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A Doctoral Journey

Updated on September 29, 2012

Reflection and Journaling

©Adrienne F. Manson

As I was reading my past week's assignment, and reflecting I thought I would write articles here on hubpages as I journey through the process of my doctoral program. My reasons to journal here:

1) Trying to decide what works best for me in terms of staying organized as I build my research, and prepare to write scholarly papers for my curriculum. Organization is my biggest challenge, but it is an absolute must in order to reach one's goal of completion in a doctoral program.

2) What better why to stay organized and combine two passions,

a) I love hubpages, b) I love to learn.

I thought this would be a unique way to have all of my work in one collectively place where I can organize, and publish at the same time.

Purpose Statement

My purpose for starting this level of academic scholarship is for personal and professional reasons. The professional purpose supersedes the personal purpose. First it has always been my belief that learning is a life-long continuously process. Pursuing the doctorate of education has been my scholastic goal for years. In order to obtain a leadership position with an institution of higher learning one’s academic portfolio is considered pristine with a doctorate containing it. My inner inspiration and ambitions to assist, and work with adult learners who are:

A.) Learners with disabilities

B.) Learners who need a specialized curricula to help them succeed

C.) Adult learners who will benefit from an accomplished educator who has actually walked in their shoes is the source and strength of my determination

Some of the best role models for leadership are those who have come up through trails that seemed unbearable, and unconquerable. I see my studies as preparing me to be the practitioner, scholar that an academia should be in order to make a difference on today’s campus. Corporations are demanding for employees to have acquired a certain level of education in today’s 21st century marketplace.

My professional role models were those who were my undergraduate professors who encouraged me to continue on to graduate school in order to educate more learners who had writing difficulties and challenges with pre-credit courses. My first experience with learners was in the writing center working with students who had difficulties with completing assignments and fulfilling the required essay assignments. I see my current studies as shaping me into the scholar that’s expected to facilitate a class whether online or offline. My current studies is creating, and molding my leadership characteristics into being a transformational leader who has the capacity to transform followers into the leaders of tomorrow (Yammarino, 2002). My expected outcome is to be a well-developed leader in my profession. I anticipate earning creditability as a scholar who will be fine-tuned to implement new curriculum, write scholarly articles to be published in academic journals. I anticipate being an expert author who writes educational materials to be used in today’s classroom.

My expected outcomes are to advance my career as an educator. The doctoral program will improve my opportunities and my options. I will have the ability to build my credentials in the arena of higher education. My goals are aligned with the university’s mission statement in an effort to catapult student’s retention success rate in greater numbers. My goal and purpose for enrolling in the doctoral program is to expedite the necessity of educators in the classroom who are passionate, committed, and thrive upon seeing learners gain knowledge, and see learners apply the knowledge learned into their workplace in order to advance their careers.

There are several ways I would like to use my education to contribute to my community. I would enjoy the privilege of writing a column in our community newspaper dedicated to education. The intended and focus of the column would be to draw the attention of young people who think they are not able to finish their education. The second reason I would write articles to draw attention of parents to widen their scope of comprehension as to why it is imperative to encourage their children to continue their education beyond high school. Another important way I would enjoy contributing to my community is organizing an after school program which makes learning fun.


An after school program that will show learners how exciting it can be, and that learning is interesting and not laborious. I plan to join organizations, and communities of professionals who gather for the advancement of education, and to cultivate my leadership style. I plan to join the National Education Association and the National Association for the Education of Young Children. These organizations would further enhance my education to serve humanity in a way that is conducive and beneficial for learners of all ages.

The outcomes which I expect to earn after completing the program is to sustain a leadership position within an institution of higher education. I also expect to have the ability, and authority to change educational policies when it comes to learners of disabilities. I expect to understand how to speak to decision makers, and be the voice for those who are learners with disabilities who cannot speak for themselves. I expect to be the single voice of one, but changing history for many learners who need assistance for the unmentionable disabilities that so many learners are shunned to discuss with their academic advisors. Some disabilities are seen, but others are silent but need the attention of educators who understand how to reach the minds of learners who learn in ways that are different than the average student.

There are learners who are underprivileged, but are exceptional, and talented but due to their economic standing they are overlooking because of what they wear, and how they look. Learners come with all different types of minds they have the ability to be great thinkers. For these reasons I press forward in the doctoral program to fulfill my duty in my community to be a world changer on educational policies.


Yammarino, B. J. (2002). Transformational And Charismatic Leadership: The Road Ahead. WA, UK: Howard House.


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  • billybuc profile image

    Bill Holland 

    6 years ago from Olympia, WA

    As a former teacher I am all for any method, or methods, that advance education and make it interesting. Well done and best of luck to you.


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