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A Celebration of Sin

Updated on October 24, 2011
Columbus Day
Columbus Day | Source

Columbus Day

Many countries in the Americas celebrate October 12 as Columbus Day. It is a day of celebration for the discovery, of the new world.

America was not discovered, it had always been there along with millions of American Indians, Aztec, Inca, Maya and many others.

Millions of these were murdered, tortured and brutalized by the conquistadors in the name of the Pope and the Holy Catholic Church. In reality it was in order to thieve the Gold, Silver and other precious resources.

Some would argue that worst of all, was the wanton destruction of their history. Their religious writings, idols and other artifacts were either, if made from precious metals, sent to Spain, if not then burned.

In this day and age, why is it still acceptable to celebrate the start of the greatest act of genocide seen on the planet? An act that has not been equaled to this day. This was an act of genocide unmatched by those that have later been perpetrated in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Gas Faucet from Nazi Camp
Gas Faucet from Nazi Camp | Source

Pan American Day

Some countries have now changed the name of the public holiday from Columbus Day to Pan American Day. This then is a day to celebrate the Americas and what they have become.

Although this change in a name is a move in the right direction, it is not all that needs to be done.

History books need to written factually and children taught the truth. Only in this manner can we ever hope that humanity will learn from its previous mistakes.

History is usually written from the perspective of just one side. You would never expect to see a celebration of Hitler’s extermination camps or of Cambodia’s acts of genocide, they are recorded as just that: acts of wanton murder.

Those countries that consider themselves Christians will only allow history books that do not show Christianity in a bad light. Yet often these are not real history books, they are just Christian propaganda based on some events that took place.

Poppy Fields in Afghanistan
Poppy Fields in Afghanistan | Source


Are we today, going to perpetuate the errors of the past?

Will we allow the history books that are written about our current affairs to be one sided and based more on propaganda than fact?

Will we allow the war in Iraq to be portrayed as an act to stop the genocide of the Kurds?

Turkey and Iran are now joining forces to persecute the Kurds in Iraq and the Americans are pulling out. Shouldn’t the war truly be depicted as one for oil rights?

Genocide in Rwanda and other African countries continued for decades without foreign intervention. Was this because the country had no natural resources of value?

Is the war in Afghanistan really against the “evil” Islamic Taliban regime? Weren’t these the same people that the Americans trained and armed in order to resist the “evil” communists? Isn’t it true, that at least the growing and exportation of the “evil” heroin was on the decline under the Taliban, whilst now it is once again increasing?

The real truth is and what should be put in the history books is that leaders of countries or religions will always go to war and will always “create” a different cause to feed the people of its righteousness.

After all, Columbus never set foot on the American mainland. He only “found” the islands of the Caribbean, which was the gateway to the Americas.


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    • profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago

      You only have to read the history of England to see what was the real story, one of suffering by most associated with those "grand" acts. Which is why there is no statue anywhere in Mexico for Cortez, the "great" conquerer, who was nothing but a self-serving and cruel despot. I have little love for mankind...Bob


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