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A Different Approach for Students

Updated on December 9, 2017
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Logan is a current college student that is going to school to get his bachelors in marketing and his masters in divinity.

The Idea

The primary issue that most plans have when free college tuition is the people that don't plan on using it don't want to pay for it. It is wrong to make someone pay for something they will never use when it is an option for them to do. It is unlike having to pay for car insurance because there freak accidents when driving your car or truck. You can't just accidentally go to college. I came up with the idea that would work for people that don't want to pay and the people that want to have free tuition. The target for this plan is to be fair to those 50-year-old factory workers that have never thought about college and don't plan on going to school. It is a system that is an opt-in tax system. Where when you decide to school on your registration forms, you merely mark that you want college paid for by the government. Then over the course of your working career, you would pay a tax based on the cost of the school that you attended.

That means that depending on the value of your education, the amount of tax that you would pay for every paycheck. That would mean going based on the average cost of $80,000 in tuition costs if you had no scholarships it would be $40 a paycheck. Now, this is affordable since the average starting wage of someone with a bachelors degree is right around $50,000 salary every year. Before you start going off on not all jobs make $50,000 a year; I will rebuttal with not every degree is going to cost $80,000. You also can draw a correlation between these two things as well.

This program would allow for the scholarship system that we have set up as well to stay in place as well. It will help prominent colleges be able to recruit those coveted star athletes or brilliant students still to go their school where they don't need to worry about this tax later in their life. There are also students that say that they are just going to pay everything off as they go. It will allow them to continue to pay the way that they want to. It would also set up where parents could put a certain amount every month in their children's name for them to use for college and students could even put money towards it with working part-time jobs. It would help to lower that tax that they would be paying later in life and they can also put towards paying for it while they are in college working a job then. This system would also allow for a buy out where if you started making considerably more than what you were expecting such as if you had a very successful business, climbed the corporate ladder quickly or had wise saving it would allow you to pay it off early. The next issue is how will it be set up.

The Layout

Now with this plan, there is a significant question of "Why would the government want to do this program?". The answer to that would be a simple interest rate that would take effect the end of your college career of say 10%. It would allow for the creation of an actual revenue stream that will generate income back to the government through this program. This plan is going to seem expensive at first for the first ten years, but once there is a significant amount of people in the program, then it will start to pay for itself, and it will turn into the green. It is an investment of the students of this country and trying to give every student the same opportunities. This program needs to be set up where every student is accepted and can participate in this program.

The way that colleges would need to set up to get paid is to have a database that would hold all the students in the program and the amount put into their account. With the sum of the added tuition from each year being sent in to seek payment. This database would also make it so that it would be easy to add students to the college's program and so that they can get paid for the student on time. And if after college people decide that they aren't going to check that they need to pay the tax on their tax forms for future jobs. Then the government will be allowed to seek legal action and be allowed to collect up to the total amount owed for the persons schooling if they refuse to pay what they have missed for weekly payments.

Now the reason that I brought up that this needs to be a program for everyone is that this is something that could equip people in deprived areas to stick to school and not have to worry about if they would be able to go to college or not. It would create more opportunities to get out of these gang-ridden areas and form a better life for themselves and their future family. It would help with lowering the crime rate because we would have a better-educated workforce and a better-equipped workforce. That is something that this great country truly needs right now is for people to start helping each other. It would also prompt a rise in our economy and grow a stronger economy. The most significant thing that will need to follow this program though is to keep it simple. If it starts to get filled up with too much legal and political words, then it will be lost.
Don't be afraid to leave feedback. I want to know what people's thoughts are on this and I have contacted my senator about this idea, and if you like this idea, then I encourage you to do the same.


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