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A Collection of Psychology Podcasts

Updated on February 1, 2013

Want to know more about how your head works? Psychology is the study of the science of the mind. It's a field which covers areas such as emotion, perception, attention, personality and relationships.

If you are interested in learning about psychology, there are plenty of books available. If you prefer having info fed to you through your ears while you're on the move, you might be interested to know that there are a growing number of podcasts available online.

Here's a pick of ten podcasts about psychology:

All in the Mind

All in the Mind is a weekly podcast from Radio National about the mind, brain and behaviour. Presented by Lynne Malcom, it has covered a range of topics, including addiction, depression, memory and neuroscience.

My Three Shrinks

One doctor not enough for you? Need a second opinion? How about a third? My Three Shrinks is a podcast featuring the thoughts of three psychologists, each offering a different perspective on matters of the mind. The show is presented by a private practice psychiatrist, a forensic psychiatrist and a hospital consultation liaison psychiatrist who discuss a broad selection of topics.

Group Therapy

Presented by Jen Kerrison, Group Therapy is a light-hearted panel discussion which is broadcast on London's Resonance FM. The show, which explores real-life confessions with a panel of psychologists, academics, writers and comedians, claims to offer listeners, 'controversy, combat, sincerity and hilarity.'

The Psych Files

The Psych Files is a podcast popular among college students and professors. Presenter Michael A. Britt states that his goals with the podcast are to discuss current events in light of psychological theories, review recent research and interview authors about their work.

Psych Talk

Psych Talk is hosted by Jose Drost-Lopez and is largely recorded at the studio of Carrboro Community Radio. The show claims to tackle matters relating to the human mind at every scale. It explores ideas from psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, sociology, linguistics and economics.

Shrink Rap Radio

If you want to work your way through interviews with leading psychologists each talking about their specialty, you should check out Shrink Rap Radio. The show is presented by Professor David Van Nuys of Sonoma State University who co-wrote the book 'This is the Zodiac Speaking': Into the Mind of a Serial Killer. His podcast covers a range of topics, from mental health to business leadership.

Brain Science Podcast

Brain Science Podcast is hosted by Dr. Ginger Campbell, a physician with a keen interest in the brain and consciousness. The podcast explores recent discoveries in the world of neuroscience in a way that is accessible to all intelligent listeners.

Psychology of Attractiveness

Psychology of Attractiveness Podcast explores findings in the area of attractiveness psyshology. Every month Dr. Rob Burriss examines issues relating to faces, bodies, personality, behaviour, jealousy, love and lust.

American Journal of Psychiatry

Want your info from a respected medical journal? The American Journal of Psychiatry claims to be the most widely read psychiatric journal in the world. It is the official journal of the American Psychiatric Association and it has a podcast which covers topics from each issue.

Royal College of Psychiatrists

Another respected institution providing podcasts on psychology is The Royal College of Psychiatrists. This is the professional and educational body for psychiatrists in the UK. CPD Online is an e-learning resource for consultant psychiatrists and other mental health professionals. You have to be a paid subscriber to listen to some of these audio recordings, but a fair few are free.


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