem many surface remedies were implemented that carried short-term results that targeted the symptoms of Exigent Faith rather than the root causes. Grady's bill of reforms is a prime example of naïve and ritual thinking.

God is Sending a Team of New Stewards Into the Body of Christ: God is fixing the problem by sending in a team of new stewards into the Body of Christ. Watch the video and listen to the message by Apostle Eric vonAnderseck.

#6 - Lee Grady Pushes for Reform Inside the Church - Why God Will Not Reform the Present System and is Doing a New Thing

Lee Grady Reform Buckling. God is doing a new thing.
Lee Grady Reform Buckling. God is doing a new thing.

by Apostle Eric vonAnderseck

While Lee Grady is pushing for reform inside the church, God is busy doing something else. God is not going to reform the present system, He is establishing a new work outside the system.

Let's follow the thread of the revelations coming forth from the current Christian culture and then compare them. I will point out that the people who preach to the church warnings of reform are themselves standing in danger of missing they very reform they confess to be zealous for.

You can see the evident perplexity that exists in the articles of these ministers and how it is reflected in Grady's complaints. The errors they are failing to rectify in the church is a mirror of the struggles that we see in their own hearts.

"Physician heal thyself" is the proper application of this verse to them all. God is not restoring the church in its present state from inside, but calling them out of this corrupt system all together. God is not plastering the walls of Baal's house, but pulling down the timbers and scraping the walls of the leprosy of error and disposing them outside the camp.

God is Beginning Anew

God is beginning anew outside the former system, which has too many leprous stones to just remodel it.

The High priest of our profession Jesus Christ has removed those stones of tradition and building His House by the Spirit.

As you read the words of prophecy below, you will see that the Lord is addressing His intent to do a new work, but those that are prophesying of this are still trying to hold on to their house (current Christian culture), thinking that there is something salvageable in it.

Prophecies quoted from Prophetic Insight, Charisma Magazine:

November 2011 Nicki Pfeifer

"God may be moving outside the walls of the church more than we can imagine!"

November 2010 Barbara Yoder

"Several months ago the Lord spoke several things to me, not long paragraphs, just short phrases, to give me hints about the future. One phrase was "fresh winds," another was "movement," a third was "awakening and visitation."

March 2011 Barbara Yoder

"So look not to the past...God is here... Don't back up, don't sit down, don't run in panic or fear."

February 2011 Nicki Pfeifer

"It is imperative that the body of Christ accurately discern the times and seasons we find ourselves in.... we must be aware of not only what God is ... I have been listening intently to what the Spirit of the Lord is saying for this hour. As we enter into 2011, I believe God in His goodness, is giving us insight and direction in the upcoming season."

James Leggett

"There is a sense that God is in [the leadership shift] and God is moving, and I think the church in North America is saying, 'Praise God this is happening.'"

April 2010: Matt Sorger

"As I pondered these three revelations, the Lord began to speak to my heart about a shift that is coming in our mindsets concerning revival. God is transitioning the church from a "revival culture" to a "resurrection power culture."

February 2010 Chavda

"We are in a fresh season of awakening. People are beginning to experience, hunger for and thirst for God in new ways. People everywhere are finding God as they have not found Him before. We have witnessed in recent weeks that people are beginning to think differently from before, perhaps even beyond how they've thought before. God promised to pour out His Spirit on all flesh.

October 2011 Lee Grady in writing his 15 Points of Reform

In honor of Reformation Day, I'm offering my own list of needed reforms in our movement. And since I can't hammer these on the Wittenberg door, I'll post them online.

Point #15

Let's make the main thing the main thing." The purpose of the Holy Spirit's anointing is to empower us to reach others. We are at a crossroads today: Either we continue off-course, entertained by our charismatic sideshows... Churches that embrace this New Reformation will focus on God's priorities."

As you examine the contradictions stated herein of the "New Reformation" and the present condition of those prophesying about the condition, we see they are standing before the gate but cannot enter therein fulfilling this proverb," Wisdom is too high for a fool: he OPENETH NOT his mouth in the gate."

by Apostle Eric vonAnderseck

The church is in desperate need of true apostolic leadership, but they are in denial of it and trying to determine how, when, where, and why they will permit God to use an apostle. So the apostolic chair remains empty for them as they search through their own ranks for leaders to fill their table, establishing rules and laws that God is not aware of. This is the hour of temptation and time is running out.

Lee Grady says:

12. No more big shots. Apostles are the bondslaves of Christ, and should be the most impeccable models of humility. True apostles do not wield top-down, hierarchical authority over the church. They serve the church from the bottom up as true servants.

Apostle Eric says: It is through spiritual government that the church truly recognizes Christ, and believers gain their true identity. Without spiritual government in the church, believers don't know who they are in Christ-they have an identity crisis.

God is not the Author of Confusion

The truth has lost its distinction in the multi-doctrinal-tradition people call the Christian faith. The thousands of conflicting Christian views and doctrines have produced a church that bears no distinction of tongue. This confusion of face is reminiscent of the days of Jeremiah where the children of Israel married into Ashdod: "Their children spake half in the speech of Ashdod, and could not speak in the Jews' language, but according to the language of each people." (Jeremiah 13:24)

The Bible says that God is not the author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33). This confusion of the language of truth that we see in the church is not of God. It is the work of Satan.

God is removing Satan's mess by restarting government with apostles first. Although there are many prophecies to confirm this, the present leadership has yet to embrace it.

April 2010-May 2010 Online Exclusives

Chuck Pierce (Glory of Zion International) said, "A new governmental order will arise...the restored government of God regaining power to legislate the heavens...

will be transferred to the hands of the apostles. The government of God will lose the political spirit of Judas, align itself with heaven and represent the order of God. This means that these gifts-leaders in the church must be restored from territory to territory and nation to nation. The voice of God in His leaders must be restored and heard, just as Moses represented the Lord before Pharaoh, and as Jesus represented His Father before the Sanhedrin. We must do likewise! "

Apostle Eric says: Amen Chuck, but the question remains, what sign will God give when this comes about and will the church recognize the sign?

It is God that calls, but there are those that feel they can qualify themselves. The sanctification of the Spirit will not accompany them in this folly and their knowledge will only confirm man's tradition, not unfolding the deep things of God which is in the Father's bosom.

Lee Grady Objects to God Using Titles, Saying. . .

11. We need humility. Ministers who demand celebrity treatment, require lavish salaries, insist on titles or exhibit aloofness from others are guilty of spiritual pride.

Apostle Eric says: God issues titles for function, not for the boasting of the aspiration. Without the anointing the church has been at a great disadvantage and weighs things on the scales of the validity of man's tradition which seems familiar to the consensus of the pew and pulpit.

November 2011

Lee Grady says, "Today it seems we've developed a title fetish." But Chuck Pierce believes titles will be necessary, "transferring to the hands of the apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists of the future. The government of God will lose the political spirit of Judas, align itself with heaven and represent the order of God."

November 2011

Loren Sandford said, "At virtually every other crisis point in United States history God has provided one or more great leaders who have helped the nation come out the other side victorious and ready to build on what has been won."

Sandford understands the need for leadership in the church just as much as the world recognizes the need for leadership in worldly affairs. However much the idea is embrace, the majority of spiritual leaders today will resist the idea of leadership coming from "one man" simply because they fear deception and fear being marginalized.

Many will only accept leadership on the grounds of their ecclesiastical approval, but this mindset will never work in the kingdom of God. So Jude and Peter warned the future church, the church of today, that many will deny government and mock dignities (apostles). Both Jude and Peter preached that we beware of the antichrist spirit they encountered, which tried to dominate the church through the ministers of unrighteousness.

#8 - Grady Reforms: A Leaderless Leadership - Has Lee Grady and Peter Wagner Painted Themselves in a Corner?


by Apostle Eric vonAnderseck

Grady reforms calls to mind the proverb "See nothing, hear nothing, and speak nothing", as his and other emerging reformers refuse to see, hear, or speak the true message of reformation, but cloud the issue with personal references.

"They have mouths, but they speak not: eyes have they, but they see not. They have ears, but they hear not: noses have they, but they smell not. They have hands, but they handle not: feet have they, but they walk not: neither speak they through their throat.

They that make them are like unto them; so is every one that trusteth in them. " (Psalm 115:5-8)

God Selects Individuals

Scriptures speak of how God elected individuals to represent His mind: Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Samson, David, Samuel, Daniel, Esther. God never had a problem selecting individuals to lead His people, it is people that had a problem accepting leadership. Denying God the stewardship of His choice, the church went around God to set up their own kind of leadership, which they now are ready to admit, has failed in every way to shepherd God's people.

Here are the confessions coming forth from today's Christian leadership:

1. We have neglected to teach the truth.

2. We have abandoned our responsibility to God.

3. We have abused God's children.

4. We have tricked people out of their money.

5. We have faked the power of God.

6. We have pretended to be called when we are not.

7. We have failed to give up our pride.

8. We have failed to honor God.

9. We abandoned the true faith of the cross.

10. We have fornicated with the world, trying to win them to Christ.

11. We have led people to Christ with no clue as how to disciple them.

12. We set standards for the church that we ourselves failed to live up to.

13. We became program oriented and lost our ability to minister Christ.

14. We were more interested in numbers than in keeping the faith pure.

15. We thought God would work through a council of leaders and forgot that God chooses individuals to represent His mind.

16. We were afraid of change, so we chose our tradition over God.

17. We don't know anything about the transition God wants to take the church through, but we claim to be the ones spearheading the transition.

18. We claimed we were at the cross roads 20 years ago -and we are still there. We have failed to make a decision to accept God's changes, so we are not prepared now to identify the wind of the Spirit.

19. We did not take the time to remove ourselves from Baal's house, so we are busy trying to restore Baal's house.

20. We say we want to move past our sins, but we keep repeating the sins of the past.

Are You a Christian Leader?

Today's Christian Leaders are all in the same boat. Whether Pentecostal, Charismatic, Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, etc., all have failed to properly lead the church in the name of Jesus Christ.

God's remedy is clear. He is raising up a new steward and stewardship to restore the firm foundation of truth to the Body of Christ. God desires to bring believers out of the house of Baal into the restored Body of Christ.

God was never squeamish about leadership or saying who He had called and appointed to lead His people. God was always known to draw a leader from the unknown and unexpected corners: Jesus' apostles were fishermen and tax collectors. Moses was born in Pharaoh's house, but prepared in the desert to go back to Pharaoh in the name of the Lord. Joseph was despised of his brethren, yet raised up by God and appointed to be the leader. Samson appeared to be irreverent in his lifestyle choices, but God chose him as a judge. David was an unknown shepherd, the least of his brethren, and God chose him to lead His people.

These facts are not unknown to present leadership, in fact, many of them pull from the characters of God's leaders to construct what a leader should be like today, forgetting that the most important quality is the calling and that the calling carries the grace. When the evidence is in the grace, the imagination does not need to labor to construct something of the flesh.

This is perhaps the most important point to be understood. The lack of understanding the very thing that the calling hangs on makes people like Lee Grady vulnerable to identifying leadership by type.

Are You Capable of Faking Grace?

If you are capable of faking the power of God, by moving the power from grace to the aspiration then you are capable of moving the calling from grace to false humility as you look for certain character indicators you think would identify someone who is like you.

The problem is, that God will no doubt call someone who is not like you-that is if He does not want the church to repeat the mistakes of the past. Why would God draw from the same pool you are drawing from?

A Leaderless Leadership

Let's get back to the dilemma of today's current reformers who are trying to rebuild the house of Baal. Today's "Gold Rush Fever" among church leaders is to disclaim leadership.

They are caught in a situation where they know that God is restoring the office of apostle, they want to "be that man", they want to throw the javelin as Phinehas, they want to set the church in order, they want to be the one to correct, but they don't want to claim the "title" apostle because they have already classified the "title" as "self serving".

What a predicament! You say God called you as an apostle, but you cannot claim the authority of that calling (actually, you do not carry the grace of the calling and that is why you do not carry the authority). So you are a leader, but cannot claim to be a leader.

We can see how today's self appointed reformers have painted themselves in a corner when they defined apostolic leadership by the flesh and what a problem that is for them now.

A leaderless organization with no true direction from the Lord. Many contradictions have arisen within this movement that seeks to set order to the church without the wisdom of God and also seeks to lay down some game rules. Some even redefine and twist themselves into a new social -church tradition. As we see here in November issue of Charisma.

November 2011

Peter Wagner (The Truth About The New Apostolic Reformation)

"NAR is not an organization. No one can join or carry a card. It has no leader." They are first gifted by God for that ministry; then the gift and its fruit are recognized by peers and the person is "set in" or "commissioned" to the office of apostle by respected and qualified leaders." [end quote]

We see a leader and leaderless non-organization that has peers to confirm and qualify leaders. Hmmm. . . is this truly the wisdom of God here? When people are not sure of the rules, they call a council of peers to set the record straight. Moses did not call upon the tribal rulers for the will of God! God spoke directly through His sanctified steward to the people. What I see is a leaderless non-organization without a working compass wandering the wilderness but claiming they have the "mind of Christ".

Question of Credibility

November 2011

Cindy Jacobs says "I am calling the world, says the Most High God, to stand with Israel against her enemies, for the plots planned for the U.S. involve the two nations. The spirit of Babylon is even now being exposed and is roaring but I will unravel the structures supporting its economy. "

So on one hand we have an organization that wishes to oversee the people of God and His covenant and also to join themselves to political causes. Then we read of contrary "words of warning" from the Lord not to engage with worldly issues.

"No man that wars entangles himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who has chosen him to be a soldier." (2 Timothy 2:2:4) It is evident that religious (organizations) leaders will make concessions to the holy book when certain issues are at stake but will stand to their religious principles to oppose those things that disagree with them.

Religious prejudices do exist within every denomination as they watch out for the wolf in sheep's clothing or the "cult" leaders that disagree with them. How can God unite His Body with these existing deep seated prejudices to make His people of one mind and one mouth glorify God? It will not happen in the House of Baal! God is calling out and separating those of faith from that system, He is not repairing Baal's House. (Revelation 18:4)

by Apostle Eric vonAnderseck

I remember in the 70’s before the Lord confirmed my calling, that I prayed to the Lord to reveal His true apostles. I made a commitment to Him that I will fully support that person whom He manifests. I said “We need truth because there are so many doctrines out there and I desire to embrace only that which is of You.”

As I read Lee Grady’s drive for reform, I discern no willingness on his part to stand in the choice of God’s elect but rather to overanalyze the failed system and issue his opinions on the topic.

We see in these proclaimed revelations, among many others we posted earlier, that God indeed for a long time has been preparing hearts. But what is the problem, why isn’t the church reformed? I want to point out that God is speaking to the current leadership, but they are not acting. Let’s take a look at a revelation posted by Barbara Yoder.

August 2010 Prophetic Insight

Barbara Yoder

There Is A Rumbling In The Earth!

Yoder shares this with us saying: “Fear not the unsteadiness under your feet and also do not try to define it prematurely. As you wait upon the Lord, He will bring the clarity and the definition. But even the instability and unsteadiness has been created by Him.”

Apostle Eric says: Yes! God is indeed shaking the very foundations of the church. There are those that will judge His “prematurely” to fight for “clarity” feeling uncomfortable about why and how God is issuing the true reform.

But did anyone prepare their heart upon this exhortation or did they flatter themselves to convince themselves that they are seeking truth, thinking that somehow they will enter into the mainstream of God’s will without taking the necessary action?

Barbara says: “There is a rumbling that has already started in the heavens. And the Lord would declare to you that the rumbling is also now on earth under the feet of leaders, for He is calling us out of the old, out of the past, out of that which would trap us in non-productively and irrelevancy, to reposition us for the future.”

Apostle Eric says: We can see that God is addressing the “leaders”, speaking to the leaders of the current Christian culture, saying that they are not productive in His kingdom. He sees that their hearts are not towards Him, what they are preaching is not relevant to the cross. Amen Barbara!

Barbara says: “And we will not only look spiritually different, we will not look the same physically—the way we have in the past—for we have entered a season of massive change.”

Apostle Eric says: The “SEASON” of massive change. We are now in the third day of Hosea’s prophecy. “After two days will he REVIVE US: in the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight.” (Hosea 6:2)

Satan is Directing the Attention of the Church to the Wrong House

What God is doing in His Body is not what He is doing in Baal’s House. We can see how Satan is directing the churches attention to the wrong house to confuse and to weary those that are not listening to the voice of the Lord.

Instead of building the House of God by covenant stewardship, which requires grace and truth, there are those that will keep focusing on the neighbour next door. Critiquing the decay and plight of Baal, which is even obvious to the sinners as they see the hypocrisy in that failed system.

Are You Ready to Leave Baal’s House?

God is calling to those that hear Him to leave Baal’s House and live which Him in covenant. Baal is not going to listen to God because she has her own agenda, which has now mutated into a monster as we see in the book of Revelation.

Barbara says: "Fear not the rumbling, for I will shake you out of the systems and paradigms that have held the church captive and I will cause you to be poured out in a whole new way to the world. I am shaking the church and I am shaking the world.”

Apostle Eric says: Baal is making a lot of noise also to keep people focused on the wrong thing. There is no reform to Baal, but there is a new birth and work outside of that system.

Look at these admonitions God is speaking to the church:

1. “Fear not” 2. “I will shake you” 3. “paradigms” 4. “a NEW Way”

That means that God is not going to use the tools of the former system but give us a whole new perspective.

Barbara says: “The rumbling will not soon disappear, until it has accomplished its full work to shake the church and to shake the world. For I will have a meeting place with My people, and what is left when the rumbling is done will be a people who release the kingdom of God on earth. And the church will be poured out into the world."

Apostle Eric says: God is bringing separation! That means that those which will not be joined to this new work will be considered as Tares even though they think they have Jesus in their hearts and go to church. This is the “Hour of Temptation” upon the church and many hearts are being manifest.

“For nothing is secret, that shall not be made MANIFEST; neither anything hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.” (Luke 8:17)

Even our Lord said that there would be those that claim to be of the faith, but are not of the faith. Of them He said, “Let them alone: they be BLIND leaders of the BLIND. And if the BLIND lead the BLIND, both shall fall into the ditch.” (Matthew 15:14)

Jesus gave them (religious leadership) His time to instruct them, but they just refuted Jesus’ words as being of the devil.

Jesus said, “But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made MANIFEST, that they are wrought in God.”(John 3:21)

Only a fool listens not to rebuke, but the wise receive instruction! Listen to what the apostle Paul says about those which sculpture their knowledge from idols, (or use tradition as their blueprint).

“For the wisdom of this world is FOOLISHNESS with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.” (1 Corinthians 3:19)


The video below ministers the word of the Lord through prophecy. The Spirit of the Lord overseeing the fulfillment of His plan spoke about 20 plus years ago informing the Church of the transition which is happening today. God in His longsuffering towards His people laid down a good foundation for the time to come. Reflecting upon these things will increase your faith to see clearly the day of visitation is happening now.

All those that share in this bread will be saved from the wrath to come. For the Lord is separating the sheep from the goats manifesting the hearts of many and setting a difference between the Jacob Christian and the Esau Christian.

The Jacob Christian carries the covenant traditions of separation from the world while the Esau Christian builds his own house with strange wives and seeks independence from stewardship despising the birthright of faith. Listen to the Word of the Lord and examine yourself whether you are in the true faith of Jesus Christ.

#10 Lee Grady Reform - Grady Privatizing Scripture - God Shakes the Church

Lee Grady Reforms - The Ground is Shaking Under Today's Leaders
Lee Grady Reforms - The Ground is Shaking Under Today's Leaders

Lee Grady #2 Reform for the church: "Let's return to the Bible. The Word of God is the foundation for the Christian experience. Any dramatic experience, no matter how spiritual it seems, must be tested by the Word and the Holy Spirit's discernment. Visions, dreams, prophecies and encounters with angels must be in line with Scripture. If we don't test them we could end up spreading deception.”

The Foundation of Discernment

Apostle Eric says: God is now shaking the church loose of private interpretation of scripture, which they are stubbornly holding onto. The foundation for your experience should be that which the Lord issues through His dignities (Jesus’ apostles are His ambassadors of grace) and not drawn randomly from the scriptures to support any private view as the apostle Peter warned the saints to avoid.

People feel emboldened to apply their reading skills as the key to unlocking the revelation of the Spirit, but the key is given to the stewardship and not to be used for private interpretations. As a result, the church is struggling with the goat. The goat represent their carnal mindedness, which by habit of life resists government.

“Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any PRIVATE interpretation.” (2Peter 1:20)

“As also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are some things hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable WREST, as they do also the other scriptures, unto their own destruction.” (2Peter 3:16)

Are You Struggling With Discernment?

Grady is describing his struggle to fit the moral code (the scale he uses to determine right from wrong) into scripture. People look at scripture differently and then interpret them differently because they are trying to fit the scriptures to the thinking pattern of their moral code. What happens to scripture that God said was holy? Scripture, used for man’s purposes become the precept of man.

It helps to know that the scripture, being interpreted by the moral code, is what God calls private interpretation of scripture. God calls what the mind does with scripture “private” because the scriptures are internalized to address man’s fallen nature and his feelings instead of addressing Jesus Christ and His covenant. In this way, the scriptures are made to serve the moral code rather than serve God. Do you see that?

The Inability to Set in Order the Knowledge of Christ

Let me repeat, the foundation for your experience should be that which the Lord issues through His dignities and not drawn randomly from the scriptures to support any private view. God blessed the church with apostles to set in order the knowledge of Christ. This is why they are called ambassadors of God’s grace.

The problem God is correcting in the Church is their inability to set in order the knowledge of Christ, which resulted from their refusal to accept His ambassadors of His grace. Where the knowledge of God is absent a person cannot set order to dreams, visions, and revelations of the Lord.

How Big is Your Chair

Let us examine such a case where the knowledge of God is absent to set order to the revelation:

How Big Is Your Chair?

by Mahesh Chavda

Chavda relates angelic visitation: “Several weeks ago I (Mahesh) was sitting in my library when I suddenly heard a noise behind me. I turned and saw an angel right there. I had the impression that I was not his assignment. He was literally coming from one battle and heading off to another one. But in between he landed momentarily, looked at me, smiled and asked, "How big is your chair?" Then, just as suddenly as he appeared, he departed.”

Apostle Eric says: I believe that God communicates to His church in dreams, visions, and revelations as we see in the Bible. Chavda draws for us a picture and an interpretation that we can see in more detail of the experience of Hermas. (2 Hermas Command 11:1-17)

The “Chair” and the “Bench” represent two kinds of spirits. The angel said to Chavda, “How big is your chair”. We can draw many different ideas from this, but the angel of the church says to the Apostle Hermas that the bench is only for those that are the faithful.

When a revelation strays from the Author it will morph into a fable and become a useless token for faith.

Chavda says: “God is speaking to us strategically in this hour. Make it personal in your life—become a vessel of His glory as you enthrone the King of kings in your heart. The bigger your chair, the more awesome you make God, the more awesome the release of His glory.”

Apostle Eric says: God is indeed speaking to the whole church in this “hour”. To enthrone the King, come and sit on the bench with the faithful.

Chavda says: “ How do we make God awesome? We begin to praise Him. We magnify the Lord as we proclaim His goodness, harmonize with His Word and exalt His mighty name. We become more and more in tune with the throne of heaven, and we become more aware of His awesome power and authority. You become a possessor of the truth, and in that context your chair gets bigger. The bigger the chair, the greater the authority, the greater the victory!”

Apostle Eric says: This instruction sounds good to the flesh, but lacks wisdom for the church. Cornelius too saw an angel, but followed the angel’s advice and sought out the chief apostle Peter. Cornelius, if he was ambitious, could have started his own unique ministry called “The Italian Band Church Outreach For Jesus”, using his revelation as a stamp of approval to his aspirations. (Acts 10:1)

Cornelius would then be rivalling Peter (the chief apostle) to establish his own vision for the Lord. His gospel would be filled with scriptures about Jesus and how Jesus used them, but would be unsanctified for salvation.

We all want to glorify the Lord and we set our hearts to do so, but apart from His kingdom is will not birth any eternal substance in the heart, nor will the power of God build your understanding. It goes adrift with the raging waves of the sea. I am giving reproof with instruction to re-direct the inspiration from the chair to the bench. The revelation brother Chavda received is now taking on the mind of Christ for our warning. If you want to sit on the bench you have to grow in grace.

Private Interpretation Also Means Respect of Persons

How did Grady, editor of Charisma Magazine, test the vision of Chavda? By reputation in place of scripture. Scripture is usually used as a defence. He defends himself against those God called and anointed to lead the church into the new season.

If scriptures are used as a defence against God’s work and new season of change and transitions, what do you use to confirm God? When a teaching is preached by known religious celebrities, their teaching is embraced on the basis of their reputation.

What Does the Bible Say: “Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets.” (Luke 6:26)

So another fable flies under the Bible radar system and sows more of those seeds in the imaginations of others that there is no need for apostolic oversight if the goal can be achieved apart from them. Who needs Moses? (Numbers 16:3)

As in the Days of Moses

Notice the false justification of the elders in the days of Moses and how they tried to assume their individual status to the government of God based on their reputation. Korah used his position and knowledge as a conduit to sow discord against Moses. (Numbers 16:1-31) And this is what is happening today as many religious magazines use the power of journalism to authorize themselves to promote a theology for the kingdom they wish to promote. By doing this they are accelerating the corruption by denominational ecumenical means.

Guilty of Corruption, But Calling For Integrity

Drawing from common interests to preserve truth, the opposite has been birthed. Calling for integrity they have themselves have been the promoters of corruption. Presenting honest lifestyles, but speaking falsehoods.

Looking again at Lee Grady’s reform #2 about the need for discernment we need to ask where was his discernment used in those previous articles and teachings today. We can see that discernment is not used when the reputation is seen, but scriptures are resourced to defend tradition.

There is a Rumbling Under the Feet of Leaders

Barbara Yoder

Yoder says: “There is a rumbling that has already started in the heavens. But the Lord would declare to you that the rumbling is also now on earth under the feet of leaders, for He is calling us out of the old, out of the past, out of that which would trap us in non-productively and irrelevancy, to reposition us for the future.”

Apostle Eric says: God is clearly addressing the leadership of today’s church, calling them out of the old thinking patterns, but they continue to reinforce those thinking patterns by defending themselves and excusing themselves.

All the signs and wonders that God wrought with Moses challenged the principles of Korah’s group to repentance. But instead of building faith in the hearts of the people, Korah drew support and sympathy to their own cause. Notice that God did not stand in the majority vote, He stood with His chosen steward—Moses.

As the “rumbling” continues will Korah accept the leadership of Moses? (Numbers 16:31)

#11 Lee Grady Church Reform - Imitation or Real Thing?

Is Grady Church Reform an Imitation or the Real Thing?
Is Grady Church Reform an Imitation or the Real Thing?

by Apostle Eric vonAnderseck

Every change requires new stewardship to oversee the direction. We cannot build on those old crumbling foundations which Jesus called the old wine skins.

March 2011

Barbara Yoder said: "So look not to the past...God is here."

Apostle Eric says: When God called Abraham, Abraham did not start an "Ark Ministry", constructing little boats or preach the Gopher Wood gospel. God began a new work.

When God called Moses, Moses did not start the "Well Ministry", constructing little buckets to sell or preach the "Ladder theory" based on Jacob's experience. Moses did not borrow from Jacob's revelation to create something for himself. He did not write books: How to see God! Buy my Ladder book and look up and expect things to happen.

But ministers today do try to lay claim to revelation by borrowing from the past. For example, they strive for the "Upper Room" experience of the book of Acts and reach for the "3000" results by role modelling the characters of the Bible.

While it might to thought that faith is being imitated, it is not. It is the results they lived that ministers are trying to imitate, to get at. Lee Grady reverts to the imitations of the 15th century by nailing his complaints about the condition of the church to every ones door, seeking to air the frustrations of his own experience of the Christian faith. Grady is not imitating faith, he is trying to imitate the results.

God is today beginning a new work. But He is not pushing everyone back into Noah's ark. The new day called the 3rd day of Hosea is progressing through the Second 8th Week of the Enochian Weeks. God has confirmed this many times in dreams and visions through many sources.

"God, who at sundry times and in DIVERS MANNERS spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets. . ." (Hebrews 1:1) This "divers manners" is still happening today, but the angels are no longer confirming Moses, they are confirming the New Covenant of Jesus Christ.

Change is Frowned Upon

The change from the First Covenant to the Second Covenant was a change which the first century religious leaders frowned upon. A change in faith means a change in their lifestyle and traditions. It was expected that when one converts to Christ they accept the new traditions of Christ.

Many preachers today expect the sinners to change the way of thinking and abandon the ways of the world, but what about church leaders, ministers, and pastors having to change their ways? The transition from the current Christian culture to the new work of God will be too much for many and they will be left behind.

The Eye of Traditions is the Eye of Prejudice

The Pharisees expected the Gentiles to commit to the laws of Moses and learn the Hebrew tongue and to submit to circumcision, but they themselves refused to change the least bit to Jesus' stewardship.

Today the traditional church wants the whole world to submit to them as they seek to correct everything that doesn't reflect their doctrines. They want to bring the Judaeo-Christian ethics into the world social order and change the world view. But will they do the same? Will they accept God's challenge to consider the error or their traditions and take the yoke of the true covenant of Jesus Christ?

What is the Real Problem?

The real problem is not the sinner, but the church which yoked the sinner with the standards of their own moral code. The world sees the hypocrisy that exists in the profession of those that try to bring social reform by the will of man in place of the power of God.

The world will not be saved by the religious traditions of the past. Most, when given the choice of covenant faith, will chose the broad way for their aspirations instead of faith and covenant.

The church, as the world, is facing a choice, either accept the change that God has authorized and sanctified to complete the dispensation of church age of grace, or be judged as the world.

Where is Satan's Focus?

Satan directed the church to focus of the sinner so much that the world will retaliate gleefully to assist the Beast in the extermination of Christians and Jews.

When the focus changed for the church so did the results in fruit bearing. It was easier to scold the sinner's drunken lifestyle then to correct the Christian leadership.

The church fell into this trap to find a shield to justify their own failings. Why not blame the sinner for their sins and in so doing, add points to their own efforts?

This is the focus we see in the "Christian" media that scolds the world and yet bears the corruption they abhor. They wish the world to see their "happy" religion and convert to that same mindset, yet the religious media broadcasts their own failings as if this form of flagellation will be accepted for their righteousness: "See, we are transparent but we love Jesus."

The church wants to put out their dirty laundry for the world to see. And the world responds, "Why do I need to come to your Jesus, you are airing you dirty laundry. You have nothing to offer me, but you want me to change."

Reform will not benefit the world, for the Lord has reserved the world for the judgment of His wrath. True reform for the church through apostolic governance will save the church and prepare believers for the coming of Christ. This should the focus of the believers and leave the judgments of God in His hands. Keep His commandments and live.

#12 - Lee Grady Church Reform - Does Not Prepare the Church for the Great Transition - The Hour of Temptation for the Church

by Teacher Maria vonAnderseck

The church needs to be prepared to go through the transition from the First 8th Week to the Second 8th Week. See Video below for more information on God's Time Line.

There are many points of transition that God is bringing the church to recognize and conform to. Each point of transition presents itself as a challenge to the church and this is why God calls this time frame the Hour of Temptation. The church will either continue as it is, or allow the Spirit of God to assist her through the transition.

Some, like Grady, are side-stepping the issue and trying to reform the church by their own means. Thinking God wants them to identify the changes they need to make, they frantically grab a pen and start writing down the sins of the church. That is not reform, that is guilt.

That is not obedience, that is sacrifice without knowledge as we see Saul did and was reproved of the Lord through Samuel the Prophet, "Hath the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the Lord? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams." (1 Samuel 15:22)


God is transitioning the church from. . .

  1. the flesh driven doctrines to the pure doctrine of Christ, from
  2. the stewardship of pastors and conference speakers and columnists to the apostles, from
  3. the gift of the signature to the gift of grace, from
  4. the inspiration of aspiration to the inspiration of grace, from
  5. the power of one's principle to the power of the Spirit, from
  6. the feigned charity of the moral code to the true charity of Jesus Christ, from
  7. a gospel driven by the needs of the flesh, to a gospel that is the likeness of Christ, from
  8. a gospel that makes slaves of men, to a gospel that makes men slaves to His grace, from
  9. the worship that expresses the passions of the flesh to the altar of Christ, from
  10. the priesthood of the flesh to the priesthood of Jesus Christ, from
  11. the knowledge that is tethered to the kingdom of darkness to knowledge that tethers us to Jesus Christ.

# 13 Lee Grady Church Reform - If You Exclude Yourself From the Process You End Up Part of the Problem - The Leprosy of False Knowledge

Apostles Today, Straight Talk Series on Church Reform
Apostles Today, Straight Talk Series on Church Reform

by Apostle Eric vonAnderseck

Is church reform a real issue on the minds of the leaders of the Charismatic Movement or is it just a publicity stunt, a way to attract public attention? From where I sit Grady has not applied these reforms to himself. If you exclude yourself from the process of reform, you end up exasperating the problem instead of providing healing for the church.

In light of the amount of work that needs to be done and the sensitive areas God is touching, I would like to add to Grady's list of reforms with one of my own:

Stop using language that does not tie into how salvation works. It damages the Body of Christ because it sends faith in the wrong direction.

There are many examples of this behavior in the current Christian culture, but let's take a look at a recent statement from Jennifer LeClaire, contributing writer for Charisma Magazine. She wrote, "Shake yourself loose by the power of the Holy Ghost. That oppression doesn't belong to you. If it's a prayer burden, then engage in intercession until you feel a release. Otherwise, shake yourself loose, saints!"

Let's disambiguate this statement to see how faith is being sent in the wrong direction. I believe this will give instruction to the church and provide another good example of why reform must take place in leadership first before healing will take place in the church.

To start, we need to qualify the statement "Shake yourself loose of oppression by the power of the Holy Ghost". Other statements from LeClaire gives us more. . .

1. "I bind the hand of the thief in your life!"

2. "Push forward in the grace of God."

Disjointed Statements of Passion

One of the signs that the basis of faith is not that of the solid foundation of truth is that Christian leaders will make disjointed statements that express the passion of the God-Code rather than express Jesus Christ. It is easy to mistake the drive of the God-Code for faith and ministers have done it for such a long time that has became acceptable.

People generally like it when you make powerful statements, it makes them feel empowered, enabled, ready for battle. The imagination kicks in. . .you imagine yourself pushing through barriers, knocking down strong holds, or trampling the devil underfoot. You also imagine God doing all kinds of things for you. And you think this imagination is faith, but it isn't. It is your aspiration working with your God-Code. This is one of Satan's greatest triumphs in this particular segment of the Charismatic Movement.

For more in-depth teaching about the God-Code and how Satan uses it as a weapon against you, you may benefit from reading the series "The Flesh: Win the Battle for Your Mind" Lesson 6. All the courses and Study Aids at Second 8th Week Ministries are free. As you become more informed about your God-Code, you will not be vulnerable to Satan exploiting it. Go To . .

Furthermore, I say that these kinds of statements and teachings are disjointed because they are not joined to the essential Elements of the Gospel, the priesthood, or your cycles of growth. The Kingdom of God is like a machine, with all the parts working. The Holy Ghost will not empower your aspiration.

Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Part of change is the discomfort of coming face to face with the evidence that your faith has been placed in the wrong thing. It's ok to be uncomfortable, and my advice to you is to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Get ready for the Holy Ghost to shake your foundations.

Get ready for the Holy Ghost to make you uncomfortable.

Reform by the Holy Spirit contains these vital ingredients:

1. Reprove

2. Rebuke

3. Exhort

The Knowledge of This World is Leprosy to The Soul

God likens false knowledge to leprosy, not to be mean, but to let His people know that if they touch the unclean knowledge they are unclean. God uses the law of leprosy to teach His people that they need to discern between what is unclean and what is clean (Leviticus 14:57).

When we say that God is bringing reform to the church on a grand scale, know that we are talking about God teaching the church the difference between what is clean and what is unclean.

Who Is To Examine The Leprosy?

Today, anyone who carries a Bible believes she is qualified to examine herself for the signs of leprosy. But the Bible says that the people were to bring the leprosy to the attention of the priest and the priest was to examine it, whether it be in a person, a house, or a piece of clothing. God did not quality the people to examine themselves.

Who Are the Priests?

Today, the priests who are authorized of God to examine the leprosy of false doctrine are the apostles. Not the self appointed apostles, but the one whom God has called to restore His people to the pure doctrine of Christ.

How Can I Tell If the Person Teaching Me Has Leprous Doctrine

Let's go back to the grand scale of cleansing and reform that leaders profess needs to take place and then take into consideration the "word on the street" from the mouths of Christians and non-believers alike who say that the church has become so much like the world that they have become irrelevant to God.

March 2006 issue of Charisma magazine quoted Seattle pastor Casey Treat as saying, "I am excited about 'relevant' ministry. But have we become so relevant to the world that we've become irrelevant to God?"

Here is another report from Christian leadership taken from Christianity Today International/Leadership Journal (Summer 2005), Pastor Zander and Professor Willard respectively write about the failure of the church:

"As pastors we're doing what we've been told, but we're preaching a very narrow gospel. We've been throwing a lot of seed, but it's not taking root, it's not producing fruit. We are not seeing people's lives transformed. There is a growing sense of failure among the church leaders I talk with, and we are looking for something more meaningful."

"In my tradition conversion was very important, but because lives were rarely transformed, we also had revivals where people could rededicate themselves to Christ-and they did frequently. But as a pastor watching this, it became clear that I really didn't have anything to help these folks. All I could say was "mean it this time" or something silly like that."

The Leaders of the Current Christian Culture Not Prepared

The leaders of the current Christian culture, like Casey Treat, Zander, Willard, Lee Grady, Jennifer LeClaire have not prepared themselves to benefit from the transition God has initiated. What happens is that the old is still far too comfortable and the new far too frightening.

Shake Yourself Loose From Oppression by the Power of the Holy Ghost

There is no power in LeClaire's teaching. To treat the power and drive of the God-Code for that of the power of the Holy Spirit is a mistake. The foundation of your faith needs to be rebuilt with new knowledge that is not leprous.

What you will learn at you begin your studies with Second 8th Week Ministries:

  1. How the Holy Spirit really engages your faith when your faith works with the 12 essential Elements of the Gospel.
  2. How Satan really works behind the scenes with the 5 distinct facets of your flesh.
  3. How Jesus' spiritual tools were sprinkled with His blood to sanctify them for you.
  4. How the New Covenant carries the testimony of Jesus Christ and how we carry that testimony in our heart when the 12 Elements of the Gospel are the basis of your understanding.
  5. How God set terms for our reciprocation that we might reciprocate the likeness of Christ.

It is Time To Go Back To School To Learn the ABC's

It's time that leadership put away the unclean knowledge they learned from those who were not apostles. Doctrinal leprosy did not come upon you by happen chance. It came upon you when you touched the unclean knowledge.

It is not acceptable for a person to call for deep and widespread reforms while they themselves continue to touch that which is unclean.

# 14 Lee Grady Church Reform - The Lion's Lair - Who is speaking to you? Can you discern the voice of God?

Apostles today challenge the church for reform
Apostles today challenge the church for reform

by Apostle Eric vonAnderseck

The danger of the imaginary friend that communicates to you in your imagination is that you may think it is the voice of the Lord when it is not. For Satan impresses the religious mind with biblical aspirations, which appear socially and morally correct, but in reality leads the soul away from God. The deception is so totally convincing that only the pure of heart can escape Satan's snares.

Satan is friendly enough to let you poke around in his lair looking for treasure only because this is how he brings you under his spell. What I want to do is lead you out of the lion's lair by giving you an up-close look at Satan's deceptive mind games.


Who is speaking to you? Can you discern the voice of God from the voice Satan? If you are like millions of Christians you may be confused about the voice of God and here is where Satan does his work on the mind as he bends his perception.

First of all, God does speak to His children. There are many examples of God communicating to man, revealing His will. Many zealous Bible students wish for such an experience for themselves, but don't know how this happens.

When you are in Satan's lair, looking over his treasures you may pick up a book or two about how to hear the voice of God. One book encourages a person to think and speak as if they are in Bible times. So this person begins to hold conversations with themselves, borrowing the voices of the characters they read about in the Bible as if some reality is transferred to them.

The Voice of the Conscience

God speaks to the conscience, even as I experience where the imagination cannot enter the results nor project outcome. But Satan (seducing spirit) influences the imagination with words of promise, grandeur, honour and the praise and approval of man. This voice is easy to spot. And those who borrow the voices of Bible characters to feign the voice of God are easy to discern.

The angel of iniquity speaks to your convictions as he did to Adam. But God challenges you to the obedience of faith where outcome is not for the flattery of man.

I have encountered many Christians that want to communicate the will of God for their own principle and aspiration. Some speak on behalf of God, using "Thus saith the Lord" as a medium to control your perceptions and choices: who to marry, which car to purchase, where to live. At other times the "voice of God" is more subtle, speaking words of comfort saying, "My child I know your pain. . ." Or, the "voice of God" may promise "seasons" of blessings, "You are about to come into a season of blessing . . ." The voice may sound like a father, "Your heavenly Father desires you to know good things and prosper and to lead captivity captive. . ."

Know this. . . The voice of Satan will always direct your aspirations to the things you desire God to bring to pass. Aspiration is not grace and faith is not the labor of this insidious drive. Satan plays upon your imaginations and works in your mind to make what he says seem to be just like something God would say to you.

Lee Grady is not the only celebrity minister who is leading the church astray, claiming revelation from God, which he received in the lion's lair. Listen to the following "revelations" and behold the face of Satan disguising itself the voice of God.

January 2012-01-15 Charisma Magazine: Kingdom Initiatives

Robert Ricciardelli

Ricciardelli says: "As we move along into the New Year, I wanted to share 25 key initiatives that I feel are significant for every believer. I am hopeful that these will confirm some things the Lord has already been showing you as well as encourage you to pray into these initiatives for your own lives, and for the body of Christ."

Apostle Eric says: Ricciardelli feels that perhaps something he shares will witness to someone out there. This is where the spirit of man will assimilate certain words as a placebo word of the Lord, which is sweet to the imagination, but fruitless in virtue.

He says, "I am hopeful that these will confirm". Why waste the Lord's time! Many readers will affirm this knowledge to some degree or another to lend credit to Ricciardelli"s "revelation". In Satan's book of instruction, the aspirations of 2 or 3, bearing witness to the record of man affirms the voice of the Lord.

The Righteous Need Only The Witness of God

How many relatives and people did Abraham run to asking for validation of what he believes God said, "Sarah will have a son...go sacrifice your only son... I will make you a father of many nations?" Or which way and to whom did Noah turn to ask for any witness about building a boat? Or how about Moses seeing and hearing a voice in a burning bush, to which he then heeded, putting his life in danger?

None of these righteous men extrapolated outcome for the aspiration or sought to resolve the social ills of their time. Yet today, we hear and read about conversations that people are supposedly having with God. They say that God may possibly be saying something, which remains yet in the "mist of darkness".

Ricciardelli says: "I pray that each of us would ask the Father to reveal to us our part in the body and that we would seek Him for guidance for His will to be done through us. May the Lord kingdomize your life in amazing ways in 2012 to further expand His kingdom and His glory upon the earth."

Apostle Eric says: God will only direct His Body through the stewardship His sanctified to bear His Name. Ricciardelli prayer, like many book covers, looks good on the outside, but the disease of leprosy is eating the soul of any true virtue.

Another Floating Revelation of the Grady Bunch

January 2012 Charisma magazine: Don't Limit God With Little Prayers

by Lee Grady

Lee Grady says: "Are you willing for God to overwhelmingly surprise you by doing something bigger than you ever expected? If you are, you may need to change the way you are praying.One of my favorite authors, Henry Blackaby, put it this way: "I have found that God always has far more to give me than I can even ask or think. ... If God wants to give you more than you are asking, would you rather have what you are asking or what God wants to give?" Andrew Murray understood the same truth. He wrote: "Faith expects from God what is beyond all expectation."

Apostle Eric says: Grady is willing to quote his authority from modern sources as he says "favorite authors". I do not hear a peep from readers calling him a "cult". And that is because every visit to Satan's Lair produces actionable points of progress that will resonate with those who also frequent the Lair. Every visit produces pieces of information that entices people to look more deeply into the lion's den.

These provocative levels of seduction ensnare all those who go into Satan's territory looking for the deeper things of God. The cult comes by way of these who are replacing the will of God with the will of man.

Every revelation is carefully packaged with a challenge to reach for more, to do better, to find the missing link of faith. Though a challenge is presented, a subtle snare awaits your footing. As Satan promised Adam the glory of God we can see here the revolving door of deception.

Program Recall

Program recall is reheated in the imaginary promise (Satan's micro-wave) of get all you can from God.

Apostle Eric says: Read how Grady admires Andrew Murray's doctrine saying, "He understood the same truth. He wrote: "Faith expects from God what is beyond all expectation."

Wrong definition for faith! This definition of faith is removed from the tethering power of His grace. Faith is now laboring with the imagination and the logic weigh's the inspiration by the probabilities of the out-come. Results speak truth to the carnal minded man. Grady claims to set the standards for restoring the church. Without the foundation of truth in the heart there is no anchor for the soul. Observe the folly of this mind-set.

In closing let us remember the words of our Lord "Take heed what you hear." I would encourage you to focus on the true pattern of His record for your faith.

#15 - Lee Grady - Antagonist - Apologist or Protagonist? - The Grady Bunch - David or Goliath?

Apostles Today Speak out Against Apologists
Apostles Today Speak out Against Apologists

by Apostle Eric vonAnderseck

There is a lot to be said for the truth and those who uphold it against error, but nothing to be said for the apologist. Most Christians today have been baptized into the knowledge of apologetics. It is the current Christian culture's Goliath. It was the only way that intellectual territory could be protected.

As Goliath was the antagonist to David, God's protagonist, so today the apologists are the antagonists to God's true apostles. Into what category does Grady fall, is he an antagonist/apologist/Goliath or protagonist/apostles/David? Grady falls into the apologist camp.

The whole thing about apologetics is that it is self-serving. The person that resources the knowledge is building only a defense for themselves. There is no charity in apologetics as they play the role of the antagonist. Charity rejoices in the truth and will not rejoice in iniquity.

When the antagonist/apologist shares their knowledge, they hope that the cheers of the spiritual Philistines will stand as a sign that they possess valuable insight. This is not discernment on their part, but rather a floating scale of approval for themselves.

Truth is Sour to the Taste of the Antagonist

Truth is sour to the taste of the antagonist/apologist's taste because any change in their religious diet gives them soul cramps. No, this is not travailing in the Spirit, but spiritual anorexia. Fearing the truth, they vomit up the wholesome food the Lord feeds them. They have the shakes and measure truth on the scale of that spirit. Here God is pointing out to us "the seared conscience".

The spirit of this world becomes the spirit of evangelism and people are assured salvation under this spell. The church system for many years has laboured with this spirit and wrote many books that by this spirit, identifying the psychology of their own struggle, which unconverted believers view as being truthful and transparent as it points out to them their own struggle.

This is face answering to face, but it is the wrong kingdom. The face of iniquity (the sinner) is seeing reflected an image of themselves and taking comfort.

The Other Gospel - The Gospel of Moral Improvement

This is not the true gospel the apostles preached. This is that other gospel Paul warned the church about. It weighs truth by the moral wishes for self-improvement and calls the desire for moral improvement "Jesus".

We see these same manifestations in the 2012 wish list of Charisma magazine. Each columnist manifests the spirit of this world and as the biblical Philistines, shout to each other to win the mastery, holding forth the apologist in each other as the Goliath of the camp.

The antagonist claims sincere interests for its readers, but he is turning the grace of God to lasciviousness. True faith cannot be born out of this spirit. And although many believers will take ownership of the shout of Goliath, the Spirit of God will only confirm Christ. True innocence is in faith and not the mannerisms or desires of the cheaters of His grace.

Apostle Eric vonAnderesck of S8W Apostle Today Network
Apostle Eric vonAnderesck of S8W Apostle Today Network

Apostolic Governance of the Church

Why God is Calling Apostles Today

The Apostolic Reformation and rebirth of Apostolic Governance began over 30 years ago with Apostle Eric vonAnderseck. He received his apostolic calling from God in In1977. The 3 videos on this page are linked to his video testimony and prophecies Jesus gave him to give to the church.

The Apostolic Reformation is a rebirth of the apostles office and the reconstruction of the original foundation of truth that the first century apostles taught. The claim of apostleship is established firmly in this grace, to restore the same mystery of Christ and foundation of truth to the Body, as Paul, Peter, John, and Jude also affirmed in all their epistles.

God restored apostolic authority at this time to renew true stewardship to the church to cleanse and prepare believers for the coming of the Lord and to renew them to the altar of Christ. It is the will of God that each believer would again partake of the fulness of Christ and understand how to function in their priesthood. This is the true church.

God is setting the challenge to the church to correct, cleanse, and purify the church. Now is the day of visitation, now it the time of temptation as the church enters into the 3rd day of Hosea's prophecy.

God has also raised up many apostles, prophets, pastors, and teachers with Apostle vonAnderseck, fulfilling the word of the Lord to him, "There shall be a unity that is not feigned and a oneness that shall not be deceitful." The true church has now risen.

God has healed the church and brought believers again into one doctrine, one faith, one Lord Jesus Christ, and one baptism, even as the Spirit of the Lord directed that the church should so be. The restoration of Apostolic Governance is by the divine hand of God as seen in Apostle vonAnderseck's testimony.

Finally, the testimony of calling upon Apostle vonAnderseck's life is a testimony of grace and love, for if Jesus had not loved His church He would not have sent a man as a servant of His grace to be a reprover and healer.

POLL - Reform or Rehash? - Vote for True Change

Learn even more...Win the Battle for Your Mind
Learn even more...Win the Battle for Your Mind

What do you think? Although Lee Grady is speaking his disapproval for the things that are going wrong in the church, and speaking his disgust that things have been this wrong for so long, and his frustration that he has not been able to change things, he should not assume that his ability to feel wronged by the problem is any indication that he has the solution. Lee Grady likes to say that he is one that is taught by the Holy Ghost, but the Holy Spirit obviously is not teaching him. The Holy Spirit is now preparing God's people, not leading people to retry failed solutions of the past generation. The Holy Spirit is now bringing a wind of change that all true holy apostles and prophets confirm. The change is not a rehash of failed programs, but a true return to the knowledge of God's grace.

Do you feel God can heal the church with the failed reforms of the past?

See results

The subject of church leadership, authority, and accountability is a controversial subject in the church today. Lee Grady's attempt to establish order in the church is indicative of our times. He is responding to the challenge God is presenting to the church today, but it is the wrong response. Grady is protecting the walls of Jericho, seeking to protect Open Stewardship.

This is the hour of temptation. Will believers continue with what God calls Open Stewardship, each deciding for themselves the route to reform or will believers choose the new path God has laid out for the church and accept the stewardship Jesus provided through apostles since the beginning? The church is at this cross road now. This is the decision that God is placing before each believer.

Apostle Eric vonAnderseck and the coalition of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers of the Second 8th Week stand ready to assist all those who have prepared themselves for the transition. We welcome your comments. God is even now ministering to many through dreams and visions, sounding the trumpet of His grace, calling His people back into covenant, back to the solid foundation of truth in Jesus Christ. Satan, however, is sounding his trumpet of aspiration, calling believers to start yet another failed journey with accountability groups where the faith is measured by man rather than by God. This is what we see in Lee Grady's call for action. It is the sound of the wrong trumpet.

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    • profile image

      Brother Ray 2 years ago

      Seems like a lot of wasted time and words to tear down a whole lot of sound teaching and good common sense by Lee Grady. I can't imagine how someone can dedicate a web page to criticize these necessary corrections. In over 40 years of walking with the Lord I too have seen the problems brother Grady addresses. If the reforms aren't working it isn't because there is fault in what he is recommending. It is because disobedient out of balance believers do not want to repent of their wicked ways. Plain and simple. (Read 2 chronicles 7:14. For the land to be healed it is us, God's people that must repent of our wicked ways.) Lee Grady's list of 15 things is not an exhaustive end all list. It is just a smattering of sins God's people need to repent of, mostly those particular to Charismatic and Pentecostal churches, but certainly a very good place to start. So let's get on with it!

    • profile image

      Apostle Eric 3 years ago

      When unity is sought first in the counsel of consenting doctrines then the flesh boasts of this effort and excuses any short comings for the effort. But when unity is accepted in the anointing of the stewardship then the boasting of the flesh is lost and faith is needed for the conformity to progress in the same Spirit of faith and God is glorified.

    • profile image

      ApostleEric 3 years ago

      Does the words "slow to believe" mean anything?

      Luke 24:25

      "Then he said unto them, O fools, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken:"

      Believers and their religious logic will always debate the timing of the Spirit. There will always be challenges that God sets for the logic to stumble. But those of faith will receive what the eyes canât see and escape the flattery of the ears, because their ears have been circumcised by His grace.

      Matthew 13:15-17King James Version (KJV)

      15 "For this people's heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.

      16 But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear.

      17 For verily I say unto you, That many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them."


    • profile image

      ApostleEric 3 years ago

      As God cleans House many believers will fall away as rotten figs from a tree. The Korah's, Cain's and Balaam's (negative role-model examples) are purged from the Body.

      Hebrews 3:10

      "Wherefore I was grieved with that generation, and said, They do alway err in their heart; and they have not known my ways."

    • Glenda Motsavage profile image

      Glenda Motsavage 3 years ago from The Sunshine State

      "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free!"

    • profile image

      ApostleEric 4 years ago

      Those in the house of Baal (FRS) try to summon a revival by long exhaustive preaching thinking the Lord will hear them for the sake of their zeal and drops of perspiration. When the Lord speaks in a soft voice they complain it didn't thunder. The soul cannot be cleansed in dirty water. It must be washed with the river that proceeds from the tree of Life.

      Jeremiah 2:22

      "For though thou wash thee with nitre, and take thee much soap, yet thine iniquity is marked before me, saith the Lord God."

      Beware of Baal!

      He looks and sounds like Jesus.

      1 Kings 18:26

      "And they took the bullock which was given them, and they dressed it, and called on the name of Baal from morning even until noon, saying, O Baal, hear us. But there was no voice, nor any that answered. And they leaped upon the altar which was made."

      They take alot but do little, for faith is strange to the lips of fools.

      Matthew 6:7

      "But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.".#s8w

    • profile image

      ApostleEric 4 years ago

      Yes, reform is necessary for the church but not by the traditions which they presently practice.

    • profile image

      ApostleEric 4 years ago

      Those of deep rooted tradition still cannot deny what God is doing though they gainsay with aggressive malice by the authority of their selected text and new bibles.

    • profile image

      ApostleEric 4 years ago

      The church needs wisdom to do this transition. God appoints these things through apostles to set order and function for the church. The believers cannot randomly fall into place and expect God to call this His Name. There is unity in His government. The present leadership must concede to the man God elected to lead her.

      Isaiah 11:6

      âThe wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.â

      The peace of God will not come about by the will of man but by the power of God and His people must follow the one He elects to lead. The history of the church bears this pattern out to us since the world began. The testing of the heart comes through this method of leadership as God choosing fishermen to lead over scholastic theologians who feel self qualified.

    • profile image

      ApostleEric 4 years ago

      Satan hates apostles just as he despises truth and his unrighteous ministers wish to remove divine authority to design an education of theology that carries the image of this death.

    • profile image

      ApostleEric 4 years ago

      Replacing the knowledge of God with Biblical truisms this calibre of believer will claim a relationship with god on the premises of sincerity and promises of good behaviour. But true regeneration is the result of the anointing. This needs to be taught and built upon by the believer for fruit bearing seed.

    • profile image

      ApostleEric 4 years ago

      Itâs difficult to distinguish the taste of the grape by just looking at it, and many believers today fail to taste the Lordâs goodness as a restaurant patron that would view the menu but never order the food.

    • profile image

      ApostleEric 4 years ago

      Those in bondage in the House of Baal are slowly awakening to their plight as the servants of God continually inform them of how to escape the spiritual bondage just as the prophets of old time stood to refute the teachings of Jezebel as Elijah. Those believers under her theological spell were as that âwoman at the wellâ of Jesusâ time. They mixed tradition and culture with religion thinking they were the elect of God. As God would say, âCome out from among them and be ye âseparate.â Donât partake of her sins.

    • profile image

      ApostleEric 4 years ago

      Many studious believers are confident of their ability to reason the text into a believable pattern for faith while at the same time not understanding the purpose for the knowledge and how truth is needed to define what true faith is for the functioning of their priesthood. Apostles are given to the church to restore this true pattern and to remove the boasting of those that decide otherwise.

    • AntichristCode profile image

      AntichristCode 4 years ago

      Transition Seminars NOW beginning. Sign up to learn how you can transition your church to the Second Covenant of Jesus Christ. Contact Maria:

    • profile image

      ApostleEric 4 years ago

      God never advocated for believers to explore avenues to truth or to discover for themselves a workable plan for salvation. For God did this for us by establishing His name in the calling of the apostles which would enforce His government for faith and charity. Having a discernable pattern in His truth to expose the counterfeit tokens and false patterns of faith. For Jesus said, I have sanctified Myself (restricted faith only to My Plan) that they (apostles) might be sanctified.

      John 17:19 âAnd for their sakes I sanctify myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth.â

      In the refuge of government there is remission for sin, but outside of His refuge they are retained. God set salvation in Christâs commandments to His apostles to uphold these very commandments to sustain unity in one mouth and one mind glorify God.

      John 20:23 âWhose soever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them; and whose soever sins ye retain, they are retained.â

    • profile image

      ApostleEric 4 years ago

      Many believers fear deception in the text and so build their confidence on their own studies but the church must build on the pattern of the Spirit where the gates of hell cannot pervail.

    • profile image

      ApostleEric 4 years ago

      When critics or columnists use their observations of the church as a KEY of authority they also sow sedition in the minds of believers who begin to use the studies and opinions of these people as a point of authority to deny the government of God. This removes the communion of the Spirit into the intellectual arena of logic and not divine faith which forces the believer to work with the anointing.

    • AntichristCode profile image

      AntichristCode 4 years ago

      When columnists of religious magazines, authors, lectures, and radio hosts insert their religious perspectives on topics of what is of God or what God is doing in the church they sow an opinion which becomes a scale question. Unconverted believers will resource these opinions as truth to establish their own conscience and resist the Spirit of God. God ordained apostles to instruct the church to wash the soul of these contaminates.

      1 Corinthians 6:11

      And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.

    • profile image

      ApostleEric 4 years ago

      @DeidreLinden: Amen Apostle Deidre,

      Satan's children protest the loudest for the Spirit removes the cloak of their confidences in tradition and procedures. Foundations are exposed and hearts manifested. This is the time we live in which will conclude the church age.

    • profile image

      DeidreLinden 4 years ago

      Amen Evangelist Monique.

      One cannot use the record of your own soul as a blueprint for faith and then promote that as the record for transition. This is the problem with false reformists that base change on the camouflaging of the moral code.

      If one looks back to the history of how God revealed and communicated His plan it was always through one person, be it Moses or King David. Itâs the pattern made known through Godâs sanctified steward of choosing that brings forth true revival. He who holds the key of David is he who has been chosen of God for the transition of the Church.

    • profile image

      ApostleEric 5 years ago

      @moniquebabst: Amen, Monique,

      Itâs not the church that is voicing disapproval about the condition it is in but the protesting of God for what the church is doing. They feel offended about God disliking their efforts to correct their ways to set equity in their own error.

      For they are seen and heard to speak of unity and at the same time desire God to confirm.

      But God insists on true conformity to the stewardship for this correction and purging and to purge the idols from their traditions and doctrines.

    • profile image

      moniquebabst 5 years ago

      Many Christians are tired of running after all the faith programs and doctrines given by faith practioners such as Lee Grady. I remember I was fed up with hearing all the so called church leaders speaking different things while I was still trapped in the False Religious System. The disorder and disagreement is so transparent in their teachings and I, like many other Christians, were a living a life of confusion and doubt. Where is the unity of mind that Paul talks about in Philippians 2:2 â..that ye be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mindâ Why I am I not experiencing the fruit of Christ taking form within me? Why am I not as close to God as I long to be? What is wrong with my faith and why canât I seem to remedy it with the doctrines of people such as Lee Grady, Joyce Meyer and Benny Hinn and Joel Osteen?

      God has blessed the church through the return of His true stewardship, which begins with apostles. As Godâs apostles are cleansing the church by giving them the holy and pure knowledge of Jesus Christ, all confusion and disorder are done away with. We see the body come into the fullness of what God has purposed for her. We see the body speaking with one voice, the mind of God. We see a unity that is not feigned and a oneness that is not deceitful. No more running after every wind of doctrine, but abiding in the one doctrine of Christ. I thank God for the return of apostles and for the holy knowledge they are giving to the church today.

    • profile image

      ApostleEric 5 years ago

      @moniquebabst: Amen Monique,

      It is the grace of God that qualifies our faith just as God sanctifies us through His name to perform the tasks of His calling and government. Apart from these things our efforts to please and serve Him become another aspiration (pursuit of a religious nature) and fall short of the Glory of God.

    • profile image

      ApostleEric 5 years ago

      @moniquebabst: True Evangelist Monique, The scholarship of Baal repeats the rote of traditions to be the truth of God. Replacing faith with these, religiously drive the aspirations and they resist grace seeking clarity through flattery of the text.

    • profile image

      moniquebabst 5 years ago

      Those, like Grady, who claim to be the voice of reform without the measure of God's grace are hypocrites. These faith practioners claim to speak with the voice of God, but are merely speaking their own mind.

      In contrast, God's living, covenant apostles stand in the measure of Grace of that calling and they speak the mind of God. This is the time of transformation for the church as apostles take their rightful place as doctrinal leaders.

    • profile image

      moniquebabst 5 years ago

      A lot of time has gone by since Lee Grady has nailed his bulletin for church reform on the door of the charismatic church and yet, i don't even see the beginning of any change taking place in the church. In a few years Lee Grady's bulletin would have been completely forgotten.

      Why is this then? If Lee Grady claims to be the voice of reform and work with the Spirit of God, why is everything unchanged? The answer is simple. Lee Grady, like so many other false reformist, are not the true voice of reform.

      Yes, this is the end times. Yes the church is in need of reform and God is currently moving to bring a transformation to the church. But the words of healing are proceeding through the mouths of God's sanctified stewards of grace.

      True reform speaks of a complete turning away from the traditions and mindsets of the current Christian culture and the embracing of the knowledge of the priesthood that God is providing through His living apostles. As believers start to come into covenant with God and receive instruction for faith from God's Government, we see a complete turnaround in faith. No more testimonies of lack, but testimonies of the fullness and completion that is experienced within the boundaries of the Covenant of Christ.

      God's Spirit is moving. Listen to the call of Grace

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      @DeidreLinden: Amen. You preach it D.

      I pray all Wisdome, Knowledge, and understanding be given you of the grace of God. Amen

      In Jesus Christ

      JDB Watt

    • profile image

      DeidreLinden 5 years ago

      Preaching reform through ink on paper does not unite the body of Christ under the Headship of Christ. It is by the plan and pattern of God as revealed to His elect steward that the body is brought into unity by this product of submission and believing the gospel. Scripture does not bring revival, Jesus Christ through His government, truth and Spirit does.

    • profile image

      DeidreLinden 5 years ago

      False reformists attempt to bring forth reformation by works of the moral code whereas true reform is by the work of the Spirit through the true pillars upon which Godâs house is built being that of stewardship and the priesthood.

    • profile image

      DeidreLinden 5 years ago

      False reformists attempt to bring forth reformation by works of the moral code whereas true reform is by the work of the Spirit through the true pillars upon which Godâs house is built being that of stewardship and the priesthood.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      The Government of God is a refuge for His people, we see Gods love for the body of Christ in restoring the office of the Apostle by which the church will also again come into the unity of faith.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Many people today what a rolemodel that they can "follow". I read the slogan on carrs in traffic: "Real men follow Jesus". What does this mean, only real men can foolow Jesus, what about women, and what makes you a real man? So many ideas that only confuse people. I started reflecting and the though came to mind that only they who are willing to lay down their lives, it is they who follow Jesus.

      A real man / woman that follows Jesus are they who walk in a sanctified priesthood, serving God with the tools of the covenant and bearing the fruits of Christ within the soul. No man can teach you this if it not be by the revealation of Christ through His grace.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      " Our fruit stays preserved when the right reflections are turned on ,and so too will the window of the imagination remain shut "

      This is a spiritual sacrifice ( 1 Peter 4v5) i recieved in prayer this morning while reflecting on a dream.What i saw in this is how what we eat (or what we take in spiritually ) will be the fruit of our lips..for whatever proceeds from the lips of man is an outflow ......of the condition of his soul.So what we see by this is how our faith can only be perfect and equal to Christ, for it to birth and feed fruit within the soul, and thus will be what edifys and nourishes the soul as we co labour with the power of grace ( The witness of the Spirit)

      When we are busy with vain imaginations , then our reflection on the record of Christ is turned off and the window of the imagination is open, which allows satan acess into our thoughts, giving him ample oppertunity to begin stealing our friut. We have been commanded to cast down imaginations and all things that exults itself above the knowledge of God.

      So if we think of friut..we know that it is a reflection of Christ Himself, therefore the fruit we bear is the glory of God..What is the glory of God? CHRIST is the glory of God ..and How is Christ revealed to us without coming down to our fleshly level of understanding? By REVELATION..and lastly we know revelation to the the very substance and power of God which is His grace!

      For us to commune with God we recieve grace by revelation ( dreams, visions ,words), and He reveals Himself for the purpose of our increase in His kingdom , so that some day we might reign with Him. So revelation contains the record of Christ or the very blueprint of Truth..but must first be revealed by the govenment of God ( 5 fold callings which begins with Apostles first) Once we have recieved the apostles doctrine which contains the mysteries of Christ..then are we able to begin to understand and build on the revelations recieved, by charity.Floating revelations are not inspired by the living God and will always confirm self and the flesh..( lifes circumstance ect ) but true revelation confirms the Law of GRACE and TRUTH which Christ brought for our eternal redemtion.

      Prophecy has been misused and lead many astary .. but for those in covenant with God know that true prophecy contains the very thoughts of God and will confirm nothing less than Himself .. it will always be for the purpose of fruitbearing and building but not about which car ur going buy tomorrow..or how many children you should have.

      This message is not for the purpose of judging or condeming but a message of an etrenal Hope and Promise in Christ .. The truth dose cut deep but the great and eternal reward is deeper and far greater than what man can percieve.

      Second 8th week ministries is Here to bring the true gospel of Christ to the world..we are here not to debate but inform and bear forth friut, for the preservation of our souls and most of all, to the glorification of the Father, who was and is and is to come !!

      Apostle Caite

    • profile image

      moniquebabst 5 years ago

      A false reformist will make the claim of following no man, but will show his hypocrisy by thinking himself the voice of the church and expecting believers to follow him and uphold his ideas about church reform and the expression of Christian faith.

      Apostles are the true leaders of the church, because unlike those who claim for themselves the title of "reformist" or "church leader", apostles work with a measure of God's Grace. Because of this measure of grace upon the calling of the apostle, the knowledge and instruction given does not proceed from the vain imaginations of a man, but proceed from the very throne of God.

      False reformist and Christian leaders can claim to come in the name of the Lord, but the lack of fruit and understanding of God's kingdom will prove their hypocrisy.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      We see where Grady, like many others, claim to set the standards for restoring the church without the foundation of truth in the heart there is no anchor for the soul. When the unchanged foundation of truth is laid in the hearts of believers there is no longer the need to follow every wind of change or "new" reform because faith is according to the standard of Christ and we remain anchored in His truth and perspective.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      What an eye opening read! Thank you Apostle Eric

      We see where Grady, like many others, claim to set the standards for restoring the church without the foundation of truth in the heart there is no anchor for the soul. When the unchanged foundation of truth is laid in the hearts of believers there is no longer the need to follow every wind of change or "new" reform because faith is according to the standard of Christ and we remain anchored in His truth and perspective.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Amen Apostle Deidre and Apostle Catie. One can see how people today seek for a "Jesus" that would serve them. A "Jesus" that would confirm their aspirations. We see how the flesh wants to serve self instead of serving God.

      It is edifying to see how God, by His grace are guiding us back to the Apostle's Doctrine, that thereby we may know the Truth that is in Christ. Those in covenant with God lack no good thing, for they are equipped with Truth. They are able to discern between the lie that the world is preaching and the Truth of Christ, given through the Apostles of God.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Amen Apostle Deidre..What i see in that is how the christians draw from the record of their own soul and use passion as their witness to serve God ..but God is not moved by passion or emotion , but He is moved when we conform to the truth of Christ. ( The apostles Doctrine)

    • profile image

      DeidreLinden 5 years ago

      I was thinking yesterday how Cain is a good example of someone who was religious but not that did not have faith in his heart. Just because someone is religious or has a zeal for God doesnât mean that they are functioning according to His righteousness. Even the Apostle Paul wrote of this speaking of those who have zeal but not according to knowledge (Rom 10:2).

      Just because you like to cook doesnât qualify you as a chef, nor does it authorize you to feed people. False reformists are like that. Those who have an appetite or aspiration to do something for God, but that has not been sanctified of God to do so. Throwing in a bit of opinion and a bit of logic and a bit of imagination into one pot and calling it Christ is not what is going to feed the soul. That is why so many believers are professing dead faith, including the likes of Lee Grady else there would not be the need for constant reform. Too many cooks spoil the broth they say. God has given one pattern for faith that is revealed to His elect steward for the functioning of the body. There is no deviation to this way.

    • profile image

      DeidreLinden 5 years ago

      The problem with false reformists is that they preach a gospel that does not confirm the record of Jesus Christ. When truth has been leavened it is no longer truth, is it? So the same for what is being preached from the pulpit today. In order for one to recognize (discern) what is being preached today one needs an anointing or a foundation of truth and this can only be received through true living apostles of the second covenant of Jesus Christ, not through self-appointed leaders setting their own record as a prototype for faith.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Christ is the head of the body..His is the corner stone/strength of our faith..then comes apostles and so on..we cannot serve Him in true righteousness appart from the apostles doctrine, for the mind of Christ is within that holy knowlegde within that doctrine..the church will always be in chaos appart from this truth.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago


    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      no rest for the soul is the conclusion of the matter here,no witness of the spirit of God anyway.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago


    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      jesus and yahweh,comment made,in a email sent by apostle eric,amen to that one,edifying all the way.

      the use of laugage can bring confusion to a persons faith and can also make a person puffed up with pride

      all this done as well without the apostles doctrine,evidence that it is not there.and the debate therefore goes

      on and on and on.and ends up in a genelogy clash.

    • profile image

      DeidreLinden 5 years ago

      Yes, amen Evangelist Monique.

      Without the instruction and oversight provided by the ambassador of Godâs house as chosen and selected according to His wisdom, man continues to labor with the record of his own soul in an attempt to please God.

      This is what false reformists like Lee Grady and the like do: They seek to use the record of their own soul as a prototype for faith for others to follow, setting a standard for faith that is not Jesus Christ nor sanctified by God for faith. What this does is paralyze faith by restricting it to the flesh whereas God has called us to worship Him through the tokens of His holiness in Spirit and in Truth. In order for the believer to be brought to understand this difference one needs to submit to apostolic stewardship through the true reform that comes by the tokens of stewardship and priesthood.

    • profile image

      moniquebabst 5 years ago

      Amen Apostle Deidre

      "...the imagination of manâs heart is evil from his youth." Genesis 8:21 (KJV)

      Without proper instruction for faith from true reformists (covenant apostles), the door of the imagination is opened to interpret faith any way that fits the comfort zones of man.

      Sincerity is not faith and good intentions do not please God. Believers need to be taught to function within he boundaries of God's covenant. When true apostles of God instruct the church in doctrine the imagination is switched off and faith follows the pure knowledge of Christ.

    • profile image

      DeidreLinden 5 years ago

      Earlier in the week I was reading a thread on the page of a very popular self-proclaimed Christian self-help author that has become somewhat of an icon for womenâs struggles. I noticed how strongly the readers related to what she wrote but how lacking in instruction her posts were.

      To write for instance that we are to draw near to God and increase in godliness is true. It is a fact, we are called to do this. However, to write something that is true without providing an instruction on how to do this only opens the door of the imagination of man to imagine ways in which to do this by which extrapolation of scripture is then used to justify such actions.

      Reflecting upon this made me appreciate the value of apostolic stewardship in the true blessing God has granted His Church in receiving the instruction on how to serve Him in perfect faith.

      Where false reformists may write something that is true to the condition of man and true to what we are called to do, their words hold no power for the transformation of the soul through regeneration apart from being tethered to the Godhead through government, truth and spirit.

    • profile image

      DeidreLinden 5 years ago

      Amen Evangelist Monique.

      A submission to apostolic stewardship begets humility of faith by which the Lord bears witness for the empowerment of living faith. Submitting to stewardship is submitting to grace (God) by which one remains tethered to God through the fullness of the Son in His government, truth and spirit.

    • profile image

      moniquebabst 5 years ago

      False reformists, such as lee Grady, challenge believers to change their lifestyle. But a lifestyle change is not a change in nature!

      When true reformists (apostles) instruct the church in the knowledge of Christ, we no longer see the struggle of man with the moral code. What we see is a true change in the nature of the believer as he begins to function in his priesthood and take on the virtue of Christ.

      The church needs to learn the difference between faith that is based on the foundation of the morality and goodness of man, and faith that is built upon the foundation knowledge (12 elements of the gospel) of Jesus Christ.

      A return to apostolic stewardship is a return to the pure knowledge of covenant faith and thus a return to Rigteousness!

    • profile image

      DeidreLinden 5 years ago

      I was thinking how Lee Grady says the call is to repentance and humility and how much this gospel he preaches hits the right notes but how wrong the tune is. You can use words like repentance, you can use words like humility but without a foundation of truth these words remains meaningless and powerless for the regeneration of the soul.

      All things are to be seen within context and that context is given through apostolic stewardship through the record of Jesus Christ. When man receives a framework of truth from apostolic stewardship, words like repentance and humility not only take on signification of meaning and purpose but is given an activity by which faith is exercised according to the righteousness of God. This is the experience of living faith as overseen and instructed by true apostolic stewardship. In this we see love and care for the flock by which the flock is united under the Headship of Christ through government, truth and spirit and not left to wander on oneâs own following after the gospel of false reformists that leaves man isolated from Godâs charity.

    • profile image

      DeidreLinden 5 years ago

      God, in restoring both stewardship and priesthood back to His Church, has removed the leaven from the lump for the purity of Christ to rule in the hearts of those who choose the way of covenant faith. Those who serve God in the house of Baal serve their own aspiration as false reformists preach a gospel void of the power of the Holy Spirit but full of the promise of the vanity of life.

      The true elect steward of the house of God makes known the record of Christ for the denying of the aspiration and the increase in faith for the Lord to be pleased beholding His own image in those who believe on Him through His sanctified ones.

    • profile image

      moniquebabst 5 years ago

      Amen Apostle Eric. You wrote: "My research shows that despite leadership experience with the phenomena of "burnout," they felt obligated to continue to offer an endless array of new programs yearly to try to move forward with their spiritual goals regardless of failure."

      Before coming into covenant with God I have been a victim of these failed faith programs: "how to hear from God", "change your words change your life", "your best life now" "become a better you". These books failed to move me forward in my faith. I was on a spiritual roller coaster going in circles. I felt empty, frustrated, depressed and far removed from God

      This is the experience of many believers today. But there is hope! God has restored His true covenant apostles to lead believers from the roller coaster of Satan's false Jesus to the stability and power of the Covenant of Christ. When apostles lead the church, the knowledge believers work with never fails to work the life of Christ within. Faith build upon the foundation of the apostles is faith that is truly moving forward!

    • profile image

      moniquebabst 5 years ago

      Amen Apostle Eric. You wrote: âGod is transitioning the church from the gift of the signature to the gift of grace,â

      Many believers have been taught that God is pleased if they use their gifts and talents to serve Him. So Christians errantly pursue these things to bring some meaning to their faith and worship. God does not want us to serve Him with our talents, but wants man to serve Him with Jesus Christ. What does this mean?

      Through the return of Godâs Stewardship through living apostles, believers are being taught what it means to serve God in Spirit and in Truth; how to serve God by submitting to the gifts of Grace that He daily give us so that we can use it to build His kingdom. God has set one standard for mans service to Him. This standard revolves around the Grace of God and not the signature (make-up) of man.

      Praise God for this transition of the church from darkness to power!

    • profile image

      moniquebabst 5 years ago

      Quote from Ricciardelli : "I pray that each of us would ask the Father to reveal to us our part in the body and that we would seek Him for guidance for His will to be done through us."

      The will of God is not that Christians serve Him according to thier abilities, talents and good moral choices. And the will of God is not something each believer needs to seek God for individually. Believers are to walk in the will of God, not seek for it their whole lives.

      The will of God is revealed through His living apostles and is the same for each Christian. We are to glorify God through fruit bearing an we are to serve Him in His priesthood.

      The playing field is leveled when we each serve God according to the same standard and the same expression of faith. There is unity and oneness of mind when apostles instruct the church in doctrine, but confusion and strife reigns where each individual believer set forth their own imaginations and traditions as the "word of God" and use their talents and moral principles as standards for righteousness.

    • profile image

      moniquebabst 5 years ago

      Quote from Lee Grady "If God wants to give you more than you are asking, would you rather have what you are asking or what God wants to give?" Andrew Murray understood the same truth. He wrote: "Faith expects from God what is beyond all expectation." " End of Quote

      We see here how Lee Grady is telling the church to trust God to fulfill all the desires of the heart. By doing this, Grady is shifting believers' perspectives from spiritual blessings to carnal or physical blessings. A new house, healthy relationships, better career, more money and the resolving of issues and problems.

      If your expectation is to receive from God the desires of your heart then you have placed your hope in the wrong promise and you should not be surprised if God does not fulfill these expectations of yours. Didn't the apostle Paul say:

      Colossians 3:2 âSet your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.â

      Believing God for physical things will breed a false hope and false trust that will be breached repeatedly. God did not promise the church these things.

      You will never be able to put your trust in God if you have set your expectations in the wrong promises. You have to be taught what the true promises of Christ is before you can with confidence seek God for His spiritual blessings.

      True church reform will come through apostles as they teach Christians exactly what God expects from their faith and what they can expect from God in return.

      Through my experience with the Grace of God I no longer expect physical things but expect the following: That whenever I use the contact points that Jesus has sanctified with His blood I will experience the following:

      - God brings completion to my soul

      - God is faithful to strengthen my will when I choose to seek Him

      - That God will always heal the soul when I use the tokens of His covenant

      - That the fullness of Christ's virtue is daily formed within me and is what is keeping me rooted in Him

      - That I will increase in the wisdom knowledge and understanding concerning the mystery of Jesus Christ

      These are only some of the blessings believers can expect to find within the boundaries of God's covenant.

      What do you desire? Spiritual blessings or carnal blessings? Luke 12:34 âFor where your treasure is, there will your heart be alsoâ

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Amen Apostle Deidre, that is edifying. This also reminds me of the shields of man. God sees right through them. There are so many shields and masks that man hides behind, acting out a faith that is not according to the standard of Christ. What is worse is that people find a security and a confidence in this, but God makes known what He deems fit for faith and no one will be able to say they didn't know.

    • profile image

      DeidreLinden 5 years ago

      Amen Apostle Matthew.

      You can panelbeat a second-hand car all you want, it is still not going to be a new car. It might look like it and might give the appearance of being so, but it will never be new again. You can think of it this way; when the car is being inspected by the untrained eye it may fool some, it may even inspire others to add a few touches to their own cars, but it will not pass the test of being a new car when a trained mechanic inspects the car.

      I am not reducing faith down to the condition of a second-hand car, but it is a good analogy to use concerning the condition of the church. You see this is what false reform has done; it has provided theories to panel-beat the church into something new but there can be no substitute for the work of the spirit. You cannot fix the condition of the church through man; healing and restoration comes by God and the things of His Spirit in His second covenant alone.

      I am reminded of the commandment to be perfect (Matt 5:48). God does not set a commandment and does not make provision for it. He has made provision for us to fulfill this commandment by providing to us the way through Jesus Christ as revealed through sanctified stewardship. Being perfect is being as He is because faith reflects His likeness. This is possible and a great liberty to those who walk in agreement to the knowledge and tools He has sanctified for faith through Jesus Christ. Therefore by submitting to what His sanctified stewardship is now making known to the Church one stands before the Lord without spot or blemish, not bearing the feigned attempt of panel-beating the conscience into something it is not, but rather bearing the craftsmanship of Him who has healed us by His blood and thus justified as by faith, as reflected in the pure conscience.

    • profile image

      ApostleMattB 5 years ago

      Amen. God's call to man in the 21st century is not a call for moral, environmental, social or traditional reform, but God in pouring out His grace upon mankind is calling man to be joined to Him in the covenant of Jesus Christ to work with His stewardship and priesthood for the goal of fruit bearing. Man in vain tries to remedy the issues of life as we can see people are still trying to resolve same issues that people faced decades, centuries and millenniums ago. Jesus Christ came to save the soul of man and established His covenant for this to be effected.

    • profile image

      moniquebabst 5 years ago

      Amen Apostle Deidre.

      A true reformist will not give false remedies that challenges man on the grounds of his behavior, but will give the true remedy that challenges man on the grounds of faith. A return to apostolic governance is a return to faith according to God's standard and not man's. This is true church reform

    • profile image

      DeidreLinden 5 years ago

      Amen Evangelist Monique.

      Reform has been reduced to mere opinions and debating, each proposing a solution based upon the record of their own soul. This is why you see so many ministries preaching so many different doctrines; each man has used the unfolding of his signature as a record for faith and so established a standard for righteousness based on their own moral code.

      All this has done is to catapult the believer with even more feelings of hopelessness and despair as they try and achieve a form of godliness by the works of the flesh as preached by false reformists.

      It is the by the pattern of knowledge that the elect steward of the Lord makes known that all believers are united under His headship, setting faith within the boundaries of the second covenant to increase with the increase of God and so meeting the standard of God faith is living by its spiritual works.

    • profile image

      moniquebabst 5 years ago

      The steps for reform and healing of the church that Lee Grady lists are not new. It is the same cure that faith practitioners has been setting on the table for many years.

      If these reforms are the move of the Spirit, why don't we see a whole body? Why is the body divided in doctrine and traditions? Why does everyone agree to disagree and not stand under the light of one truth?

      The answer is simple: These steps to heal the church was not the move of the Spirit. It was not sanctified by God and therefore it was void of power.

      It is time to listen to the true voice of reform that comes through the lips of the stewards of God's second covenant.

    • profile image

      DeidreLinden 5 years ago

      Amen Bibi.

      You made several good points, mainly describing the current condition of the Church. What stood out to me in your point is that the believer is not experiencing any growth in Christ and then directs this frustration into a spiritual journey to find self.

      Lee Grady is a typical example of this. Lee Grady in pinpointing a self-proclaimed reform for the Church merely voiced his own frustration in not experiencing Christ. Lee Gradyâs reform reflects his own conscience and the lack of the substance of Christ and all those that relate thereto, feel that conviction because they too are experiencing that lack. Identifying with Grady is identifying with the struggle of the conscience, but just because one identifies with it doesnât make it inspired of God and sanctified for faith.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Today, faith practitioners such Lee Grady himself, are offering believers options to satisfy the flesh, rather than to glorify God. When following these options, believers become frustrated and aggrivated because these options the chose did not bring growth in faith and did not bring increase in understanding. These options / programs faith pratitioners offer to the church lack the substance of Christ, it lacks knowledge and experience. The believer now builds his trust on this experience and therefor starts to distrust God. When believers turn back to Christ and not self, submitting under God's true government, faith will be given direction for perfection and the believer can expect to experience the grace of God everyday!

    • profile image

      DeidreLinden 5 years ago

      Amen Evangelist Monique.

      Lee Grady is merely leaning to his own understanding as a compass for righteousness and setting this as a doctrine for faith, preaching a gospel that speaks to the defiled conscience but fails to remove the stain of Adamâs sin.

      Man-made doctrine and man-made reform appeal to the fallen state of man, but cannot produce the righteousness of God. This is why, as you brought out, the Church is in need of sanctified stewardship as the Lord has raised up in this last hour to provide to man a living hope and an altar where true repentance is sealed by the sanctification of the Spirit.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Not only Lee Grady rather a soul that is not build in foundation of truth (12 elements of gospel) will be shaky n collapsed anytime when the waves of grace struck in truth (God challenges to reform).

      Its about time to built in rock (firm foundation)n not in sand coz once the wrath of God come, no man shall stand only those built in right foundation wc God offering today in covenant.

      âBe house of God that stand forever, a refuge n hiding place(Christ) for those who choose life unto life.â

    • profile image

      moniquebabst 5 years ago

      Lee Grady has many opinions and ideas about what the church should change, but it is clear that the power of God is not empowering Grady's philosophies and ideas about this.

      When a person operates apart from the measure of Grace for calling, the words they speak is that of a man. A true steward of Grace speak the words of the Lord and does not stand in his own name. So after hearing what a man says about church reform, we would like to know what the Lord is saying concerning returning the church to Righteousness and holiness. How is reform going to take place?

      God is calling all those who love Him to come under the banner of His true stewardship. God has raised up His apostles to instruct the church in the True knowledge of the covenant. It is this knowledge that God empowers and it is this knowledge that will transform the bride of Christ to purity so that she will be spotless and blameless. A pure faith has to be build on holy knowledge.

    • profile image

      ApostleMattB 5 years ago

      Reading through Lee Grady's 15 steps to reform we can see that the focus is placed upon the issues in the failing church system, but no direction for faith is given. Satan per-occupies man's mind with looking to resolve the faith crisis by the flesh, that came as a result of faith being joined to the flesh in the first place. God has now restored His government, truth and Spirit to believers that by this 3 fold chord we may be joined to Him in covenant and that the focus of believers be centered upon Jesus Christ, that we may serve and know God according to His standard and expectation.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      It is when believers are properly prepared for the battle of faith, that true reform will take place. Today many Christians are struggling under the yoke of false knowledge as they embrace the false reform that many preachers preach. God is bringing reform and rebuilding His house with the holy and ordered knowledge of His covenant called the doctrine of the apostles, this knowledge is what the holy spirit bears witness to and empowers to bring forth true change in the form of growth and overcoming.

    • profile image

      DeidreLinden 5 years ago

      Amen Evangelist Monique.

      This brings to mind the many different ministries people have established to confirm their aspirations. Those who claim their appointment apart from Godâs sanctification establish ministries based upon the record of their own soul with the promises of the Lord apart from His covenant. While these gospels ring true to manâs aspiration, it is not true or consistent to Godâs character, purpose and plan.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      *Those in the world depend on false knowledge fulfilling the lust of the flesh using the tools of the soil to express the Principle but those in covenant depend on the Priesthood Tools, the Twelve elements and Charity to express Christ for faith.

    • profile image

      moniquebabst 5 years ago

      Amen Apostle Deidre.

      A self proclaimed, self called reformer cannot bring the church back to the purity of faith. It is those who are truly called of God in these end times that work with the measure of Grace to instruct and teach and establish the chruch in the foundation knowledge of Jesus Christ. God has raised up His true government and is calling the church to come under apostolic governance and partake of His holy knowledge.

    • profile image

      DeidreLinden 5 years ago

      Lee Grady is guilty of the very reform he promotes! His opinion of reform is nothing more than mere opinion, finger-pointing and blame without providing any direction for function in which to direct the believer. He is accusing the Church of the very thing the Church itself has been confessing for years; that they have failed to bring the truth to people; that they have led people to Christ without telling them how to serve Him to name but a few.

      This is exactly what Grady is doing. Now Grady thinks by taking ownership of scripture he can promote a man-made reform that will resuscitate faith! All false reformists do is state the evident, but it takes a true steward whom the Lord has called to show the way to reform.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      *For those in the 2nd Covenant have both the Father and Son but those outside of covenant are void of the Record and the Witness.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      *The Charity of the FRS carries the stinch of the flesh which pleases man and is abominable to God because their hearts remain in darkness bearing the Fruits of Iniquity but Charity within the restrictions of the Second Covenant carries the sweet smelling savour of Christ which pleases God because their hearts have been enlighted to truth bearing the Fruits of Righteousness.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      *The Charity of the FRS carries the stinch of the flesh which pleases man and is abominable to God because their hearts remain in darkness bearing the Fruits of Iniquity but Charity within the restrictions of the Second Covenant carries the sweet smelling savour of Christ which pleases God because their hearts have been enlighted to truth bearing the Fruits of Righteousness.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Reformation will only ever take place in Christ, therefore those following the truth from the apostles doctrine,will experience true regenaration and renewing if the mind!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      *The Charity of the FRS carries a stinch of the flesh which pleases man and is abominable to God but Charity within the restrictions of the Second Covenant carries the sweet smelling savour of Christ which pleases God.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      *It is the grace of God that convicts the heart of man to come out of darkness into the Covenant of Jesus Christ the true light and plan of God for man.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Those in covenant have left the house of motar and clay to come into the house of living stones which is the true House of God.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Those in covenant have left the house of motar and clay to come into the house of living stones which is the true House of God.

    • profile image

      DeidreLinden 5 years ago

      The Bible gives many accounts of what man does absence of the direction that stewardship gives. The scripture that always comes to mind when I think of this is from Judges.

      Jdg_17:6 In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes.

      You can see the evidence of this today in how every man has an opinion on reform and every man seeks to bring change thereby just as Lee Grady. The problem with this, as is highlighted in the scripture, is that right is not necessarily righteousness and that which the Lord has sanctified for faith. To follow what is right speaks of drawing uponâs own moral centre as a compass to navigate faith by precept and line rather than the spirit of His grace.

      Lee Grady and the rest of his kin on the reform bandwagon are preaching a message of false reform based upon the conviction of their own conscience. Though it may appear right in their own eyes, it is not the righteousness of God.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      *The shield that man creates represents the deception of false peace through false knowledge confirming themselves, the world and Satan for faith but those in covenant shield and buckler is Christ the Prince of Peace and being our faith we confirm Him not ourselves, the world and Satan.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      *Just as the sperm and egg in the womb are perfect for producing offsprings in nature, so is the Record & Witness perfect for producing Christ within the believer who are the offsprings of God.

    • profile image

      DeidreLinden 5 years ago

      Amen Apostle Matthew.

      What you are saying here speaks to me about true repentance. As the Lord calls to His people to come out from the House of Baal and into His second covenant, repentance is sealed by this act of obedience through faith. What Lee Grady and the likes are doing is calling the Church to repent without setting a direction for them to turn to. The power of repentance is in the turning away from one thing to be joined to another, not in the staying in the same system whilst trying to address the state of the conscience. Repentance apart from sanctification holds no power.

      Without the direction that comes from stewardship the believer remains wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked. God has not left man without hope, nor left him without direction as if to discover for himself where to find God. God has raised up His elect steward to provide to the Church the pattern for faith for the priesthood by which faith functions according to this design and the believer thus obeys the call to glory and virtue.

    • profile image

      ApostleMattB 5 years ago

      God is not calling Christians to volunteer themselves to rehash failed church reforms, but to come out from the house of Baal and serve in the house of Jesus Christ, to be joined to God in covenant through His government, truth and Spirit. As each believer walks in covenant with God they will begin to experience God bringing healing to their soul and changing their old thinking patterns that they may gain the mind of Christ.

      Hos. 6:1, "Come, and let us return unto the LORD: for he hath torn, and he will heal us; he hath smitten, and he will bind us up."

      2Cor. 6:17, "Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you,"

      Rev. 18:4, "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues."

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      @anonymous: Amen Bibi

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      *We live by faith through the Covenant of Christ through our Priesthood Tools daily staying within the restrictions and boundaries of the Covenant growing from grace to grace coming to fruitrition which carries the likesness and image of Christ.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Amen Apostle Theodore, we can testify that we no longer wander, for the Truth that we work with carries the substance of Christ, and herewith the soul experiences completion.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      We no longer wander from doctrine to doctrine but from grace to grace seeking to please God by staying within the boundaries and restrictions of the Second Covenant we are called the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Many try to ressurect life in things that are dead for faith but life is only in Christ who is the standard of our faith.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Praise God for His Truth being restored to the church today! Because we have Truth now we are able to discern between the lie of the world and the Truth of God. False knowledge will always be in opposition to the plan of God. God's planis centred on Christ, not on man. Therefore God will not teach us how we can prosper in the flesh but He will give direction for our faith to be perfect in Christ. Amen

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      The steward teaches the knowledge to those who walk by faith, keeping the knowledge of Christ pure which profits the soul being transformed into the image and likeness of Christ

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      The knowledge of Christ illuminates the believer thoughts to reflect the pure language of God which is engrafted in the heart by the Spirit given through living apostles.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      *Our faith is sanctified when it is joined to Christ through Government, Truth & Spirit.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      If there was any power in what Mr Lee Grady was feeding the people then the people would not be still searching for God. They would not feel empty and lost. They would experience Christ Centred Spiritual Transformation. They would walk in harmony with God. But these things aren't happening. People place their hope and confidence in people such as Lee Grady in expectation to meet God through their words and 'programs'. If you hope and expectation is not in God Himself then you can not and will not experience the power of His grace or the power for overcoming self, satan and the world.

    • profile image

      CobusWolmarans 5 years ago

      "God restored apostolic authority at this time to renew true stewardship to the church to cleanse and prepare believers for the coming of the Lord and to renew them to the altar of Christ. It is the will of God that each believer would again partake of the fulness of Christ and understand how to function in their priesthood. This is the true church." Amen Apostle Eric through the foundation knowledge of Christ revealed to us through the knowledge steward of the second covenant we are now able and equipped to serve God through the priesthood of Christ. We know how to function as royal priests at the altar of Christ and how to touch God with the tokens of faith that He sanctified for our contact. It is through our labor with the tools of the altar of Christ that we walk in rhythm with the Spirit and are building a spiritual house unto the Lord. Through our contact with Government, Truth, Spirit, the gifts, callings and graces of God, prayer(in Tongues) preaching the truth and the offering of spiritual sacrifices we stand perfect in faith before the Lord and are daily cleansed from the fruits of iniquity. Through our obedience to labor with the sanctified tokens of faith, revealed to us through living apostles, we bring praise and glory to the Father.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      â*Those who still operate under the covenant of Moses remain in darkness but those who come into the Covenant of Christ have been enlightened to the Character, Purpose and Plan of God.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      False Knowledge leaves the soul in a state of derision but the doctrine of Christ enlightens the soul in the direction of life which is in the Covenant of Jesus Christ where the soul is being healed by putting it in the care of the Father who nurtures it so it can bear fruit which carry the substance and virtue of Christ.


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