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Messages From The Great White Brotherhood

Updated on October 22, 2009




From Us To You


One day war on earth shall cease.

Hatred shall be no more.

Disease and strife shall end.

Peace shall reign as it has before.


The greed that causes people to fight

in the heart no longer shall reign.

Despair and fear shall disappear

as well as sorrow and pain.


There was a time long ago when

 love filled the hearts of women and men.

Be not discouraged, Children of Light.
These times shall come again.


The Holy Books speak of these times.

Many times you are encouraged and told

to be brave, to be staunch to be of good faith.

To come to pass are the promises of old.


The day is coming upon planet earth

when everyone shall love and honor every race.

Individuality and diversity shall be welcomed.

Peace and love shall emanate from every face.


Sparkling eyes shall look out and smile at you

from people whose soul is pure.

You may think these words are but a dream,

but we promise bad times shall not endure.


The signs are here, the work has begun

by Light workers far and near.

They are spreading the messages of truth.

It is we who say be of good cheer.

Who are we?  We are the souls of

those who graduated some time ago

from the school you call the earth.

The current home of many young souls.


We are always with you in spirit.
Call on us whenever you please.

We charge no tuition for our lessons.
For truth there are no fees.


The only requirement is a desire to learn

and to be willing to share what we teach.

To all people of the human race.

It is their hearts we want to reach.


We work according to divine laws.

You can hear us when you are still.

Free will is your gift from the creator.
You have always had it and you always will.


The people of earth many changes shall see.

Such changes have occurred before.

They unite people and cause them

to reach out for something more.


Remember these words, Children of Light

when your heart and soul feels unrest.

Evil is temporary, it shall not last.
It is merely for your souls a test.


Live this life and do your best

to spread peace, hope and love.

The more you give, the more you receive.
we are here to help you from above.


We shall never leave you, speak to us

while completing your tasks of the day.

We are the Great White Brotherhood who counsels

 those who take the time to hear what we say.


by Michael Dennis


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