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A Communal Poster Lesson Plan

Updated on August 10, 2012

This lesson was actually done with a small group of students. They first had to look up the definition of the word "respect" in the dictionary and then go through the magazines provided and cut out pictures they thought represented respect and glue them onto a piece of poster board. They also had to work together as a team and presented the finished poster to the rest of the class. The finished product they came up with was a contrast between disrespect and respect by using one half of the poster for each. The poster was then used as a manipulative to talk about respect every day during class. Students had to be observant as they had to say what they thought was being respectful or disrespectful to whom or what, when and why, what picture best represented the scenario they saw on the poster, and how they could be more respectful.

A Communal Poster Lesson Plan


Have students work together as a team

Students are able to use a dictionary


1: Knowledge of Literacy

1.3 Develop reading comprehension and promotion of independent reading

1.4 Support reading through oral and written language development


1 sheet of poster board

Construction paper




1 dictionary

Photos of people showing respect from newspaper or old magazines


Ask the class what they believe the word “respect” means. They are to raise their hands and answer one at a time. Next, ask whom they should show respect to in class. Again, they must raise their hands and answer. Then ask who or what they should respect in general. This is merely a discussion. The poster itself will be used as assessment. Students will be assessed on how well they understand the concept of respect through observation.

The task

Tell the class they get to make a poster displaying all this. They must work as a team. Have one student look up the word “respect” in the dictionary and read it out loud to the class as well as the synonyms. Ask them to apply their ideas to the poster. The poster should take no more than 30-45 minutes to complete. Check for understanding by probing the students and asking questions about what they are doing or what ideas they want to implement.


Once the allotted time is up, reconvene the class the next week and have students present the poster to the class. What should we be doing? Ask for ideas. Ideas can be either written down in a notebook or in a word document.


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