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Amazing NASA Inventions you would Love to Know

Updated on March 28, 2014


National Aeronautics of Space Association (NASA) is one such organization that is in the constant process to capture the universe. From moon walking to voyage in Mars, NASA has literally passed every inconceivable block that once hindered a systematic and methodological understanding of space.

For long time, NASA has actively tied with eminent scientists, business houses and organizations to come up with some spectacular invention.

Based on this context, here is a list to some significant inventions of NASA developed for betterment of space travel and also for betterment of earth.


Reflective Coatings

In the year 1973, the setting up of Skylab laboratory in space met with an initial disaster, when a solar panel fell off. As an effort to make a quick fix, they appointed a company named National Metalizing. Having developed reflective material for NASA earlier, they were quick to replace the panel with greater stability to manage radiant energy. This technology was later used to protect marathon runners from hypothermia and to preserve manatees, as they also suffer from similar condition.



Scientists are on the pursuit to find out existence of life outside earth and unfortunately there have been no such significant results on the same. But the development of carbon nanotubes has significantly advanced the research process. Now one can receive valid signal in presence of a living object from space. This technology is also deployed to retrieve biosensor results from the field within just two hours, thus avoiding any further lab work.

Protective Gear

The unmanned mission to planet Mars - Pathfinder and Mars Rover, both had to secure enough to withstand any adverse situation when landing in the alien land. NASA thus developed a special type of polyester fiber instead of using parachute to avert any damage to the system. This fiber is now used in protective gears to get away from bullets, punctures and knives. Warwick Mills is the only organization to manufacture such gears and they are branded as TurtleSkin.


Deformable Mirrors

Looking back at 1990s, the launch of Hubble Telescope once stormed a lot of interest for its super-fine efficiency of deformable mirrors that were used to record facts with imaging power better than 100 times than the predecessors. The idea of this mirror


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