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9 Free Master’s in Management in Germany

Updated on April 26, 2017

The demand for qualified and trained candidates with higher education credentials in management has remained strong, despite an erratic global economy that quakes from continent to continent. This is because, to date, a company’s bottom line output in terms of productivity and profits still rests heavily upon the strength and skill of its workforce.

Currently, almost all the states in Germany do not charge tuition fees even to non-EU students. International students can therefore take advantage of this opportunity to earn a free master's degree in Management, in English, from one of its tuition-free universities. International students get to study for free and also have the opportunity to travel around Europe during the semester breaks.

9) Goethe University Frankfurt---Master of Science in International Management

Goethe University's new Master of Science in International Management caters to ambitious Bachelor's graduates with international career aspirations. We have crafted a programme with many special features that will ensure a unique learning experience and ideal job market opportunities for graduates. Our school is committed to establish the Master in International Management as a premier management programme in Europe that strives to attain top positions in international rankings.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

8) Berlin School of Economics and Law---Master of Arts in International Marketing Management

The Master's programme "International Marketing Management" imparts a broad academic education in business administration and offers an international and applied approach to the subject. In-depth specialisation studies are offered in the programme (e.g. strategic marketing, consumer and corporate buying behaviour, service marketing and CRM). The course prepares graduates to take up executive functions and adequate positions in internationally operating corporations.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

7) University of Magdeburg---Master of Science in International Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship

The four-semester curriculum of the Master of Science (MSc) degree programme International Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship (IMME) provides a deep understanding of concepts and analytical methods in the three areas. The programme seamlessly combines mathematical management tools, strategic planning, and psychological insights. It prepares students for knowledge-based management positions in the upper and top-level management of multinational operating corporations and organisations.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

6) Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences---International Management and Psychology, MSc

Managers are well aware of the fact that in times of global networking and dynamically changing working environments, success increasingly depends on human factors. For global companies, efficient cooperation and multinational team leadership are key to achieving a competitive advantage. The development, production, and marketing of innovative products require a corporate culture that is as highly attuned to a person's unique skills and needs for creativity as it is to their professional growth and development.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

5) Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences---International Management and Finance - Master of Arts

The combination of theory, practice, and the international orientation characterize this course of studies and provide a unique chance to work successfully in the financial services sector all over the world or with a focus on the increasing Latin American market. Nowadays globalization is an important topic and how can you be better prepared for your future than by studying an internationally oriented course of studies with a variety of job opportunities? So leap at the chance to choose your career in an international financial services context and benefit from the advantages of the double degree from the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern and the Universidad Nacional del Litoral in Santa Fe.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

4) University of Applied Sciences for Technology and Business Saarland--Master of Arts in International Management

The Master in International Management (MAIM) is a two-year postgraduate programme that is accredited by FIBBA and internationally recognised. The programme is taught entirely in English and is designed for talented and ambitious students with a first degree in business studies who are seeking managerial positions for their future professional career.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

3) Technische Universität München---Master in Management (MSc)

Management and engineering are increasingly interwoven. Companies no longer think in terms of traditional divisions. Instead, they are looking for individuals with a passion for management combined with outstanding technical skills. Our Master's programme in Management positions you at precisely this interface. We designed the programme in Management for people with a first degree in engineering or natural sciences who have a strong interest in management.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

2) University of Cologne---MSc in International Management (CEMS MIM)

The University of Cologne's MSc International Management and CEMS Master's programme is designed to provide you with excellent academic and practical training in international management with an international focus for your future career in an international business environment. The CEMS network is a global alliance of 30 leading business schools across five continents, more than 65 multinational corporations, and five social partners offering the CEMS Master in International Management (MIM).

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

1) Hof University of Applied Sciences---Master of Arts in Global Management

The newly designed Global Management programme will thoroughly prepare you for demanding managerial tasks in international companies. With practice-oriented training, you will become knowledgeable in all internationally relevant management areas on an advanced level.
Internationally experienced professors with many years of managerial experience will share their knowledge with you.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.


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