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From IMF to WTF: (DSK) Up In Age, Up In Libido!

Updated on December 28, 2011

They say age is relative—namely, if you have a guy that’s pushing three life-locks (25yrs for each lock), Mother Nature tacitly could be telling him to “slow his oaths” down a bit…so much for obeying his mother’s orders, Dominique Strauss Khan (DSK) might be aging from the waist up, but from the waist down, the former head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), is very much a young man. And we all know what goes along with being young—aka, “the arrogance of youth,” is a prelude to being both childish and immoral—but a bona fide rapist? Conventional wisdom says no! To be a “bona fide rapist” one needs a track record—to be exact, ultra male sexual deviant behavior is a bad seed that’s planted well before a withering dandelion decides to disperse its seeds. Thus far the only track record (DSK) has been able to amass for himself—other than being one of the world’s most prominent economic figures—is one of being overtly lecherous towards women. So much so that on May 14, 2011, a 32 year old chambermaid, Nafissatou Diallo, at the Sofitel New York Hotel alleged that (DSK), French economist and then Managing Director of the (IMF), had sexually assaulted her after she entered his suite. Was this the same 62-year-old distinguish gentleman (DSK) I was just reading about in The Economist about a year ago; the same (DSK) being the front-runner to President Nicolas Sarkozy in 2012; the same (DSK) most opinion polls showed would, indeed, defeat President Nicolas Sarkozy in 2012; and the same multilingual, charming, chess playing, French Aristocrat (DSK) many within the esoteric world of international economics hailed as borderline genius? Put simply, in the world of global finance, (DSK) was analogous to an economic rock star.

But as high as this man’s political and social accolades were being stacked up, on the day of May 19, 2011—the day of his actual indictment on charges stemming from seven counts of sexual assault of Ms. Diallo—those accomplishments all came tumbling down at the speed of light, thus thwarting any aspirations he may have had of becoming the next President of the French Republic. Fact is, if you’re caught on the side of a mountain when an avalanche occurs, what are your options? You can’t out run it; avalanches can reach speeds of up to 200 miles per hour. Again, what options do you have—other than being buried? When (DSK), so frivolously, decided to play on one of his high sexual impulses, it can be left with very little doubt that he may have buried himself under an avalanche of global political/economic obscurity. Just what lies in the skeletal closet past of this formidable figure isn’t socio-economic conjecture—fact is, (DSK) is being charged with a very serious crime. A crime that many within the conspiracy theorists communities now feel could have been apart of some kind of a sexual plot to adulterate the economist’s benevolent image—thereby killing any chances he had of being elected in 2012.

To all the natural born cynics of the world, it might be difficult to put much credence into most theorists these days, but after reading an interesting piece in the New York Review of Books by Edward Jay Epstein (see link below), a veteran American journalist with a fascination for conspiracy stories, its slowly becoming hard not to at least buy the notion of some kind of international machination to defame this man. Conspiracy theories aside, whether he attempted to rape Ms. Diallo isn’t the prevailing issue, fact is he attempted to have sex with her. And to a potential “head of state with so much at stake” at this particular juncture in his career, that’s a socio-political peccadillo within itself.

This said, my initial astute take on the matter wasn’t any different from most Americans who seem baffled as to why a man with such international clout and stature would exercise such poor judgment? If history serves correctly we’ve seen this kind of poor judgment before from the very rich and powerful social elites: about three years prior to Khan’s alleged attack on Ms. Diallo, Elliot Spitzer—aka, Governor Elliot Spitzer was forced to resign as governor of the state of New York, after The New York Times reported that Mr. Spitzer had patronized a prostitute. This could be the very same reason why most New Yorkers have thrown “foul play” at Ms. Diallo—whose credibility, up to this point, hasn’t been quite so stellar. Was the West African native moonlighting as a prostitute? Was she used as sex bait by some European Aristocratic Bilderberg cabal—looking to lure in the high sex charged Khan? Who knows—but what isn’t predispose to speculation in this very bizarre international version of Bonfire of the Vanities is the fact that both Khan and Spitzer should have known better. Two grown men, high sex charged or not don’t need Mother Nature to hold their hands: whenever you “take an oath of office” of any kind for that matter, what you, then, represent to most people suddenly become much bigger than “sowing your own oaths.”


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