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A Brief Period That The Earth Accommodated Man. The anthropocene.

Updated on November 8, 2014

We came here recently.

For as much as the recent 200,000 years that our direct ancestors, Homo Sapiens have been part of earth biosphere. If u compare this to the 6 to 7 million years that the other hominid species have roam the earth or the 4.6 billion years history of the earth, one could say that we have occupied the planet for only a relatively peroid of geological time. Within this short relative time, man has really dominated the earth, rulling where he roams with his reins and ruins.


The earth has undergone so many geological changes and transformations since its formation and the evidences of these transformations and the lives they accomodated are all written or preserved in rock formations across the globe. The records have enable geologist to carefully correlated and dated the events in accordance to age. The order of these events are what geologists called geologic time scale. Until recently, the human events are now been witnessed and documented to be too tremendous and overbearing for the carying capacity of the planet.

Would you like to change some of your habits in order to live sustainably even if such would cause you some discomfort?

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The Drivers

I believe the way Earth was run was influenced even until now by the philisophical works penned by our earliest thinkers which then drove the western civilization to the major points in history. Some of these ideas shaped man's beliefs system and convinctions about his nature and that of the universe. Although, the various interpretations of the origin of man, his purpose and that of his environment were offered and debated upon since early times, the major scientific, arts and social scientific breakthrough that brought us here today were architectured by some of those deep philosophical background knowledge that went unchecked yet survived due to man's ignorance of his purpose, that of himself and how to relate to his fellow human and nature. The maker spoke about this when He said " My ways are not man's ways who even walks to direct his part"...and in another prophetic writing, He said " my people die because of ignorance". The quest for a better understanding and interpretation of nature and that of man's purpose innitiated by early thinkers got reduced to quest for power and wealth. Hence, the egos of the sponsors and supporters of these quest lead them to explore and conquer further lands, forging tools to expand and at the same time to hold his fellow man in captive. With conflicted interests as they grow in numbers and strength, battle for space and control over the savage necessitate and the result was history of wars. The battle for control is still on today, and the principle lines of divide remain geopolitical, race, ideological and class e.t.c.As the idea of equalility of treatment in humanity and a friendly approach towards nature gain weight during the mid 20th century, the struggle to balance the shift in mindset and cracks on the walls of separation persist due to the possibility of placing all men in equal footing. The main impetus of equality being the share will to establish a social order after much rivivals by some great mind movers of our time, to finetune the possible interpretation of the dynamics of human nature and that of our environment to a matter of biological diversities sharing a lot in common, hence, face thesame destiny. But the destiny is under threat and skewed to be decided by the activities of the few economically empowered among us.


Overlapping Challenges

The human thoughts expressed in great ideas and inventions of our time have always been the game changer through the way they shape and control the events and people of the world in forms that are conflicting with the rules by which nature plays her game. The major reasons humans have been able to comfortably fitted to thrive on earth is the fact that the earth offers the most suitable conditions for our survival. This design is complimented and further advanced to habitat man's highly insatireble nature by his quest and ability to understand and modify the environment in which we live. For example, man 's desire to survive has lead him to master growing crops and hunting to even conquering his fellow human being, then the lands, waters, air and now venturing into space for a higher understanding of the universe. Although humans have benefited greatly by understanding and shaping his habitat and those of other species while making use of Earth's resources, his actions have resulted in uninttended and undesirable consequences. The consequential effect of depleting the Earth's resources and the pollution of its air, water and land as it relates to human activities is a well established fact among the scientists and the conscious observers of the world yet majority of human population are still unaware let along to redirect their mode of thinking and actions in order to slow the pace of damage been done through the choices they make on daily basis. The governments of the world havent even done enough to halt the pace of Earth decay that its top controllers are responsible for. Through policies that favors economic growth over ecosystem stability, it is tempting and not suprising to state that we are headed to the point of no return. A point where nature's subtle way of replenishing herself in circle havent been overiden by human drivers would yield an unhabitable system of place as the Earth undergoes an exponential decay in terms of her geological and economic value.

We all are doing something bad to Earth


Lesson to Learn

One of Earth's energy resouces- oil, has been used by some nations to achieve political and economic power as it remains critical in international strategies and policies to control other nations. Wars has been fought for its control and terror drivers are converging under its economic influence in guise with extreme religious and ideologic provocations to express a collective madness as we are now seeing with ISIS and other terrorist groups advancing.The whole idea of weapon of mass destruction being preached and strictly restricted by the great powers appears too real to be possess by the hated nations yet the world hasnt even care much to noticed that the very weapons are already being used by some of the unguided scientists of the west to experiment on the world's poorest nation as we can now see the biological counterpart- Ebola and other viruses ravaging Africa and back-firing. A man incubating a deadly virus in his system is like a walking dead man and his plights goes beyond him because the very minutes that he crosses an international boundary to another country, be it a rich or poor one, posses a viral threat to the host nation. This analysis hit home and explain how the entire human specie share a common destiny of the globe and speaks to our heart to be conscious and work together to bring a lasting and peaceful environment as against the common practices of "finger pointing" or selfish interest motivated co-operations that table and chair the world's decision makers today. Stretching this further would expose how ignoring or allowing certain environmental unfriendly practices have had and will always have a negative ripple effect on the entire globe.It is stretching my capacity for imagination to the ultimost that for the first time in the history of our existence that putting food in our table is no longer a concern of scieence but a matter of politics and to balance the state of the planet, science has only been equiped to identify the tradeoffs between competing socio-environmental and economic values but not to resolve them.

A lecture-Man's impact on Earth

No time for blame game

As our knowledge of the world has grown more detailed over the course of history, so do our inability and unwillingness in making sustainable lifestyle choices in order not to offset the earth balance system. When man modify the natural environment, it is often done with good intentions so as to achieve some positive benefit. However, our activities almost always impact one or more natural processes, generating secondary effects that ripple through the various components of the Earth system. The result is a series of unintended consequences that ultimately affect the lives of people and other living organisms that inhabit the planet.To achieve a more just distribution of the economic opportunities , ecological economics and the other emerging fields of consideration will have to place global equity on their agenda since dealing with such issue involve a huge political discourse.

Let's save the Earth


I would conclude by reminding us that by mere reading to expand our knowledge about the earth, her resources and her citizens in order to gain a higher vantage point on how best to live is not enough, neither is to complain and vent our frustrations on how we feel about the state of the planet suggestive. My call is to all to act in our various individual ways to halt the damage we 're inflicting on our planet earth that has accomodated us via the little choices we make on our daily basis to even the long-term plans that we all make.

The future


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