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8 #BusinessMajorProbs We Can All Relate To

Updated on July 12, 2016

1. Having To Dress Professionally To Class

I don't know about you, but by the time my senior year came around I had the business casual look down because I was having to dress up for class at least three times a week. I understand presentations should be professional, but really, for class? Why did our professors subject us to this so soon when they know we will more than likely have to wear dress pants and button-ups for the rest of our careers. Just give us a break for four years, PLEASE. Yes, all other majors, we are more than envious of your rolled out of bed attire.

2. Group Work

Yes, I understand that we may have to work in groups once we get a job. That is why I can tolerate the occasional group project. But, having a group project in every class, especially in the same time frame, is not easy. Making plans to meet up with that many people is nearly impossible. Someone is always missing which means nothing gets done, and it takes twice as long for four people to get a project done that I could have finished alone in a night. Also, please no more group projects as our final. We can barely handle studying on our own during that week, let alone having others relying on us to do quality work for them, or vice versa. Are you trying to give us a nervous breakdown?

3. Hearing "Oh so you're going into sales?"

Now, this one will probably really hit home with marketing majors, but I am sure all of us business majors have gotten it at some point. Does no one realize there is a lot more to business than sales? I realize this is a popular career but what about advertising, social media, recruiting, accounting, finance, real estate? I would say all of these also fall into the category of business, and out of all of them, sales is most definitely not my first choice. It was a good thought, but, NO, I AM NOT GOING INTO SALES.

4. Math. Math. And More Math.

Wow, we have to take a lot of math classes. I get it math is important, but they did make calculators, computers, and excel for a reason. The day I can do math better than any of those things, even after the abundance of math knowledge that was thrown at me the past four years, is the day I quit working because I am probably a famous prodigy. Even us marketing majors who have the least math related emphasis of them all are required to take: Algebra, Calculus, Finite, Stats, Stats 2, Accounting 1, Accounting 2, Micro-Econ, Macro-Econ, Econ 3, Finance 1.... See what I mean now? SO. MUCH. MATH.

5. Networking

Why at a mere 18 years old am I required to network with so many people. Even 4 years later, at 22, I am still too socially awkward to successfully network with a group of men three times my age with more business experience and knowledge than I could even comprehend. I understand that it's beneficial to throw yourself into things you fear in order to overcome them, but I don't think I will ever overcome the awkwardness of networking. No matter how many appetizer socials I am required to attend.

6. Finding A Job When You Have No Experience

Finding a job right out of college is intimidating enough as it is. Most of the time we still don't know what we want to do. Is it too much to ask that we find a position, in our desired work field, that pays enough to live off of? But wait, once all those fields are checked and the list is narrowed down, options become extremely limited. And then guess what? You have to have 5 years of experience to apply. I give up.

7. Having Someone Ask For Your LinkedIn Before Anything Else

Business professionals live for LinkedIn and that coveted 500+ connections recognition. It's like Facebook for the business world, and as a business major if you don't have it you are doing something wrong. It is a great resource for finding jobs and connecting with like-minded people, yes. But it is just another added stress us business majors have to worry about. Is my LinkedIn picture professional enough? Does my intro sound smart, but personable? Will my high-school job at the yogurt shop be enough to impress anyone? Just please, all we ask is that you get to know us a little before you judge us solely on our still-unseasoned LinkedIn profile.

8. Presentations

Last but not least, the oh so dreaded class presentations. First of all, almost every college-aged student is terrified of getting up and talking in front of the class, so at least we're not alone. But the fact that we have to do SO MANY more presentations than our nonbusiness-major friends is just harsh. I pray that for some of you presenting gets easier with time, because for me, all four years I debated dropping the class as soon as I read "presentations" on the syllabus.

Plus, these presentations almost always involved professional attire and group work. So it was a triple whammy.

But hey, maybe one day we will look back and appreciate the successful business professionals all of these #businessmajorprobs turned us into.

Have any #businessmajorprobs to add to the list? Comment below.

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