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Updated on July 30, 2015

Nature- A look at the facts.

Balance: a rule of the universe. Everything we observe shows us that nature prefers balance. It was a few months ago when these thoughts struck my head. And now, as I'm getting bored of studying, I decided to pen down these thoughts on paper.

When I was in the eighth grade, I was taught how to balance chemical equations in chemistry. Why? Because there happens to be a law of conservation of mass and energy. It says you cannot destroy matter (though now I know it's not entirely true. Matter and energy as a whole are conserved. Still, there is a balance in it).


Thermodynamics tells us that the energy of the universe is a constant, that two bodies of different temperatures when kept together would come to the same temperature. There is the law of conservation of linear momentum, the newton's third law of motion (every action has an equal and opposite reaction) and many others. Not enough? Lets take a look at biology.

All cells maintain the ratio of molecules entering and exiting their membrane. We call this consistency. Even in our bodies, certain conditions are to be maintained in order for the metabolic processes to occur smoothly. Another example is the lichen. The symbiotic relationship between algae and fungi depicts the very obvious methodology of give and take.

The point..

With so many examples around us, why are our eyes closed? Why is it that the balance of population is not maintained? Why do we not give our Earth the love and respect she so deserves? Why is there no balance in the society where there are rich and poor, weak and powerful, Men and Women?

I could pull up some stats from the web but I don't need to. It is clear that the human population is way too large in some places and too less in others, trees are reducing, the poor are weak and the weak get poor, women are still in disadvantage or are taken advantage of. We try to run too fast and we fall but instead of slowing down we go faster still. If we could change the laws of physics we would have done so, and the result would have been catastrophic.

All living things, apart from us, cannot change their lives and habits with their free will. They are unaware of their existence and simply follow their natural instincts. Humans, on the other hand are self conscious beings, which is the greatest gift they have. But, what has been a boon, is also a curse. I guess there is some sort of a balance there too. I wonder if it would have been better that the evolution stopped at apes.


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