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A Chalcolithic settlement – Inamgaon

Updated on March 23, 2016

A Chalcolithic settlement – Inamgaon


Chalcolithic Village


Chalcolithic Materials


Archaeological findings

In India, one of the largest Chalcolithic settlements was found at Inamgaon in the state of Maharashtra. Inamgaon is a historic site located on the banks of the River Ghond, a tributary of the Bhima. About 1000 people may have lived here at one time. According to archaeologists, this settlement had lasted for over 900 years (1500 – 600BC).

Archaeological findings

At Inamgaon, as many as 134 mud houses have been excavated. Most of them are rectangular in shape with only one or two rooms. The house which has five rooms is considered to be the house of the ruling chief. The chief may have used his house as a store by collecting grains from the farmers and storing them.

Most of the houses have oval – shaped pits. These pits may have been used for cooking food. Some of the houses have pits outside which suggest that people also cooked food outside. Storage bins and storage pits are also found. A lot of pottery and stone have also been found at Inamgaon. Pots are red in colour. some have black designs on them. These are known as Red and Black Ware.

Archaeologists suggest that stone tools may have been used to chop trees, pound meat and skin animals. Copper was not easily available, only a few such as arrow heads, fish hooks, tongs, drills and ornaments like ankles, bangles and beads of copper have been found at the site. At Inamgaon, copper may have been obtained from Rajasthan. Ivory, semi – precious stones and beads made of terracotta have also been found.

Some beads made of sea- shells are found which indicate that the people of Inamgaon had trade relations. With other parts of the country too. A large number of terracotta figures have been found. They have been baked and hardened in clay ovens. Toys are in the form of animal figures and some of them such as the bull seem to have religious significance.

In one of the burial sites, archaeologists found a clay bull along with a female figure. Probably they also worshipped a female goddess. Other important findings include thousands of animal bones and seeds. These tell us how people obtained food and what they ate. Lentils, wheat, barley, peas, gram and beans were grown. Daily diet also consisted of dairy products, meat and fish.

The location of Inamgaon



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