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Eight Effective Ways Students Becoming Dentists Can Get More Patients

Updated on February 9, 2016

The success of any business/profession depends on fruitful dealings with the clients. If the clients are satisfied with your services, then you will make a lucrative position in your field. Though not like a business, the dentistry profession success is related to clients’ satisfaction. But here the clients are your patients. If you want to build a successful dental career, you are bound to satisfy the patients with your services. After passing the dental school education as a good student, you must not want to be a failure. Most dentists who are not successful lack in this regard. But why the failure is taking place? Aren’t they serous about their career? One of the main reasons is lack of proper knowledge. There are many different ways to improve your experience with the patients. They will come to you increased number. Here we will discuss 8 of them.

1. Practice Unique

Try to identify the things that make your practice unique. Yeah there are some common components that you will possess like other dentists. But to make a distinctive position, you must have some competitive edges. These can include different oral services, any kind of particular specialty etc. These distinctive features will be the key points for drawing the attention of your patients. You can start to identify these key points right from your dental school education time.

In order to utilize these features fruitfully, you must promote them on a consistent basis. You can use different kinds of advertising campaigns. Also you can take the patient interactions into account. You must use proven methods for highlighting your competitive edge. These methods include brochures, newsletters, postcards, social media contents etc. This will help you to get associated with good quality patients and advertise your offers and practices. Eventually you will be able to promote your services at a large scale.

2. Focus On Your Office Environment

After discovering your distinctive points, it’s now time to focus on your office environment. Yeah, there is already an existing environment in your office. You just need to fine tune it. You will need to develop your personality, office systems, attitude with colleagues and overall attitude with patients. Also you must take extensive care of the physical surrounding and office decoration. If you manage all this systematically, patients will come back to you for more.

3. Expanding Your Services

As you are thinking to increase the number of patients, you must sort out ways for expanding your services. You can do this different ways. You can move to a bigger office compared to the current one. Also you can improve the accessibility of your clinic.

No matter whatever step you take, you must ensure that you must not exaggerate the extension! Just make a balanced combination of high quality service and technology usage. You will improve your dental services a lot and get more patients as a reward.

4. Provide Flexibility With Regards To The Payment Range

You must provide flexibility with regards to the payment range like all other successful dentists. This will attract patients of different walks of life. Eventually your patient number will increase. Also you can offer different payment methods including credit card, direct cash, debit card, check etc. This will make the payment easy for the patients and they will feel flexible coming to you for these problems.

5. Make Some Potential And Loyal Patients

You must make some potential and loyal patients. These are patients who will regularly visit you. For that you will need to engage with them on a constant basis. Holding the existing patients need less effort compared to acquiring new ones. But for holding these patients you will have to engage yourself with them, create an emotional relationship with them and most importantly earn their trust. These patients will recommend you to their kith and keen. Thus your number of patients will increase.

6. An Acknowledgement From A Known Person

If you want to increase your patient number, referrals by mouth words stand no competition. An acknowledgement from a known person can be the primary reason why an unknown patient will choose you. People these days are very busy and don’t have time for anyone. So it is natural that your existing patients will not tell others about your services. So you can try out a bit differently. You can provide office referral cards, fold office mailing cards, provide bonus programs for referral etc. you must follow up these referral methods.

7. Good Scheduling System

You must have a good scheduling system at your dental office. This will ease your work load and you will book appointments, have a good patient flow, increased efficiency and reduced stress for both your colleagues and most importantly an improved customer service.

8. Should Have A Well Trained Staff

Patients normally start with the receptionist or any other desk member for contacting the dentist. So you should have a well trained staff who can communicate effectively with the patients. They must be professional and expert in their attitude and work. They must create such an impression that will draw the clients to your dental office.


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Great ideas for drumming up business.


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