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9 Free Master’s in Software Engineering and Embedded Systems in Europe

Updated on June 8, 2017

Software is used to control many aspects of the modern world, ranging from medical devices, nuclear power plants and airlines to Google and Amazon. It is valuable in developing software for prosthetic limbs to improve mobility or write the code for the next breakthrough in mobile communications. Software engineering makes the complex systems possible, safe and reliable.

Embedded systems are combinations of hardware and software. The purpose of embedded systems is to control a device, a process, or a larger system. Specific examples of embedded systems include those controlling the structural units of a car, the automatic pilot and avionics of aircrafts, telematics systems for traffic control, the chip set and software within a set-top box for digital TV, a pacemaker, chips within telecom switching equipment; ambient devices, and control systems embedded in nuclear reactors.

Tuition-free European countries like Germany and Norway offer international students the opportunity to earn a master's degree in Software Engineering and Embedded Systems, in English, irrespective of their country of origin, for free. International students can study for free and also get the opportunity to travel around Europe, learn a new language, and make some lifelong friends. It's amazing that this free education is extended even to non-EU students.

9) TU Darmstadt---Master in Distributed Software Systems

The Master in Distributed Software Systems will in particular help you to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to develop highest-quality business applications. That is, you will learn how to develop business applications that are scalable, flexible, secure and reliable. These applications will enable the secure and reliable exchange of data between widely distributed locations while satisfying requirements imposed by (foreign) laws. You will also learn how to develop the applications such that they can be adapted to changing external conditions – in a controlled way – to meet the demand of the future.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

8) Technische Universität Chemnitz---Master of Science in Automotive Software Engineering

The master programme Automotive Software Engineering is related to the faculties research field ESS: Embedded Selforganizing Systems. Important subjects are Autosar: Automotive Software Architecture, Car-to-Car communication and driver assistance algorithms. In this master programme, three technical directions are possible: Autocar: Automotive Software, Architecture Microcontroller Programming, FPGA-based embedded Systems.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

7) RWTH Aachen University---MSc in Software Systems Engineering

This programme focuses on the design and implementation of complex software systems, including their embedding in technical and socio-technical systems. The programme is designed to take full advantage of the scope and environment offered at RWTH Aachen University as one of the leading universities of technology in Europe.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

6) University of Augsburg---Master of Science in Software Engineering

Basic and advanced lectures in the five central fields of the programme: Software Engineering (Software Processes, Requirements Engineering, Project Management, Testing, Model-Based Development), Formal Methods (Formal Specification and Verification Techniques, Programme Correctness), Databases (Relational and OO-Databases, Data Mining and Data Warehousing), Distributed Systems (Software Engineering for Distributed Systems, Semantic Web, Service-Oriented Architecture), Human-Computer Interaction (User Interface Design, Usability Engineering, Context-Aware Systems).

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

5) University of Bamberg---Master of Science in International Software Systems Science

This graduate level programme (Bologna 2nd cycle education) is designed to build on from a three-year bachelor's degree in Software Systems Science or an undergraduate degree (180 ECTS) in a closely related area such as, but not limited to, Informatics, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Software Engineering.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

4) Fulda University of Applied Sciences---Global Software Development (MSc)

M.Sc. in Global Software Development is a modern software development programme with strong relevance to industry. The programme lasts 1.5 years. It is completely taught in English and places special emphasis on project work and intercultural teams.

The programme seeks to prepare graduates for careers as developers, who are able to participate in conception and realization of complex, distributed software systems in a global team. Successful applicants hold a first or undergraduate degree in computer science or a closely related discipline.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

3) Norwegian University of Science and Technology---MSc in Embedded Computing Systems

The Erasmus Mundus master programme in Embedded Computing Systems is an opportunity for Bachelors wanting to enhance their professional background in order to be employable in a broad range of ICT companies. You may specialize in topics like Advanced topics in Embedded Systems, Communication and Signal Processing, Automation & Control, or Microsystems.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

2) University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven---MSc in Embedded Systems Design

Embedded systems are regarded as a key technology for new industrial, scientific, and medical devices. From domestic devices like washing machines to complex space technology such as satellites, most products require integrated digital control and software. These components have a great impact on functionality and performance.

The University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven recognizes these demands and hence started it’s master study program “Embedded Systems Design” (ESD). The graduate students will meet the challenge to design modern, safe and reliable embedded products.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.

1) University of Applied Sciences and Arts Dortmund---Master Embedded Systems for Mechatronics

The master study course Embedded Systems for Mechatronics leads to a degree which qualifies individuals both in the field of scientific research as well as in areas of professional practice. They are being prepared for technical careers but also for senior management assignments in technical projects. Furthermore, a subsequent career in academic research is also an option.

You can find all the details about applying to the programme here.


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