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8 (Un) Helpful Tips for Mooting

Updated on July 18, 2019
Priya Barua profile image

Priya is pursuing an undergrad in Law. She loves her books, post-its and laptop more than living things.

Like blooming flowers signal the incoming of spring, mooting season signals the incoming of a new semester. We are once again at a new semester and how else would a law school semester start without bringing in the high hopes of snagging an international moot. While such high hopes are commendable, these also lead to situations of fierce competition, intense pressure and self-esteem issues. To tackle all of that, I have brought out a small list of 8 (UN) Helpful Tips for Mooting to keep you going.

P.S: This article is trying to be humorous and is not meant to provoke anyone. If you’re sensitive and particularly attached to mooting, please refrain from reading it and instead go and read Margret Atwood’s Blind Assassin.

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1. Pray. A. Lot

Things can look bleak at some time in your life when you undertake the exercise of mooting. It can lead to short-term depression, sleeplessness and sheer and utter exhaustion. In such a scenario, either you work yourself to death trying to locate that little article, that little case which will seal your argument, or you just give up and start praying. You could pray that you would magically find what you’re looking for or you could pray that your teammates won’t kill you when you announce that you’re withdrawing.

2. Beg People

Go up to a student who is an expert in the law, get down on your knees and just beg. Beg that they’d take time out to read your problem, frame your arguments and proof-check your memo because you’re nothing but an incapable mess of a puddle. Or, you can ask someone to ask someone for introductions, sit down pleasantly with your target and once the conversation starts warming up, just announce that you need help because you’re an incapable mess of a puddle. Either way, it’s recommended to seek help because you will need it.

3. Drink Coffee

You might become an insomniac but you’ll still be tired even if all you did was to sit in one corner of the library with your laptop. It’s that kind of tiredness that requires exercise and fresh juice for a refreshed brain. But you’re doing a moot, and exercise and fresh juice is like a distant dream you promise yourself once it gets over. So, instead, you drink all the coffee that you can, the brown sugary liquid out from the Styrofoam cup and into your stomach to stay awake and continue researching. I think soft drinks work the same way. So you have your pick!

4. Take Stress

You have to take stress, copious amounts of it, tear your bloody hair out, scream, shout at your parents for sending you to a law school, snap at your friends when they’re trying to help you (after all, what do these people know about PIL?) and curse that bloody system that insidiously pressurizes you into doing something you might not necessarily want to do. Curse you, all of you.


5. Hate Your Teammates

Half of the time you sit wondering how you ended up with a pair of idiots who care about the moot as much you care about the dirt under your fingernails. And the other half you spent desperately trying not to hate them. Spending so much of time with the same people, continuously arguing with them on every little fact or case can get the better out of you. It’s almost perfectly alright to have some drama storm through your team during the process. But remember, if you hate them, so do they. All the way back.

6. Cheat

There are a lot of moot court competitions. Try to find other competitions which have the same subject matter. Try comparing their fact sheet to yours. And if it’s similar, then try to find for their memo online. You never know how lucky you might get.

7. Watch Motivational Videos

You know, at some point, the morale of the team goes down - you start hating each other (see point 5), dream about stabbing each other and bitch about each other. It’s like an all-time low that hit in the middle of the journey. At such a point, you could entertain yourself and watch a motivational video of Antony Robbins telling you, you can do anything. Or, you could look up motivational quotes on Pinterest just to keep your sanity.

8. Cry. A. Lot

You can’t be successful at mooting if you don’t cry yourself to sleep at least once. Complaining, whining, bitching is all fine but crying is the ultimate kick-starter package to mooting. Make sure you spent your non-working hours crying to yourself, to your friends and to your family. Let me assure you, you’ll end up with a Best Memo Citation in no time.

Bonus Point: Research

I’d feel like a loser if I didn’t give one tip that you would be able to use. There, go research.

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© 2019 Priya Barua


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