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Eight Important Steps a Dental Student Should Know About Dental School Application Process After College Education

Updated on February 9, 2016

If you are a student who is looking to get admission into dental school after completing college education, then you must know about the application process from top to bottom. Many wannabe dental students do not know the application process properly. As a result they fail the very initial step- they fail to fill the application form properly and thus their application gets rejected! They cannot even appear in the dental admission test! So it is very important that you should know the application process completely. After completing all the years’ education you must no want to spoil your chances just by not knowing the different steps of the application process! Here we go with 8 different steps that will help you to apply successfully.

To Become A Successful Dentist You Must Need Best Preparation

1. Arrange all the necessary papers and apply at the very first day

As you have completed your school and college education, you will need to apply to the dental school as early as possible. If possible, apply at the very first day! Whenever the application cycle opens, your primary aim will be to submit the application on that first day. This will increase your admission possibilities. But for that you will need to complete the other formalities before. You must arrange all the necessary papers beforehand so that you can submit the application before than anyone else. As the dental school goes with a rolling admission approach, it will be better for you to submit the application as early as possible. Because in the rolling admission approach, the institute will offer the interested applicants with admission and fill the seats on first come first serve basis. The more lately you do in application, the rare the chances of admission will be.

2. Apply more number of schools

Getting chances into any dental school is not an easy task. So you must apply to 5 to 10 schools. Yeah we acknowledge that you are a bright student. But that’s not all it takes getting admission into a good dental school. There are many other factors apart from institutional education. The more number of schools you apply, the more the chances of getting admission exists.

World’s Top Universities For Dentistry

Karolinska Institutet (
Stockholm, Sweden
The University of Hong Kong (
Pokfulam, Hong Kong
University of Gothenburg (
Gothenburg, Sweden
University of Michigan(
Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (
Leuven, Belgium
Tokyo Medical and Dental University (
Bunkyō, Tokyo, Japan
King's College London (
London, United Kingdom
University of Otago (
Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand
Harvard University (
Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, U.S.

3. Avoid silliness and polite as possible with the staff

It is very natural that you will be tensed about dropping the application and whether it is properly submitted or not. Many students, from tension, do some silly occurrences at this point. You must avoid this silliness. Don’t make so many calls to any dental school so that they get harassed. If you are anxious about whether the application has been looked over by the, just make one or maximum two calls. This will be enough to ensure that all things are in proper order. Try to be as much polite as possible with the staff.

4. Effective personal statement

As you have completed the school and college education you must have a sound knowledge about how to process a brand new thing if you are shown. Same is the case with an effective personal statement. Yeah, writing a personal statement is something new to you as you have not done this in your school or college. But with all your education as a good student, you must find a way to write an effective personal statement. You will find many samples by googling. Just find the one appropriate for you, follow the format and submit it. Usually the dental schools like statements that talk straight about you rather than being lengthy.

5. Prepare for the interview

You should have a solid preparation for the interview. Just know about the common and frequently asked questions from the students of different dental schools. You must know the exact and concise answers of these questions! Also don’t hesitate in the interview board. If you are not sure about the answer of a question, just say it frankly. Speaking frankly is a quality most of the interviewers like.

Get Prepare For Your Dental School Interview

6. Do not miss a single transcript

You must not miss a single transcript that you have earned in your education life till now! Many students forget to do so! Don’t be mistaken that as one colleges’ coursework appears in another colleges’ transcript, submitting only one transcript will be enough! Ensure that you have transcripts of all the schools and colleges where you have taken education.

Keep Yourself Stress Free

7. Relaxed, focused and refreshed

Anything is hurry is not good. Same in the case of going for the interviews. Try to be relaxed, focused and refreshed ahead of the interview. It will be best if you reach the day before the interview and stay in a hotel near to the dental school.

8. Ensure all the courses you have passed

Before submitting any kind of application, ensure that you have all the courses you have passed in your education life till now. Normally dental schools look over all the things you submit with regards to coursework. They do this for calculating your CGPAs. If they find out any kind of inconsistencies, the application will be delayed which can hamper your chances!

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If you follow all these steps properly, you can hope to submit a good and sound application to the desired dental schools. This will enlighten your graduation education as a dental school student and you will be pumped up for the upcoming future.


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Great tips for navigating the land mines of this process.